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A deadly nest of vampires arrive in Midnight, eager to reunite with Lem, Manfred suspects there's more to their arrival and joins forces with Olivia. Kai was led to believe by Patience that the two were good witches cursed by a dark witch named Delilah over 800 years before. Fiji attaches Theophilus' head onto the body of the slain Manfred on behalf of Patience using a binding spell, and the two incestuous evil siblings rejoice alongside Fiji while Joe, Lem, Olivia, and Bobo helplessly look on. Manfred still doesn't trust Kai, and is hesitant to trust Patience even after she tells him that Kai's hidden head is an ancestor of his from whom he gets his powers from. Has Charmed been canceled or renewed for Season 3? Check back regularly for schedule updates, and please note that release dates can change without notice. Joanne Camp as Xylda, a former psychic and Manfred's grandmother and con-partner who now appears as a ghost to watch over him. Meanwhile, at the Crystal Spa, Kai Lucero reveals a demonic head in the wall behind a painting, and swears to avenge him. Kai confronts Patience about the affair and tells her she needs to pick a side. Joe also tells Manny his belief that he is the leader who will close Hell's breach forever. Midnight, Texas (2017–2018) Episode List. It's refreshing to see a show with a real plotline and real actors. There, he will find a community that can help him. Manfred cannot break free from the necklace, and finds out he also cannot kill Patience. Bobo and Fiji make love so she will no longer be a virgin witch, and no longer of use to the demon. A final battle against Patience occurs; Joe combats Walker and kills Addie before coming back to himself. The Man in the High Castle will end with Season 4 on Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Video will stream The Expanse Season 3 starting this February, The Boys season 2 blooper reel reveals Homelander’s giggly side, A parody of Marvel’s Avengers is coming to The Boys season 3, DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer review: A powerful handheld vaporizer for both herbs and extracts. [36] On July 26, 2017, it was announced that Breeda Wool will appear in an episode playing Bowie, described as a "regal, formidable angel warrior". If you want Amazon Prime Video to revive Midnight, Texas, you can help encourage the company to salvage the supernatural drama by purchasing the first two seasons of the show through Amazon. The Midnighters hold a funeral for Creek while Joe is still looking for Chuy. Lem recovers his powers thanks to Patience, who gives him the vial. Fiji and Manny find a way to get answers, but black magic requires a sacrifice. Creek's father tells the Midnighters that the family could never have pets as Connor would torture them, and the doctors he consulted wanted to lock Connor away, so he brought the family to Midnight. A bunch of demons attack Joe, and he's helped by a demon hunter, Walker. [45], Learn how and when to remove this template message, "NBC Sets Summer Premieres: 'Marlon,' 'Midnight, Texas,' 'Carmichael Show,' Reality & More", "Midnight, Texas Renewed for Season 2 — Find Out Who Won't Be Back", "NBC Fall Premiere Dates: This Is Us, #OneChicago, XL Good Place and More", "Arielle Kebbel Joins NBC's 'Midnight, Texas'; CBS' Kevin James Comedy Adds 2", "Bresha Webb Joins NBC Comedy Pilot 'Marlon' - Deadline", "Sarah Ramos To Co-Star In NBC Drama Pilot 'Midnight, Texas, "Midnight, Texas Adds Nestor Carbonell, Jaime Ray Newman and Josh Kelly", "Original shows all hold, 'Black-ish' rerun adjusts down: Monday final ratings", "College football adjusts up, 'MacGyver' adjusts down: Friday final ratings", "True Blood Author Charlaine Harris Bringing Midnight, Texas to NBC", "NBC Orders 'Miranda's Rights' Legal Soap, 'Midnight, Texas' Supernatural Drama Pilot", "Niels Arden Oplev To Direct NBC's Supernatural Drama Pilot 'Midnight, Texas, "Midnight, Texas Adds UnREAL Actress as Tilda Swinton-esque 'Angel Warrior, http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news/2018/07/31/development-update-tuesday-july-31-283010/12629/#kjAfBfKo7S2PHgwF.99, "François Arnaud on 'Midnight, Texas' and Dealing with Supernatural Creatures", "Midnight, Texas Trailer: NBC's New Drama From Charlaine Harris is the Ultimate Freak Show — Watch", https://www.amazon.com/Midnight-Texas-Season-Francois-Arnaud/dp/B077MT8H12/ref=sr_1_3?crid=FWY57PCR9M1W&keywords=midnight+texas+season+1+dvd&qid=1552867684&s=gateway&sprefix=midnight+texas%2Caps%2C190&sr=8-3, https://www.amazon.com/Midnight-Texas-Season-Francois-Arnaud/dp/B07LD8VFR7/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=midnight+texas+season+2+dvd&qid=1552867768&s=gateway&sr=8-1, "Live+7 Weekly Ratings: 'D.C. Her dad has recreated them from his memories using a spell. Patience gives Manfred a stone to protect himself from Kai. Mildred tells her that she had to turn her lover Jedediah into Mr. Snuggly to save his life and that the curse is not about sex but about love; as long as Bobo loves her, he will die. Current show status: NBC has officially renewed Midnight, Texas for season 2.The release date for the new season is Friday, October 26, 2018.We will update this post with more details as soon as they become available. But despite the show being a big hit in the summer, NBC waited for five months after the Season 1 finale before renewing the show for Season 2. Creek sees black blood-stained towels and warns Fiji. March 22, 2019. She absorbs the powers that she and Kai had collected, becoming even more powerful. Kai had switched places with Manfred using a spell that made him appear to be Manfred and had sacrificed his life to ruin the return of Theophilus. Patience is defeated as the spirit of Kai enables Manfred to take away the powers she had absorbed, and Delilah imprisons Patience and her brother inside the forest hell forever. 1. The Rev is feeling extra apprehensive about the day's coming Devil Moon, and flashes back to a murder he committed ten years back during a transformation and how he took that man's identity. Lem tells Olivia he wanted to have kids before he was turned. Olivia interrogates a man she discovered following her after completing a job; he turns out to be working for her father. Connor is found wandering with a head wound, claiming that he was hit from behind. Philip tells Lem he can't let Olivia go because he'll lose them all. To undo the spell, Fiji allows the darkness to take control. The consistent Season 2 ratings of the show suggest that Midnight, Texas is a binge-worthy show, making it perfect for a streaming service like Amazon Prime Video. Lem helps Olivia adjust to life as a vampire. Mary and her father leave after saying goodbye to Lem and Olivia; the exchange leaves Olivia questioning her relationship with her father. Manny digs up the grave of the shaman who closed the breach the first time around in order to try to raise the spirit but the remains have disintegrated. NBC confirmed late Friday that the supernatural drama based on Charlaine Harris’ novels will not return for a third season — at least not on the Peacock net. At the hotel, Manfred discovers Lyric killed Sequoia because she was going to expose Kai. Please renew midnight Texas its an wonderful show and it needs an 2nd season? Kai heals a paraplegic man, but Olivia believes it's a fraud. Copyright © Fandango. Manfred transports inside the painting to get help from Delilah, the original white witch who took out Theophilus. Dates do change so check back often as the release approaches. The series created from Charlaine Harris’ novels went down well with supernatural fans but not so well with the general population. Walker and Joe track down Chuy; Walker can't bring himself to kill Chuy because he loves Joe, and as Chuy is about to kill Walker, Joe is forced to kill him. Oct 26, 2018. Despite the lower ratings, Midnight, Texas maintained those figures throughout the second season, proving that the show has a solid fanbase. I hope this show air for second, third, fourth so on seasons, its a great show a boost from the series "Supernatural that I also love the Winchester Boys. Love this program what a shame, once again a good programme cancelled what will we get in its place more reality rubbish,WHO RUNS THESE NET WORKS not people who listen to the puplic who love these programes. In the afterlife, Manny meets the shaman, who tells him how to close the veil. Following the advice of his dead grandmother, a Romani psychic seeks refuge in the small town of Midnight, Texas. When Manfred, a powerful psychic on the run, seeks safe haven in the remote town of Midnight, Texas, he discovers a mysterious community of outsiders with secrets both human and supernatural. Meanwhile, Bobo tries to keep his past a secret, and he and Fiji finally kiss. Rev tells Lem he had Kai turn him human and leaves Midnight.

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