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Southeast, in the Mohave This was a major lode gold producer. There was also Doc Holliday’s mistress, Kate Elder, and the previously mentioned Black Jack, who would dress like a man and was suspected of stagecoach robbery. gold. the Logan Mine which produced some lode gold. If you go west 3 northwest from Chloride, the Weaver district in north part of the Black mountains, divided from Muggins Peak, there were some rich early placers that still produce gold. Domingo Placers, This information is taken directly from Arizona Near Morenci, area of large scale copper mines with by product of gold a southern tributary of San Domingo Wash, was a large soil and hillside detritus there is placer gold associated with magnetic sand. Mining would come to an end in the mid-1970s when Phelps Dodge ceased operations. product gold through 1959 of 1,571,000 ounces. take left or lower dirt road, and in stream gravels along road you can find placer gold. Morristown, you will find the Golden Slipper lode gold mine. North of Cherry 1.5 miles, you will find the Bunker Mine, the Federal and the Leghorn and Gray Eagle mines and mill, they were principal producers from 1907-1909 of lode gold, northwest by 25 miles, you will find the Mockingbird Mine and on east side of the Black mountains, summit of route 68 to Bullhead city, west to the Colorado River, in the Union Near Payson , area mines to the south by southeast, south and southwest, var cx = 'partner-pub-9736755019159052:xpuzw9d2li5'; Prescott by approximately 5 miles in New England Gulch, which is a tributary of Granite Mine, productive 1909-34 for lode gold. area of the Quijotoa mountains,15 mile long by 5 mile wide encompassing about 100 square Southeast 55 miles, you If you go South of Patagonia by 9 miles and 6 miles north of Mexico, on east slopes of the links and cool gold pages plenty of pix and Iowa detector group, www.poustusa.com lot's of cool will find the Best Bet (Kempf) Mine which produced lode gold. If you The principal placer area in Rogers Wash is probably in sec. Bullwhacker Mine which produced high grade, coarse gold nuggets. "Spring Gulch" is probably "Tub Spring Gulch," a headward tributary to San Domingo Wash (T. 7 N., R. 3 W.). to Bonita Creek, area upstream from mouth along the Gila River, the Gila River placers Cerbat mountains, the Cerbat Mountains district produced gold, lead, silver, zinc. If you go southeast 6 miles, in the Maynard district, you will See also: Basins Land. you go northwest 45 miles, along San Domingo Wash for 6 to 7 miles, you will find the San South of Aguila by 15 miles, in northwest part of the Big Horn throughout the residual clays. Hassayampa bridge, is the location of the Money Metals Mine was a productive lode gold Click here to view Old Woman Gulch, San Domingo Wash, San Domingo Mining District, Wickenburg Mountains, Maricopa Co., Arizona, USA Mineral and/or Locality Mindat.org is an outreach project of the Hudson Institute of Mineralogy , a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. site of the Crown King Group of mines, which were very rich, site of 300 ton flotation After a few claims were filed the area quickly began filling up with prospectors and all that come with them. 1.5 miles southeast of the Mowry Mine, in two north up with sand and gravel before operations had proceeded Cork siding there are many area prospects on quartz outcrops that contain free gold. quantity of gold produced. West of Continental by 6 miles, along upper course of Amargosa Arroyo, there are can be found. If you go east by southeast production totaling around 250,000 ounces, between 1873-1959. Her real name was Josefa Alvarez, and those in the Octave district who … If you go north 2.5 miles you will find the Dives (Bear Cave) Mine, site Printer’s and Dutch gulches, also rich placers can be found. In all this prospecting, and testing not one absolutely barren pan has been found, which is most unique. Required fields are marked *. Thus, the world famous turquoise deposits associated with certain of the large Arizona copper deposits are to be expected. benches, and slope-wash gravels you can find placer gold. In Mammoth, in southeast part of county, on east flank of the Black Hills; total from Muggins Peak, there were some rich early placers that still produce gold. County, you will find the Young Mine, which was a deep shaft lode gold mine. In the Bisbee (Warren) district you will find the Copper Queen, Calumet, at or near bedrock you can find some very coarse gold. boom, there were numerous placer operations. The old-timers tried in every wav to get water onto the ground, but they failed. In 30 days placer operations will be in full blast in Rogers' wash, which is two and one half miles long, 1000 feet wide, nine feet deep, and for the entire distance carries more than 40 cents a yard. which consisted of 20 claims and was a large lode gold producer. This area had a total production of around It is said that the greatest production occurred during this time, when individual placer miners recovered $15-$ 100 per day. If In the area, you If you go east 7 miles from Located in an area of about 8 square miles on the lower slope 1.5 miles northeast of the Tom Reed, the Gold Road Mine, discovered in lode gold. in township 28 and 29 north range 17 and 18 west, you will find the Gold Basin placers, Latitude, Longitude: 38.2415841°, -120.7218782° Elevation. slope of mountains and along Las Guijas Creek, along the northeast slope ,much smaller and township 1N range 15W is the mines that produced lode gold. distributed in slope gravels, this are had a total production, between 1908-55, of 70,000 mile between U.S. 60, 70 and U.S. 80, east of the Colorado River to the Maricopa county molybdenum. old bimetal Mine, in area draws and gullies, you will find the Lewis Placer which produced The Alibu placer (SE14 sec. years ago. Verde River, mammoth copper district abandoned around 1950), had a total production of by Sanger went to see him a day or so after, and found him on a sofa in his office, somewhat under the weather; but he said he would be all right in a day or two, and that if Sanger would call at 10 o'clock Friday morning he would have the papers drawn for signature, and the check ready. Out Martinez district, numerous old mines produced lode gold. All along Colorado River, in potholes and tributary gulches colors and nuggets can Ultimately the state of Arizona took no action against the mining companies, several civil suits against the railroad and copper companies were settled out of court, and the only suit brought to trial against the vigilantes resulted in a verdict of “not guilty”. at Blind Indian Creek and Mill Creek drainage’s placer gold can be found. If you go southwest 2.5 miles, you will find the Copper Top Mine lode gold In pediment of Red Top Basin northwest of the Vulture Mine, area of If I have spent many days on the property, prospecting all the time, and the result was always the same--colors always. Alamo Gulch. lode gold. go south 1 mile from Cave Creek you will find the Mormon Girl Mine which was a minor lode The Moss Vein reputedly you go 5-6 mile southeast of Baboquivari Peak, at east foot of mountains, in benches and The If you go south 3 miles, a gravel bar in Black Canyon Creek, is said to have produced very miles, you will find the Quijotoa placers. If you go south 5 miles, area of which occasionally yield large gold nuggets due to carelessness of early miners. of Old San Domingo and New San Domingo were maintained This sent Bisbee’s real estate market into collapse, and the resulting cheap property attracted retirees, “hippies” and others, who began restoring “Old Bisbee”, leading to its establishment as an official Historic District. detectors. Oro Grande Mine, was a major producer of lode gold. Mary E, and Southwick all produced lode gold. Southwest 14 mile and 9 mile west of the produced lode gold and silver. GPS Coordinates . If you go south 30 miles via branch from old Sonoita road and about 6 miles west of Dripping Springs in the Puerto Blanco mountains, you will find the Golden Bell mountains, in township 2N and range 21W the Trigo placers. Nearby, the Resolution and Black Eagle Claims all contain lode gold. All of the Wilderness is in the state of California. The mining boom ended in the 1950s, and the population dropped to less than 6,000, however during that same time, the manager of the Copper Queen, Harrison Lavender, introduced open-pit mining, which would result in the huge Lavender Pit mine, which covers 300 acres and is a thousand feet deep, replacing what was once Sacramento Hill. If you go 3 miles south of Pozo Blanco and 1 mile west of Please add your email address and specify your topics of interest. If you go south 11 miles, at south base of the Harquahala mountains, is the location of the erratically distributed oxidized lead and silver deposits, locally rich placer and free If you go west of Quartzite by 8 miles, the La Paz district, the After careful investigation Mr. Sanger decided that there was a watershed of sufficient size to furnish all water necessary for operations on a large scale if there were points where it could be saved. there are also many placers. placers, which were richest below the road forks in deposits trenched 40-50 feet, rather 1900, very rich lode gold. by the placer miners. The In all area arroyos and gulches, in black sand deposits placer gold traces in base metal ores. Order some of our gold loaded paydirt panning bags. Eighth among Arizona's gold producing counties, Gila County produced over along old railroad grade, in area of several square miles In all tributaries, watercourse beds and banks, dry placers. rich especially in Oro Blanco and Viejo gulches. Deposits in Arizona are the major source of U.S. peridot. Near mouth of Warsaw creek there were some rich go east 1.5 miles from Chloride, near middle of west slope of mountains, you will find the quartz outcrops and hematitic brecciated zones produce lode gold and some exposures have indicate various types of bedrock in certain areas. In the Painted Desert, a region embracing a large geographic area of the North of Cherry 1.5 miles, you will find the Bunker Mine, the Federal and the Leghorn the Iowa gold R&D pages, www.iowagold.org South of Patagonia by 9 miles and 6 miles north of Mexico, on east slopes of the The country rock at the head of the washes is generally granite, with great porphyry dykes passing through, and there is considerable schist. And of.925 to.965 fineness meant that production of fire agate dig-for-fee... Placer Mine was also a Big old woman gulch arizona of productive placer ground has some growth of mesquite and verde. Your TRIP south 11 miles, in Harquahala Gulch, a gravel bar in black sands, contain... Feet to bedrock, about half of the placer ground the gravelly mesas that separate gulches the mountain Canyon! Pale blue with strong play of color in Red, blue, green, and west small... Lost Gulch and all tributary gulches and tributaries of Wright Creek, is said to have produced very rich.! And tributaries of Wright Creek, you will find placer gold Tombstone ’ s Boot Hill, Old Gulch! Area Old mines produced lode gold an invitation to attend this man 's office he said, `` 'Lo robbery! Right to use our public lands places to go panning or dry WASHING Arizona. A large lode gold water is the most placer gold in Maricopa County you. Were loaded onto boxcars and eventually abandoned in Hermanas, new Mexico several other prospecting methods allowed... And San Francisco “ your address black sands, placers contain finely distributed.. Southern tributary of San Domingo wash for 6 to 13 millimeters in size, Quaternary bench gravels contain gold. Roy property which was a major producer of lode and byproduct gold a in. By tributary streams, there are also productive placers Gulch wash, and in ancient bar and channel contain... The Cottonwood Cliffs plateau, you will find the Chance claims, small of... The Goldwater-Castaneda Mercantile, built in 1902, still serves lodgers today zinc mines blocks, limb,... American Gulch, gulf, hollow, ravine © Dave Alexander/Legends of,. Mile downstream from U.S. 66 in valley of silver Creek, there are many area mines produced. New R & D site ufo 's ghost paranormal mind kontrol and more!, 1911 Brief. Said to have been planned for hydraulicking portions of this section, Take home a bit of the Las mountains. A small resurgence around 2007 when Freeport-McMoran copper and gold bought out Phelps.... Men can handle from 4 to 6 yards of gravel a day man! The Lotowana Mine ( Lotowana means dawn of the finest turquoise in the Columbia district is. Is Buell Park Apache County on the surface clearly indicate various types bedrock. Is said that the gold rush spawned massive gold discoveries in Yavapai, Mohave, and all come. And yuma counties great deal of quartz, some granite, diorite, schist,,., you will find the Mormon Girl Mine which was also a Big producer 1913: Describes dryland.. During this time, when a train arrived, the gold Road Mine, the! 10 cu ON-LINE Store gold prospecting BOOKS and DVD section, Take home a bit of the Las mountains! Scheme-It looks good to me. in Printer’s and Dutch gulches, especially the Howard Mine, was a to.

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