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DAGR: This is acronymception — an acronym within an acronym, which stands for the AN/PSN-13 Defense Advanced GPS Receiver, which just about everyone only knows as the "dagger.". Getting’ Jiggy With It: A friendly oriented, offensive form of maneuver that simultaneously utilizes at least three maneuver elements. Seriously! Sweep: A fluid, noncontinuous form of battlespace dominance, usually combined with zippin’ around or getting’ jiggy with it. Squirrel-Ex: The wargaming phase of the MDMP after all Cheetah-Flips are completed, briefed and refined. Reach him at, on Twitter @paulszoldra, or through his website. So I chose the Air Force because I wanted a woman who could actually hold an intelligent conversation who wasn’t secretly planning how to kill me. Occasionally encompasses “Getting’ Jiggy With It” and usually used in a zone reconnaissance. Also, 90% of the jobs in the Marines are POG jobs. Is This wouldn't really be all that funny except that most pronounce this acronym as "MC pee-pee. Meets both the destruction and bypass criteria given in the OPORD. This wouldn't really be all that funny except that most pronounce this acronym as "MC pee-pee." ", POAM: Plan of Action and Milestones. Another army would be….Airforce Rejected Me Yesterday. And the extra pay they receive for having to tarnish the silver spoons up there as when station Army and Marine bases, Fob’s, and Cop’s. so Please remember “One team one fight”, we all hate ISIS, who gives a damn how we kill em’ ? Don’t you guys go to Boot Camp online? 100% unique articles, search for: boorfe’s tips unlimited content, Ain’t it rough flying over real combat everyday, Morons And Retards Incorporated Naval Enterprises, Mostly • Privacy Policy • Terms of Service. Animal inspired. Recruit For The animal kingdom has long been an inspiring source of military acronyms. Airforce may be smart but they will never have the balls to do what the USMC or army does on a DAILY BASIS. I went through the DoD dictionary and asked readers for what they thought were the worst of the worst in the acronym department. You guys are nuts but I truly loved working with you guys!!! As in “First we’ll hit these guys over here then we’ll hit these guys, and then the guys over here will be hit with asymmetrical dominance from assets from EAC. I can't believe I went with "WorkWith" when I could have had … Air Force has exactly the same physical standards that the Army does. Lol, Obviously butt hurt that your branch is full of cowards. I thought it was funny she said they had the same physical requirements as … You mean the Chair Force? Of course, there is literally a 400-page dictionary of military terms. There's an acronym for what boils down to a plan. And last, but certainly not least, is this selection of Navy acronyms. 11 Crappy One-Liners Sure To Leave You A Loser. Air Force: Aint’t In Real Freakin Outstanding Retards Can Enlist. MARINE M uscles A re R equired I ntelligence N ot E ssential. USMC spelling: Goosey. Making fun of the Air Force because they are less military the coast guard. Aint Really Marines Yet It’s chair force because they kick ass while sitting on their ass. DOTMLPF: Doctrine, Organization, Training, Materiel, Leadership and Education, Personnel, and Facilities. And you better have your DIC on you at all times when you are behind the wheel. In Unfortunately, there are many, many more. I have checked your page and i’ve found some duplicate content, that’s why you ... Hooah. Relaxing Actual Intelligence Required, For Occupational Roles Considered Essential, OR change the E to Expensive (More accurate). Other acronyms that raise a smile among the smutty-minded are US Navy's Bureau of Medicine and Surgery (BUMED), the biennial Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) maritime warfare exercise and the US Air Force's Basic Officer Training (BOT). And the military has a million of them. Hang Out: To establish a position characterized by a total lack of security, soldiers asleep in hammocks and a huge BBQ pit turning out chow. Coast Guard- Can On Accasion Stop Terrorist – Granted Under Averge Retarded Direction, marine: Muscles Are Required Intelligence Not Expected, USMC= Uncle Sams Misguided Children or Uncle Sams Misfit Children, This what happens when you get a hold of agent orange, Anybody Can you imagine the frantic calls to the Pentagon? Watch that latest military blockbuster movie, but you're at a loss as to some of the military terms they used? Usually invoked after the senior leader has gotten sleep and knows absolutely nothing about the tactical situation, while the battle captain has been up all night. Real Paul Szoldra is the editor in chief of Task & Purpose and a former Marine infantryman. Not everyone is going to be a braniac or have the brains to be a pilot/ airman but someone is always going to be needed to get their hands dirty for the US , and until the day that pilots decide to grab a rifle and nearly 75 pounds of gear and go hike 10-15 miles through the desert, remember who does the real fighting. Stands for Maneuver Advanced Noncommissioned Officers Course. USMC: Used Specifically for Missile Catching. A NAVY one would be, Need Any Vasiline Yet? AIR FORCE Kick-Out: An armor technique used to employ light infantry to clear severely restricted terrain in order to allow the armor to pass. Lmao. All rights reserved. You know, like they do in the Marines and Army. Police-Up: An infantry operation to defeat the remaining enemy on an objective after Armor forces by-pass or attempt to avoid confrontation. Phase: Infantry term for we don’t know how to write paragraph three. Keep it comin, guys. Usually asked by senior leaders to junior leaders. Primary Hammer or The Hammer: A cool operational term to impress a superior when describing the finishing force, or the main effort. List of funny & snarky military and tech acronyms to consider updating this subdomain to. We may give each other sh*t…but mess with one branch and you deal with us all! Jokes wouldn’t be taken into consideration by the branch anyways. another Marine one is My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment. All Idiots Reserved For Our Recruiting so Come Enlist CONEX Box: Not really funny, but it's included here for the simple reason that you, at one point or another, will be standing outside of one of them and probably won't ever learn what it actually stands for. or U Suckers are F***ed!! Disclaimer: The Air Force isn’t available to joke upon due to the fact everyone is at the golf course. Here's a basic primer: Befarkled: Confused, characterized by a state of genuine, profound disorientation; the perpetual state of all Chemical units. Cowards! JJDIDTIEBUCKLE: A mnemonic acronym taught so Marines can remember their 14 leadership traits: Judgment, Justice, Decisiveness, Initiative, Dependability, Tact, Integrity, Endurance, Bearing, Unselfishness, Courage, Knowledge, Loyalty, Enthusiasm. But those guys likely were not nearly as tired as the intelligence officers answering questions … So here they are: the worst military acronyms, which are on this list because they were incredibly long and impossible to remember, or terribly funny, or perhaps a bit of both. Known also to the USMC as High, Diddle-Diddle. ehhh weak right? Take-Down: An aggressive former wrestling term used to describe your actions on the objective an inherent lack of regard for the enemy’s capabilities. The United States Navy, like any organization, produces its own acronyms and abbreviations, which often come to have meaning beyond their bare expansions.United States Navy personnel sometimes colloquially refer to these as NAVSpeak.Like other organizational colloquialisms, their use often creates or reinforces a sense of esprit and closeness within the organization. Or Intentional ", MCPP: Another gem from the Marine Corps, which stands for the Marine Corps Planning Process. You are confusing a branch with a tier 2 special operations unit. But if you want to do it that way – go ahead.”. COC: A Marine Corps acronym for Combat Operations Center, the place where battalion commanders organize command and control of their unit (The Army calls them TOCs, or Tactical Operations Centers). Marines are better…air force don’t want there 8billion dollar jets crashed, No but seriously if any one branch were nonexistent the USA would be a failed country… Its takes team work to get a mission done, Airforce has high standards but that’s to get in once you get in it easier marines have hell weak. Organized Due to the unfortunate acronym, however, Marines assigned a shift in the COC are sometimes jokingly referred to as "COC Watchers. Military Acronyms & Abbreviations Here is a long list of military acronyms, abbreviations and associated terms including slang, informal and Department of Defense (DOD) approved terminology. These include SNAFU, SUSFU, FUBAR, and similar terms used by various branches of the United States military during World War II. The thing that makes the Marines superior is not just boot camp, or the fact that everyone chooses 03xx. Someone actually came up with this damn thing. Flex: A really cool sounding non-doctrinal term used to maneuver a unit from one location to another. The Airforce does not have the same standards! cant think of anything bad for the air force huh? It means Container Express. The real fact is, that marines and soldiers are meant to fight and be the strongest and the fastest, while the airforce are meant to sit on their asses and be smart at their job. Need of Then there’s the Army… Ugly women. A new category to describe terrain in FM 34-130 (Critical – Decisive – Key). This is the Force XXI cause of the “Fog of War.”. FML. You must be pretty brave to call other military members cowards online. Hell the national guard is harder than the Air Force. Back-Stop: A term used to cover a staff failure to properly wargame a course of action. "Sir, what the hell is taking so long? The Squirrel Ex phase normally culminates with a 102 color slide briefing clearly outlining what can be said in a well-written paragraph (formerly known as the Commander’s intent and/or concept of the operation) this phase is often called a Cheese-Ex. Hey, Diddle – Diddle: Group of words used to describe a possible COA that allows for no analytical thought and ensures a minimum 75% casualty rate. Comfortably Critical Terrain: Terrain that if not secured, grabbed, taken or camped out on — you are screwed. Commanding I’ve been around people from all branches of service. Commonly associated with Canine and Equestrian Theater. On bathroom wall @ our pax terminal some one wrote: Even Uncle Sam Thinks It Sucks, ARMY M uscles A re R equired I ntelligence N ot E ssential, US ARMY (Spelled backwards) B2C2WG: Boards, Bureaus, Centers, Cells, and Working Groups. Mop-Up: A term for the actions occurring just after you discover you are actually on the objective, in the enemy’s fire sack, that implies a willingness to expose oneself to lethal fires. Y es R etarded A ss S igned U p. thats right! I thought it was funny she said they had the same physical requirements as the US ARMY. DIC: If you're under the age of 26 and want to drive on a Marine Corps base, you have to attend the Driver's Improvement Course and get your Driver Improvement Card. I should also point out that a QUADCON is a quadruple container. Retarded The females make for a fun deployment though. Hooah. You begin learning a new language from the moment you step off the bus at basic training. Especially five years after the original poster. Technique: A noun, used in the phrase: “That’s a technique.” Translated – That’s a really screwed up way to execute this operation and you will probably kill your entire unit. Hit: Term for applying massed effects against the enemy. Primary Hammer or The Hammer : A cool operational term to impress a superior when describing the finishing force, or the main effort. POAM : Plan of Action and Milestones. © 2020 Hirepurpose. the Airforce will never be as good as the USMC or the US ARMY. Marine Forever: I served 23 years in USAF (aircraft maintenance).

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