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Each mod is worth +10 percent critical chance bonus. 30% isn't much, but this can stack among teammates. Increase the critical multiplier of melee weapons. See the linked articles for Rhino and Inaros tank builds. When modded for positive melee combo efficiency, performing heavy attacks without hitting any enemies will reset your combo duration, allowing players to keep their combo indefinitely, albeit losing some combo in the process. Corrupt Charge at rank max gives 30 Initial Combo,  Covert Lethality gives 16, some Riven Mods give Initial combo (21.8 to 26.7 × disposition), and  Furax Wraith and the Fragor Prime have 20 and 30 Initial Combo respectively. I have 2 Rifle Riven mods (sustain 3X melee combo multiplier for 30 secs with an active pet present) both. WARFRAME Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Melee combat is incredibly powerful, and your stance will dictate your available moveset with the melee weapon you are using. Just to clarify, this mod would get you 1.5x at 4/3/2 strikes, 2.0x at 12/9/6 strikes, 2.5x at 36/27/18 strikes, 3.0x at 108/81/54 strikes. At max rank without combo counter duration mods, it takes 220 seconds, or 44 reset ticks, to fully deplete. By Charles Burgar Dec 06, 2019. This means it is a good idea to experiment with stances and combos to find something that you enjoy and is effective. However, I … (Adds no armor while multiplier is at 1.0x) +5/6/7/8/9/10% armor times current combo multiplier.This mod is a bit more inventive than my previous suggestions. Visit Konzu near the gates to the Plains of Eidolon in Cetus, and interact with him to see the bounties he has available. I have equipped the mod on my primary. I have a riven with +11 initial combo, but my combo counter still starts at 0. Use to set user flair and text. This means the actual combos that you can do, and any affects they have, are all based on your stance. Warframe's Mod System is based on cards that can be found while you play the game. You can't take cover, lest you lose the combo you've built up so far. I’ve been using a Gladiator mod build for Baruuk and Excal Umbra since the initial combo and Gladiator set seems to add a crit buff to ALL weapons, including Desert Wind and Exalted Blade. Both prolongs the combo time. There are three different kinds of mods in Warframe: General Mods - Improve your weapon / Warframe / Sentinel; You can use a website like Warframe Market to find someone who is selling a Stance you want, but you will normally need to part with some Platinum to get it. Isn’t venka prime a fist weapon? ... You can view all combos that will be available with a Stance by clicking the “Combos” button beside the stance mod … This multiplier does not increase normal melee attack damage, it only applies to Heavy Attacks and partially towards certain melee-based Warframe abilities. If you really want a Stance, you should keep in mind that all Stances can be traded between players, and the trade tax is normally quite low. The multiplier is increased by +1.0x every consecutive 20 hits until 220 consecutive hits have been made, at which point the bonus damage multiplier will cap at 12.0x. Between Rivens and Corrupt Charge, I can’t find a solid other source of initial combo at all. Warframe and the Warframe logo are trademarks of Digital Extremes Ltd. What are the best mods and weapons for the Combo Multiplier. Reduces the number of hits needed to get combo multiplier bonus by 1/2/3 strikes. This mod would form the basis of this play style. Gladiator mods is a mod set in Warframe.All the mods in the set will have individual effects and using more than one of the mods in build results in a set bonus also being applied. The more conditional mods we get, the better. points per hit to the combo counter instead. Warframe is notorious for how complex it is, making it a hard game to get into — but the mods can make everything so much better. It has a specific node that lessens the decay of your combo stacks. The thing about being in melee in constantly is that, by definition, there's enemies out of your range shooting at you. Every item you equip in Warframe has a certain level of mod capacity. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But still the challenge is not complete. +11 still isn't amazing, but it's still enough to push either of the standard initial combo mods above the next threshold, so it isn't totally worthless. Actually, you do start with 11 on your combo count, but 11 combo count isn't quite x2 yet. All the mods in the set will have individual effects and using more than one of the mods in build results in a set bonus also being applied. Obviously there'd have to be some experimentation with the exact numbers here so that you still have to work to keep that combo, but you get the general idea. When melee 2.0 introduced the combo system, it seemed obvious that mods that interacted with it would be forthcoming shortly.

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