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Change ). There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. William Schwartz. Miss Baek begins with hard-boiled detective Jang-sup (Lee Hee-joon) navigating Seoul’s sub-zero temperatures and winding streets to find a dilapidated tenement block … ), in a good way. EMAIL ME. Sometimes the scenes of her being abused shocked me and worried for the real young actress! About Our Ads (almost) every title from worldscinema.org, Korean Films - A List of Good Korean Films. I do not own the images and/or videos used in the review. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 29. With double the box-office gross of A Star Is Born (which bowed two days earlier on just a fraction fewer screens) during both films’ opening weekend in the country, the indie drama is now just a whisker away from overtaking Lee Chang-dong’s much more critically acclaimed Burning in terms of total revenue. I mentioned above that it keeps it very real and doesn’t hide anything. Moreover, the movie keeps it very real. It's a tough film to watch, but it brings to light an important human rights issue. You're almost there! October 24, 2018 All Critics (1) We come to learn a bit about how Sang-ah’s life has been hard and difficult since she was eventually abandoned by her mother. Doch ihr gelingt es, sich zu befreien und zu fliehen. Han Ji-min and Kim Si-a really nailed their roles! In my trivial opinion, this is one of more interesting South Korean films of this year, and I think you should check it out someday. I couldn't see a reason to take away even half a star. Clarence Tsui [3], Clarence Tsui vom Hollywood Reporter sieht den Film als „mutiges Drama“, in dem Frauen im Vordergrund stehen. Han Ji Min stars, in an outstanding performance that’s sweeping awards season for good reason, as a woman who has never recovered from an abused childhood. Han Ji Min and the child actress Kim Si A also gave really solid performances. Coming Soon. Kim Si-a as the little girl did a superb job too. Master list of every film I've seen from the entire Asian continent, from West to East to South. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Sie kümmert sich zunächst um sie, spürt aber zunehmend, dass sie keine Mutter sein kann und bringt sie zurück. As your typical alcoholic bum, Ji-eun’s father Il-gon (Baek Soo-jang) spends most of his time on alcohol unless he is occupied with playing online game, and he often beats his daughter whenever he gets quite drunk. I am in no way a professional writer, nor have I majored or studied journalism. Furious performances in a piece of gritty drama. When Jang-sup, her boyfriend, brings her to the morgue to have a look at the dead body, the reason for her demeanor emerges: Identifying the corpse as that of her mentally ill mother, she is spirited back to the abuse and subsequent abandonment she suffered as a child. No copyright infringement intended. While the film struggles with a rather scattered narrative and uneven tone what it strives to achieve is admirable and there are several moving moments which are cinematically quite lovely. Sie sagt ihr, dass Ji-eun die Tochter ihres Freundes sei und sie würde sie wieder mitnehmen. It could be hard to watch for people who’s had to deal with physical abuse, divorced parents, or other serious events in their family. 지옥이 반댓말은 천국이 아닌 일상. Miss Baek begins with hard-boiled detective Jang-sup (Lee Hee-joon) navigating Seoul’s sub-zero temperatures and winding streets to find a dilapidated tenement block where his underlings show him a decomposed corpse of an old woman. and to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango. Just below that it reads "Ticket Confirmation#:" followed by a 10-digit number. Also ACAB, yes, even the 'good' one since he didn't do enough in the past for Miss Baek or present for the child at first meeting. The fact that Miss Baek was so attached to and empathetic towards the child, who she’s seen around before, all of a sudden seemed quite odd and strange, especially since she even mentions she never wants a kid. The film addresses the matter head-on, not suppressing anything and keeping it very, very real. © Letterboxd Limited. But then she strikes up a friendship with a broken child who has suffered from domestic violence and decides to save the girl from the cruel world. Regal Lee Hee-Joon played the cop and boyfriend of Miss Baek (aka Han Ji-Min), and his portrayal seemed very genuine and real. My only qualm was the soundtrack got kinda corny at parts .. a little too hallmark. At least, she has been helped by a sympathetic cop who sincerely wants to get closer to her as a friend, but she does not want anyone to get closer to her, and there is the considerable gap between her and the cop as shown from one scene between them. Sie erlebte, wie ein Kind in ihrer Nachbarschaft misshandelt wurde. By this, I mean it doesn’t try to hide or keep things mild. It’s hard to make films about difficult subjects that people still love. If for no other reason, she makes the film an absolute must-see. However, it’s not as dark and depressing as ; it does have some comedic points, albeit rare, whereas the counterpart had absolutely none. Baek Sang-ah wurde als Kind von ihrer Mutter misshandelt und wurde zu einer Gefängnisstrafe verurteilt wegen versuchten Mordes an ihren Vergewaltiger. And thankfully, unlike my last Seoultember movie (referring to The Attorney, NOT Moebius), the acting was added to by the beautiful score rather than taken away from. ( Log Out /  Miss Baek is such a heart wrenching movie with a happy ending. Der Film solle dabei helfen, dass Kindesmisshandlung mehr Aufmerksamkeit erhält. In case of other notable performers in the film, Lee Hee-joon is suitably cast as a decent cop who genuinely cares about both Sang-ah and Ji-eun, and Kwon So-hyun, who drew my attention for the first time via her harrowing performance in “Madonna” (2014), and Baek Soo-jang are effective in their respective loathsome roles. Production designer: Lee Na-kyun Die Polizisten schenken der vorbestraften Baek keinen Glauben und auch das Mädchen sagt nichts. Sitemap | Production company: Bae Pictures in a CJ ENM presentation Kim Si-a sei sehr effektiv als misshandeltes Mädchen. After discerning that Ji-eun is cold and hungry, Sang-ah takes the Ji-eun to a nearby food stand, and she notices scars and bruises on Ji-eun’s body. Definitely a child star to look out for. Also, the movie gets really sad(? Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. It has elements of suspense, thriller, and horror on top of just “drama” (and I say horror, but it’s not the conventional “horror” that we see in typical films; I’ll explain further below). Der Film basiert auf den Erlebnissen der Regisseurin Lee Ji-won. The story gets very emotional in the sense that it’s touching, disheartening, dreary, fearing, empathizing, and hopeful. The film is making its international premiere in the Tokyo International Film Festival’s Asian Future competition before heading to its first stop beyond Asia in London East Asian Film Festival’s "Story of Women" program. This is, indeed, a story about two women and a girl. That's what I feel watching her. Her transformation from femme fataliste to furious fighter begins when she meets Ji-eun (Kim Si-ah), a girl she sees wandering around covered in only a few rags but a lot of bruises. Han Ji-min is impressive while ably conveying to us her character’s strength and vulnerability, and young performer Kim Si-ah is also solid as holding her own place well besides her co-performer. Harrowing at times. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. She is convicted and serves time, and loses all hope. | Top Critics (1) The thing that really makes this film though is the trio of world class central performances, Han Ji-min is an absolute force of nature and deserves every single award imaginable. Angered by their despicable behavior, Sang-ah comes to clash with Il-gon and Mi-kyeong , so she and they are eventually taken to a local police station, but Sang-ah soon gets frustrated with to see that policemen do not pay much attention to what has been happening to Ji-eun.

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