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Subreddit for the HBO show, Barry. We see shots of him playing volleyball with his fellow gang members, and lying around in a bed that wouldn't look out of place in a television show about hip post-college young people who have taken over some unidentified loft space as they seek to figure out the meaning of life. “So it needs to be treated very carefully, not glorified. That honor would go to Anthony Carrigan's NoHo Hank, the nicest, most helpful, and somehow most ruthless Chechen gangster that's ever lived. It's the way yo… So let's all put on our best NoHo Hanks accents, greet everyone with a friendly "Hey man," and vote up the best NoHo Hank quotes from Barry. Premise: A hit man from the Midwest moves to Los Angeles and gets caught up in the city's theatre arts scene. Earlier this week, while watching the third episode of this season (when the dancing occurs), I wrote on Instagram of Hank, "I love him, He's perfect." “I feel complicit in the violence of the show,” Hader said. Fellas!”, When NoHo Hank is fantasizing about being on some early morning talk show or something and his lower third title card is "Northern Hollywood Henry", When Hank shows up to Barry's work in that wig. It’s pure Hank, to vomit and almost immediately afterward break into this Chechen dance, the Lezginka.” Hader’s favorite Hank moment: “I also love Hank on the roof after trying to kill Barry. You can watch Hank and love him, and never for a second delude yourself into thinking he's a good person because he just wishes he could give up the bad. The response from my friends was rabid. Because it’s not ‘He kills people, but he’s really just like you and me.’ Barry is a murderer. As Barry himself has tried to veer away from his number one skill (assassinating people), and clumsily at that, so Hank has tried to move towards enlightenment, albeit slowly. At least not to me. Whereas “Killing Eve,” the BBC America show about a hit woman, treats each murder as a Baroque opera, “Barry” ’s murders have all the glamour of security-camera footage. That’s not good. It can even be funny. "Excuse me sir," a man in a blonde, early days Bieber wig and a purple Hawaiian shirt says, his accent somewhat undefinable. I knew the way you know about a good melon. For fans of HBO's Barry, the titular Bill Hader character - while one of the most complex characters on TV at the moment - isn't even the best thing about the show. He’s going to do his best to fulfill his life of organized crime while also making friends, and maybe [doing] some people-pleasing along the way," Carrigan told Vanity Fair last year.

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