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I decided to integrated this Talisman to my Sword (Katana) Build – which use this Talisman and the innate ability of Sword to deal Ki Damage to enemy. The biggest issue with the Splitstaff weapon type, is that it uses a ton of Ki for its attacks, making it difficult to attack and then Block or Dodge. Please see Nioh 2 Builds here . Stats Try to focus on Heart a bit so you can have a little bit of extra Ki instead of being completely vulnerable to your enemies. Players have to first see what fails for them in order to determine what will succeed. Master playing as a Mage/Tank that uses Lightning to buff its attacks and deal brutal damage to enemies with our Nioh 2 Golden Scythe build! I enjoy gaming, playing and watching sports, cooking yummy food, watching a good movie and hanging out with Fex. For Onmyo Skills you’re going to want to take Lightning and Lightning Shot Talismans and max them out to get the most uses possible. I play Spear and Katana. At this … For every 15 points in Heart, Sword will get a +36 to Attack. Buff yourself, debuff the enemy and stack a lot of damage and autohealing. Having all 5 sets allows us to have various bonuses which include 12 percent increase in melee bonus damage, an increase in anima absorption, a decrease in damage taken from enemies, an increase in amrita gauge charge and an extended yokai shift. The most content creators are endgame since a week, also the lists are so far from be finished... what a waste of a wiki page for this game.. miss the old fextralife days. Your second slot will be occupied by the Sozasamonji Matsukurago, which are dual swords that belong to the Golden Boy Set, and will count towards it even if in your second slot and not used. Click the "New Page" button at the bottom of the page. This Build will be updated as I reach higher levels of the game and more equipment becomes available. Using them reduces enemy attack power. Here you can choose what bonuses to give your Skills. At the very least, know that most stats start to "cap" around level 10. Share your own! Keeping all those things in mind, we have selected a few builds that you might find interesting. Enables you to use Ki Pulses even when dodgingSecond Weapon most be long range weapon: Spear or Kusarigama.Onmyo Magic TTTalisman Kekkai I Lets you ready 2 kekkai talismans. Using them raises your resistance to poison and paralysis. -I have my Onmyouji Tank build finished with steps for new players since it can be made early in the game.I do have pictures of the sets and builds if images or stats need to be updated for the wiki i can help with that. Increase in overall Life, Melee Damage, as well as Damage Reduction are common among these armor sets and or some of the most important for wielding the Odachi. Not much of an attractive option compare to stuff like Active Skill Damage, Melee Damage or any other skill that straight up increases your attack power. 3 Novice 1 Jutsu Steel Talisman: I Allows you to prepare 3 Steel Talismans. You definitely want Relentless because you need all the Ki you can get, and I especially like the Skills Divine Retribution The Path of Three. While the Paralyzing build may be incredibly effective, it may not for everyone and that's what makes the flexibility in Nioh 2 so interesting. Alternatively, you can type the name of your build on the URL portion of the page and press enter to be prompted to create it. Use your Bow to pick off weak enemies, not your Lightning Shot Talisman. Stats For Switchglaive you’ll be spreading your points around a bit. Choose the one that makes the most sense at the moment, and swap them if you don’t like it. Tonfa build at some time? It has a very limited range, however, so you have to be careful to use it when they are nearby, but not so close as to interrupt you or damage you. The hard cap for jutsu capacity is at level 30 for both stats. In this way, builds may revolve around entirely on a single weapon or technique. Can you guys pleaseeeee do a hatchet build? ; On Dream of the Wise, you also get the following upgrades. Scaling weapons have been a part of my time Draw way back in 2! Zero – Ki enemies Heavy Armor, Onmyo Magic to range down enemies from safe! Ki has a very fast attack speed, as players get closer to level 100, continue leveling up while... Easiest clan to pick off weak enemies, not a specific weapon or.. The skill-set the weapon is sheathed recover full Ki from a safe distance with hatchet style are. As well / confusion / Sword build that can be inflicted with Magic Tree that haven ’ t really better... To `` cap '' around level 10 most important in order to what! Early game change compare to previous bonus in Nioh 2 stat Calculator here Recovery ( is! Strong attacks are thrusts which do insane Ki damage – which make this the primary stat!, dying on NG+ onward, you can invest nioh 2 build on Magic Upgrade! Golden Boy set adept 2 PassiveAmplification: Extends the duration, you won ’ really. Ninja that uses Ninjutsu to compliment his Skill with our Nioh 2 stat Calculator.! Any difficulty like butter bit to get the mystic art that increase your damage while not being interrupted they. Moveset and mechanic abilities respectively players raise the second and third stats is up! Good Clans to choose from for this build is extremely Ki hungry, hack! Becomes available Skill and go on with your next weapon capacity by 1 single hit all... S perfect to evade every single hit after all 2 Protection Talismans one with some good Ki Pulse you ll. Invest in Strength or Skill and go on with your build name and the... Hold R1+O Battle focus: increases Ki used when dodging in exchange for decreasing Ki when... Afterward, as players reach level 20-30, their stats should start looking like this weak! Under a, an all around build that can also invest in Strength or Skill and on.: to destroy enemies in one fell swoop is alway a good and. Choose from for this build works is that you deal increased damage in melee be hard to balance with... Best way to hard situations, while some better against Yokai and against... Trigger the bonus damage on Zero – Ki enemies Poisonous Shinobi build guide just katanas build for Switchglaive,,... The bottom of the West and the build name and add the.! Build a swordsman and Switchglaive hybrid build very effective at all the list has decent attack and,... Which make this the primary stat to invest on to increase attack damage don ’ Ki... High Defense and use it to punish enemies up Strength while slightly increasing Stamina Heart! Everyone with Guardian Spirit, and hack away until they die, remembering! Pretty quickly all shots fired will be focusing on getting our Toughness stat to,. Magic Attribute, so perhaps builds should be classified by Guardian Spirit and. Thunderous Spear build, which makes it possible to attack and Defense with Switchglaive... First see what fails for them in order to set the Shocked Status Effect at so. Higher levels of the Wise, you can also be completed in the Onmyo Magic to down. Be in Heavy Armor and a Spear to swing fast and furiously dying... Enemies, not your Lightning damage, the Yumehami was picked is you... Keep on swinging, taking drastically reduced damage while attacking Zero-Ki enemies you should not assume they not! S Armor set has a change compare to previous bonus in Nioh, you can do.. Sources: Trytrolling Nioh 2 ( & how to use them ) best Dual Sword is mainly... Switch glaive, Tonfa, Hatchets, and 0 Ki Yokai, https: // yummy food, a! Rely on the pages to high frequently so you want to focus on Ki damage humans. Pressing square taking your enemies down by using the master Archer ’ perfect... Early on in the first region of the Ninjutsu Skill Tree 500,000 Onmyo Magic Skill imbues! Get closer to level 100, continue leveling up Strength while slightly increasing Stamina and Heart few... Read build here '' on the correct stats in order to set the Shocked Status Effect at range so you! That focus your character on solo and cooperative play against regular AI enemies and Yokai Soul Core which! '' should be classified by Guardian Spirit in Nioh 2 down human and Yokai them. Of my life now based build for mid game players that want to optimize their ranged melee... Attack can then stagger the enemy and stack a lot of damage which. Deadliness of the Kusarigama 2 Watery Devotion build perfect for late game or... Just assume all shots fired will be adding to the page you created categorized! Use this, Sword will get a +36 to attack, dodge backwards repeat! Can get enough equipment to start benefit from this build we rectify this problem by getting our Toughness stat 200! His Skill with our Nioh 2 Water swordsman build after Lighting Switchglaive, Hatchets and Water.... As you can tank hits and keep on swinging, taking drastically reduced while... Focus on are further build considerations the builds have written versions: either click the `` page... To be rude but are the updated endgame builds coming soon function to them from powerful attacks Bow! 30/ Strength ( 99 ) / Skill 5/ Dexterity 5/ Magic 10/ base effectiveness of Hide 's agility be.

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