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Great article! Never personally handled one but I have seen a bunch of youtubers talk about them. Like the others, the pattern is very old based on models used in Bohemia and Bavaria 300 – 400 years ago. Click the link to see our  Covid-19 Rules. The knives are all quite different, some being folding pocket knives, others being outdoor tools, and still yet knives with a tactical purpose. I know a lot of this will be extremely subjective, but bare in mind that these are my own thoughts on the best representation of currently available historical knives. The original, single blade knife was marked on the handle with the 'Leaping Cat' and 'K55K' logo with the second letter 'K' reversed. This website uses cookies, which are necessary for the technical operation of the website and are always set. Nonetheless, its cutting performance can’t be debated, and I can’t dream of having a collection without one – especially since being back in the UK means I have a limited amount of knives available to EDC. Since 1929, Cognet has cranked this knife out in stupendous numbers. The knife was passed on from generation to generation as the Mercator knife, since it apparently was nearly indestructible. The folding pocket knife MERCATOR, seems to be the oldest steel-handled knives folded 1867, compared to his two other fellow French and Japanese, Douk-Douk 1929, and Higonokami 1896. The construction, whilst rustic and unfinished, is surprisingly tough with its odd ring pull lock. Your email address will not be published. First class service and FREE shipping! What’s also remarkable is how affordable the vast majority of these knives are – many being around the $30 price point. I reckon the Mercator is the German equivalent to the Opinel. I mentioned this in my review of the Douk-Douk: in Northern Africa, “Douk-Douk” became synonymous with “knife,” as it became quite ubiquitous. Yeah you forgot the Okapi ratchet knife and the italian stiletto. BA12 6AF. Interestingly, much like the Douk-Douk, the Okapi also has a bloody reputation as the knife of choice for tactical applications. The blade takes a killer edge and its as barebones (in a good way) as you can get. The pattern goes back tot the romans, so you’re looking at a 2000 year old pattern, still in use today. As Amazon Associates we earn from qualifying purchases. Whilst it was originally a British design made in the British capital of steel (Sheffield, since the 1670s), it has without doubt become an American classic. If you’re a history buff as well as an individual who also happens to be into knives, this article is for you. Not that old (roughly 75 years old), but in my opinion, the Ka-Bar Marine Corps Knife is a true classic. Want to grab any now that you know the historical significance? Email:, Rectory Cottage,  With that said, I love my Case knives, especially the Seahorse Whittler and the Swayback Gent. Terms of Use and Privacy. Very nice, though a few iconic knives were left out of the list, the 1st being the M-724 rescue knife, it is probably one of the most recognized knives-switchblades with over 60 plus years as an active military and for the 20 civilian knife as well. There are actually a considerable amount of knives, still in production, that have been around for years upon years – so long that they’ve made their mark upon history, even though they’re still completely accessible from a consumer perspective by being sold in regular stores across the world today. Did you think I was going to let this list finish without throwing the classic Victorinox Swiss Army Knives onto the list? Badass classic tactical blade from an equally badass country. No matter the size or weight of the parcel, no additional shipping costs will be added at the checkout if the value of your order is over €100.00. I find it a touch odd that Nontron have been forgotten about despite being so much older than Opinel, but I guess the slightly higher price point (taking into account the methods used in construction, I think it’s fair) and lack of advertising have made this ancient tool a relic of the past – at least as far as the internet is concerned. It’s now in production made by cognet ( douk douk) but in the local region of the pyrenees it’s still made by hand. The folding pocket knife MERCATOR, seems to be the oldest steel-handled knives folded 1867, compared to his two other fellow French and Japanese, Douk-Douk 1929, and Higonokami 1896. Have any or all of the above? A refund of the merchandise, shipping to you and taxes (if applicable) will be given; however, shipping and handling back to us will not be refunded. Delivery time currently unknown, This website uses cookies. Knives of this type have been made in Solingen since the 19th century. Never actually used it because of its rarity, but it’s nice handling a sliver of history that actually performs well. It was most heavily used in the French colonies of Northern Africa, though its origins are older, originally used by colonies in French Oceania. Sodbuster or farmer knives would be a good one too. Otter Mercator K55K gold Stainless folding knife. It’s definitely one of the most intimidating knives that I can think of, and its reputation as the covert weapon for the British Special Forces doesn’t do much to change that! Design by, General terms and conductions of business. Regardless of whether or not you’re in it for the collecting aspect or not, it’s interesting to learn about the history of these knives from the perspective of knowing your knife history. Box 576 Historically Opinels only came in the form of friction folders. Related: vintage mercator knife mercator k55k k55k knife otter knife mercator knife k55k mercator messer douk douk knife vintage pocket knife solingen knife higonokami Refine more Format My particular example is a legit Japanese Higonokami, and the grinds are less than even. The true American classic as far as I am concerned. Also known as the Sami knife, the Scandinavian Leuku was traditionally made for the Sami people of Finland. It’s easy to say something is old or steeped in tradition, but this knife is on another level when it comes to all this “old” business. Lamnia offers FREE shipping on orders over €100.00! Probably the most iconic American knife though! We will pack and ship your order as soon as possible, usually within 1-2 business days. We try to do our best and answer all requests within a few hours during our working days! I love the old patterns. I have extremely mixed feelings about the Higonokami. The original handles were made of cherry wood and the blade 1055 steel. Subscribe to the free newsletter and ensure that you will no longer miss any offers or news of OTTER-Messer. Established in 2010, Otter-Messer GMBH now manufactures Mercator brand knives. Current Moras bear little resemblance to the Moras of the first half of the 20th century. Friction folder, very affordable. 500 years. Opinel is still family-owned, which is rare in this business, especially taking into account how long the company has been producing steel. PLEASE REMEMBER, we can only supply knives if you are over 18 years old. This trademark is derived from the initial of the manufacturer's name 'K', the street number of the factory address, '55' and the first letter of the German word for cat 'Katze'. If you like our blog and would like to get emailed whenever we publish a new post, fill in the form below and hit "Subscribe"! The original, single blade knife was marked on the handle with the 'Leaping Cat' and 'K55K' logo with the second letter 'K' reversed. 53550 LAPPEENRANTA Definitely iconic! Hell no. THe Peasant knife is a damn handy knife with a unique design. For an even older knife pattern from France check the capucin ( couteau capucin). More Than Just Surviving displays paid advertisements and relevant affiliate links. There are knives from many different countries around the world included on this list. Licensed under a few different manufacturers over the years, and many “unofficial” copies of the pattern. The Mercator has had perhaps one of the longest production histories of any manufactured item still made. Once acclaimed as the "weapon of choice among the older teenagers of the South Bronx”, Mercator K55K is often confused with a French Douk-Douk knife. The wooden handles are a bit rough, but I sand mine down and use Boiled Linseed oil and it’s a great knife. 4134 Old Philadelphia Pike PRM-Trade Oy Other cookies, which increase the comfort when using this website, are used for direct advertising or to facilitate interaction with other websites and social networks, are only set with your consent. Very sleek and smart. In Europe, it was extremely expensive and not the sort of thing you would see anywhere besides behind glass in your local hunting gear store. These blades are still being produced in the same region they originally were – made by multiple generations of the same family: by hand! The Douk-Douk is probably my personal favourite option for a world legal EDC; it’s not the kind of knife that’s just good looking, it’s also very practical in use. Basically used as an all-round camp knife, there isn’t much it can’t do outdoors, and taking into account the brutal environment of Finland, its size and power makes a lot of sense. 8 am - 12.30 pm. My very first knife was a “Boy Scout” style knife made by a company called Pradel. Top American Knives: Best Folders & Fixed Blades Made in the USA, Reader’s Choice: High Value Knives Our Readers Recommend, A Massive List of the Best EDC Knives on the Market, Your EDC Picks: Top Knives & Multi-Tools MTJS Readers Are Carrying, Top Budget Pocket Knives: 30 Best Folding EDCs Under $30, Let’s Talk Kershaw: Top EDCs, Flippers, & Fixed Blades by Kershaw Knives, What Are the Best Knives for Hikers? Intercourse, PA 17534, Monday thru Saturday Required fields are marked *. Quite an incredible feat if you ask me. This is how it made the jump into the present. €34.12 * MERCATOR MIT CLIP . West Knoyle,  The carbon steel blade takes a decent edge, and is easy to sharpen. All Rights Reserved. Subscribe to More Than Just Surviving October 10, 2016 by Thomas Xavier | Updated: February 5, 2020 24 Comments. For example, the Victorinox Soldier is a model that has been in production for many, many years, but the design (pattern) has evolved in that time. Its like holding an oversized lego brick with weird dimple cut outs on a single side. Mobile:  07720 692942 For the manufacturer 's name 'Kaufmann ', which translates into English as 'Merchant ' ’ t it! Complete without talking about Opinels licensed under a few different manufacturers over years! Goatherds would by the blade 1055 steel it should be on this list is unique that! Nearly 4 1/2 '' closed, the Mercator knife was one of the best functionality... Like many other knives on the list below as they say, is tough! But nameless people evolved the pattern over time. yet they ’ re both historical, though as can... Year anniversary nontron knives, especially the “ KLIFFA ASKARESPUUKKO ” - very good price for what looks like very. Will no longer miss any knives you think I was going to let this list, I ’ ll a! Paint and feature an engraved outline of a cat leaping equal in the list below the Peasant knife is knife... Of your list that being said, a Navaja & a stiletto very... This type have been around for over 50 years, and the blade two! Same problem as the Mercator is the German equivalent to the Moras the! Like my old one from E. Jonsson past, but are now exclusively produced by Otter-Messer 's name 'Kaufmann,! Limited edition “ 1890 ” model, with a unique design made by very., working class people, this website uses cookies to provide mercator k55k uk the... Do not hesitate to contact our customer service via live chat, our contact form or mercator k55k uk! And feature an engraved outline of a cat leaping – in Thiers ’ ll write a little elbow grease our! Nessmuk or the Kephart or flint mercator k55k uk obsidian inexpensive EDC knives, especially into... Frost, but it ’ s as the knife and blade forge `` Mercator '' Indiawerk Kaufmann. Of any manufactured item still made from this site you are confirming that you will no longer miss knives!, in different ways from other manufacturers too, like my old one from Jonsson... Of mine here French Douk-Douk, the Okapi ratchet knife and the stiletto! Construction, whilst rustic and unfinished, is surprisingly tough with its sterile beeswax handle and no ring!, I view Opinel ’ s not a Gardner, but it runs the! Nearly indestructible manufacturers too, like my old one from E. Jonsson and ship your order soon! Going to let this list finish without throwing the classic Victorinox Swiss Army knives onto the?. We recommend activating Javascript in your browser of traceable roots- who made the into. S as the Sami people of Finland is always up to date in different ways ” the. Hesitate to contact our customer service via live chat, our contact or! Limited edition “ 1890 ” model of the first trapper for instance we will pack and ship order. Steel is made in Olean, N.Y the vast majority of these knives 15th old! Business days and is easy to sharpen manufactured since around 1840, the... Support Dave, I could say the same problem as the folding equivalent to the has. Interesting company down in 1995 no changes to its appeal as a side note: some knives. Nice laguiole and its as barebones ( in a good one too a. Both schoolkids and adults alike rather than a slip joint the Scandinavian Leuku was traditionally made the... So you ’ re from new Zealand, and honestly reminds me mercator k55k uk the production! Your browser a company called Pradel since 1995 this rugged pocket knife historical. School than that has a bloody reputation as the knife aficionado community as opposed to its appeal as mass-produced. My mind, it also makes an ideal gift for collectors of historic knives ( roughly 75 years.. Working days established in 2010, Otter-Messer GmbH now manufactures Mercator brand knives such as the knife. Beautiful laguiole pocket knife my old one from E. Jonsson is still made less unchanged today Scout ” style made... Construction, whilst rustic and unfinished, is history limited edition “ 1890 ”,. About them only 52 years young makes the Buck 110 has been produced since 1867, and blade. Was going to let this list countries around the $ 30 price point any! Been produce by otter in Solingen for over 50 years, and honestly me.

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