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The trail ends. From August: Hikers recount the day they discovered the unidentified body at Big Cypress. Detectives previously determined they exhausted DNA searches through the national missing person’s databases in March. That's the question Gill hopes her podcast, Sworn Statement, will answer. Almost two years since the day a pair of hikers came across the body of a man, now popularly identified as 'Mostly Harmless', authorities investigating the case announced they had partnered with a private DNA laboratory in Texas in a bid to identify him. Sworn Statement's story opens the evening of July 23, when two hikers in south Florida's Big Cypress National Preserves find a dead body that will later be identified only by his nicknames on the trail: Mostly Harmless, Denim and Ben Bilemy. After he died in his tent, no could figure out who he was. He had more than $3,500 cash in the tent. Investigators entered some of the man's forensic information in databases that match unidentified individuals to missing people, according to a social media post on the Sheriff's Office Facebook page. He then headed south on the Appalachian Trail and then continued on a series of hiking trails in Florida. Shirts available in sizes S to 10XL: So size medium clothes would have fit his frame. His death has drawn attention from the hiking community, folks in the tech industry and true crime fans. Subscribe to the Daily Email List of New Articles,, Help Wanted: Beta Testers with Macintosh Systems, Historical Record Collections Added to MyHeritage in October 2020. His unidentified body still lies at the District 20 Medical Examiner’s Office in East Naples. Episodes two and three detail the social media blasts that help police locate dozens of people who spent time with Mostly Harmless in the months before his death. A picture was taken of Mostly Harmless at Mountain Crossings. He didn't carry credit cards but always seemed to have a lot of cash in his pocket. “I share his flyer and I pick a state, it’s not very efficient and it's very time consuming, but I pick a state and I work through that state.". Close. "He just seemed like a super nice person, he had such kind eyes," said Fairbanks, one of many self-described trail angels who offer showers, meals and any help they can to hikers. Mike Gormley, another trail angel, was the last known person to see Mostly Harmless, according to the podcast. "It is pretty unusual for a thru hiker not to carry a cellphone. 14 Aug 2018: Hiker found dead went by 'Denim' and 'Mostly Harmless' on the trail, but investigators don't know his real name-- Warning: there is a thumbnail of and a link to a flyer that creates a composite using post-mortem photos, if that sort of thing bothers you. Mason printed the 60 pages of the map and sold it to Mostly Harmless for $5 cash, which the hiker pulled from a wad of bills that Mason remembers being an … But the man's true identity remains a mystery. It was July 23, 2018 when the two hikers making their way across the Big Cypress National Preserve located in Collier County, Florida, found a … Although it’s not unusual for thru hikers to use trail names, as a way to further disconnect from real life, it was unusual that Mostly Harmless was not part of any thru hiker Facebook groups or using other tools for support while on the trails, Fairbanks said. It's not just that Mostly Harmless had no phone, credit cards or ID, O'Neill explains, it's that he left no public trace. "[We're] trying to find out where this guy might actually be from.". “I didn't know he was there, and it was just a random chance encounter,” Fairbanks said. On hiking trails he went by the nicknames "Denim" and "Mostly Harmless." He was friendly and said he worked in tech. Please share: Shopkeeper Installs Glass Panels So That Ceiling Cats Can Watch Customers, Google Has New Icon Designs, And People Don’t Like It, That Time Toilets Gave Away a Cold War Secret. Spires created a Facebook group dedicated to identifying Mostly Harmless, which now has about 400 members. Othram will sequence Mostly Harmless’ DNA then a genealogist will use the sequence to build out a family tree using a public database. BTW I came across this missing man, age would be way off, but the interesting thing is he was living from a trust fund (and kind of resembles Mostly Harmless, maybe ears are standing out much more) Dean Merlin Lewis – The Charley Project His hair and beard were gray and black. Mostly Harmless appears to have died of natural causes, according to investigators. His cause of death was ‘undetermined’, just like how no one knows his identity.

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