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Authenticity is something undeniable about Nipsey music and his song “I Don’t Give a Fucc” is a perfect example of such. Speaking to Fact Mag in 2017, the creator of New Jack Swing gave credit to Stylez for bringing him the sample of "Grandma's Hands. Brandy deserves her flowers. Now .. The Break Down: Taking it a step further than just speaking dreams into existence, Nipsey lays down laws about the tireless hustle needed to transform visions into reality. Since officially bursting onto the scene in 1994 sporting her well-known braided crown of glory, she has been a force to be reckoned with. Sign up for our newsletter to get the freshest stories in your inbox, every day! “Don’t waste your time, it don’t make you rich” is a bar I wish everyone lived by. As millions of families around the country get adjusted to self-isolation, the state of our mental health and how our bodies react to the practice are changing by the day, especially lower-income and marginalized groups. As Hussle’s Grammy-nominated debut album, Victory Lap, returns to the Billboard 200 at number two, here are some lyrics to reflect on: It was visionary, either I'm genius or you ni**as scary / Maybe it's both and this balance I deliver daily / For every ni**a in the streets tryna feed the babies / The single mamas workin' hard not to miss a payment / And dirty money get washed on royalty statements / Black owners in this game of powerful racists / Young n***as in the set that's doin' it makeshift / Out the garage is how you end up in charge / It's how you end up in penthouses, end up in cars / It's how you start off a curb server, end up a boss / It's how you win the whole thing and lift up a cigar / With sweat drippin' down your face 'cause the mission was hard. Lyrics: We the No Limit of the West, ni**a/Percy Miller at his best, ni**a. Alt-J, This Is All Yours (2014) Lyrics: Say it's all uncomfortable when you transition (let's go)/But it's all beautiful when you get rich in it (don't stop)/When you start killin' s**t (elevatin') and they all witness it (keep rockin’)/Money grow faster (keep rollin') than ni**as could spend the s**t (get down)/Open more businesses with you and your ni**as…. “I gotta hustle, momma I’ma move the white/If I died came back I’d do it twice/Brain washed by the block it consumed my life/Cool nigga but a killa when the mood is right/Bullets have the dogs howling at the moon at night/Momma it’s cold outside/Ain’t no hope outside”. The recent loss of legends in jazz, soul and classical music have saddened the music industry and reminded us of their touching gifts to music. Be about your business and do the work instead of the talk. “People take that for granted, using their devices can be a strain on people’s incomes.”. It's a sentimental take on the sample and one of the artist's most underrated songs. Life is what you make it, I hope you make a movement / Hope your opportunity survives the opportunist / Hopin' as you walk across the sand, you see my shoe print / And you follow 'til it change your life, it’s all an evolution / And I hope you find your passion 'cause I found mine in this music / But I hope it’s not material 'cause that’s all an illusion / And they all in collusion / This racist institution, double standard / Actin' like they not the reason we ruthless. As Nipsey Hussle’s Grammy-nominated debut album, Victory Lap, returns to the Billboard 200 at number 2, here are meaningful some lyrics to reflect on. “Look, from fucking hood rats to fucking stars/Spending all cash, to sliding cards/It’s the definition of living large/Smoking top flight in the biggest cars/Told you ’08 this shit was ours/Getting this cake, yeah nigga then getting more/Look at this world young nigga, this really yours/Nigga this really mine, my niggas is really for it, them buildings is really high”. I heard them say gang violence was a problem / And they think that more prisons is a step to resolve it / But most prisons mean the checks keep revolving / And it don't take a rocket scientist to see the conflict / You can't cover up the pain with fake progress / It's time they pay back a portion of the profit. Sampled On: Gyms are closed, but your home can be transformed into a personal training center. Think you know music? Lyrics: Third generation South Central gang bangers/That lived long enough to see it changing/Think it's time we make arrangements/Finally wiggle out they mazes, find me out in different places/ “I’m the Spook [Who Sat] By the Door,” this the infiltration, double back, dressed in blue laces. He is. Master P- "Bastard Child" | The Ghettos Tryin To Kill Me! Update this biography » Reflections was one of four albums the late artist dropped in the 80s with critics looking to it as one of his finest projects. Having strong enemies is a blessing. Brandy was also a CoverGirl in 1999 and became a friend of Barbie that same year when Mattel released the Brandy Doll. Los Angeles even named an intersection after him and he won a BET award just last weekend. The Break Down: Being in debt can be a heavy burden to carry. These lyrics, coupled with Hussle’s own achievements, is the real American dream. Nipsey Hussle Lyrics - All the great songs and their lyrics from Nipsey Hussle on Merry Clayton, Merry Clayton (1971) “A huge factor in the negative psychological impact seems to be confusion about what's going on, not having clear guidelines, or getting different messages from different organizations.”. With this notion, Nipsey encourages listeners to consider education as a conduit to a better life. There are 60 lyrics related to Rap Genius Let The Darkness In Nipsey Hussle. Despite systemic obstacles that black people face, music continues to give hope to, and save black lives. The Original: If you have to pull out your record player, do it! Complete biography of Nipsey Hussle ». On Tru's "What They Call Us," from their album Tru 2 Da Game, the colonel spewed pieces of this method. is an affiliate site of Billboard, a subsidiary of Prometheus Global Media, LLC. Gangsta Nip blessed fans with rules and guidelines that steer listeners from life in the streets to corporate America. He’s Snoop Dogg before you knew his name and Ice T after an unexpected knock at 6 o’clock in the morning. the prince of rap, In the valley below, Let loose To make things even better, Lamar also sampled Al Green's "I'm Glad You're Mine" for the track. It’s been less than six months since the passing of Crenshaw’s Nipsey Hussle and to say his presence is still felt would be an understatement. On his third solo album, Jagger linked with Rick Rubin to test his creative energy, allowing him to work with Lenny Kravitz on their version of "Use Me." Get instant explanation for any acronym or abbreviation that hits you anywhere on the web! Selected popular Nipsey Hussle song of Tuesday, November 3 2020 is "Tha Mansion". He shed light on many societal issues, including the prison-industrial complex, which reminded us to be critically aware. BH) [Hook:] I came to get money, but now that I got it Hate on a nigga, but they just starving She throw me that pussy, but I never caught it You askin me 'why you won't? The idea of resiliency is embodied throughout Hussle’s musical repertoire, but especially in this song. Yet, there's still little to no information on what happens next. Meditation isn't about dumping your thoughts, it's about staying aware and mindful. This verse right here gets me hype! It’s been less than six months since the passing of Crenshaw’s Nipsey Hussle and to say his presence is still felt would be an understatement. DMX - “No Sunshine” | Exit Wounds Soundtrack (2001), "No Sunshine" served as the only single from DMX's film alongside Steven Seagal, which gave everyone the perfect backdrop to the movie and X's intricate storytelling. Since stepping in the rap game with 2005's Slauson Boy Volume 1, the entrepreneur remixed the definition of an independent artist (by selling $100 mixtapes), shared his knowledge, and motivated hustlers on every corner of the U.S. by giving them a vision of a better life. Both the original and flipped version points out the dark elements of our lives. We're doing our best to make sure our content is useful, accurate and safe.If by any chance you spot an inappropriate comment while navigating through our website please use this form to let us know, and we'll take care of it shortly. His lyrics matched his body of work in real life — it was all about hustling, maintaining and preserving. Nip’s music always has a story of finding a way after one way is closed and when you hear that kind of message behind some blaring 808’s, some mornings it’s better than coffee. Average rating for Nipsey Hussle songs is 7.75/10 [692 votes]. But the biggest reason behind the uneasiness isn't the self-isolation but just how long it will last. Lyrics: Ain’t really trip on the credit, I just paid all of my dues/I disrespected the game, now my name’s all in the news/Tripping on all of my credit, quote me on this/got a lot more to prove/’Member I came in this bi**h, fresh out the county with nothing to lose. Saying no to credit is also one of the many lessons that Nipsey's forefather Master P taught. We saw this with his investment in co-working space and STEM center, Vector 90, as well as in the political consciousness of his lyricism. Eminem- "Just The Two of Us" | Slim Shady EP (1997) This verse also encourages black ownership. 1 (2011) We made the best out of our quarantine situation‼️FACETIME 70s PartyHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY NIECE @kiyonnathewriter ❤️❤️SHOUT OUT TO ALL MY ARIES ♈️ MAKE THE BEST OF IT!! I got this pistol with a gang of hundreds, In this drop mercedes benz gettin dumb blunted, Influenced by racial discrimination, black home ownership, and black-owned businesses remain at the low end of the spectrum. From the way he greets you, to the words that he speaks.

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