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All of which explains the feeding frenzy of speculation on internet sites such as Twitter and YouTube, where numerous videos have been uploaded with titles including 'Seven real megalodon sightings caught on camera' and 'Evidence that megalodon is not extinct.'. Take the colossal squid, which was considered to be the legendary product of sailors' fevered imaginations. Crucially for conspiracy theorists, the Trench was fully formed more than 1.5 million years ago, when megalodon are believed to have disappeared. A tooth belonging to the extinct megalodon shark (left) compared to that of a great white (right). Capable of growing 18 ft in length, with a bulbous head, giant mouth and tiny teeth, it feeds on tiny creatures filtered through sea water. How a Colorado cannibal who ate FIVE men then evaded execution 135 years ago is celebrated by town with a cannibal-themed restaurant and bar, cookbook and raw meat tossing contests! Biden is finally MOBBED by fans as he writes message on wall of his childhood Scranton home after visiting Beau's grave with wife Jill and two granddaughters, 'Losing is never easy. They wouldn't even count as a snack for megalodon. However, over the past century, a series of alarming sightings by seafarers has fostered the tantalising idea that surviving megalodon may still inhabit the darkest corners of our oceans. Most damningly, megalodon would have to cope with the freezing temperatures found at these depths, and it evolved exclusively as a warm-water species. These conspiracy theorists say scientists deny megalodon sharks exist due to fear they would be hunted into extinction (pictured, a scene from The Meg). We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Sadly, for Jaws fans, but happily for swimmers, when it come to megalodon, the scientific consensus seems to be a clear 'no'. The comments below have not been moderated. As for physical evidence, a deep-sea dredging expedition in 1875 by the Royal Navy corvette HMS Challenger pulled up a pair of megalodon teeth near Tahiti. Its corpse was 15 ft long and weighed 450kg, about the same as a grand piano. asks residents to be patient with election result 'that could take days', Nevada reels in shock at 'senseless' death of McDonald's worker, 16, who was shot dead through drive-thru window by 24-year-old stranger, Moment retired Marine tries to protect his wife but dies in her arms after armed thieves open fire inside jewelry store where they were getting their wedding rings cleaned, American tourist, 25, steals Glock 9mm from Thai gun range and goes on wild shooting spree, taking pot shots at police and locals before dying from bullet to head during stand-off, Harrowing moment eight-year-old girl is shot in the leg by stray bullet while trick-or-treating with her father and younger sister in Manhattan, Is this Air Force's top secret 'Great White Bat' stealth drone? To find any decent-sized meal, it would have to come up to 8,000 ft, the deepest whales are known to dive. It's known as the 'Lazarus taxonomy' and the coelacanth is the most famous example. Not for me': Trump says election winner SHOULD be known tonight but admits his team IS preparing for legal challenges that could drag out results, Trump cuts guest list at his planned party inside White House from 400 to 250 saying he'll 'maybe' address the nation - as Biden prepares podium in Wilmington, Solar system puts on a show: All seven planets will be visible in the night sky this week - and you'll be able to see five of them with the naked eye, Troops roll into the battlegrounds: National Guard arrive in Philadelphia and Chicago as Illinois Gov. Some of the attempts to date these teeth have put them at merely 10,000 years old — an eyeblink in evolutionary time. Part of the Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday & Metro Media Group, Joe puts the house on it! And then, according to Emma Bernard, who curates the Natural History Museum's fossil fish collection, there would surely be evidence of megalodon's existence in the form of bite marks on whales that survived attacks. The creatures are thought to have become extinct some two to three million years ago, due to climate change, a decline in prey, the advent of rival predators such as killer whales, or a combination of all three. This 1,500-mile-long canyon in the Earth's crust is more than 35,000 ft deep — 6,000 ft greater than Mount Everest — and is the deepest point in the world's oceans. And we already have proof that huge marine creatures can remain largely unknown to us for centuries. A little less deep, at around 13,000 ft, more substantial deep-sea fish such as lanternfish begin to emerge — but again too small. Now, the reviews are in and the verdict is 'classic B-movie' fun, or, in the words of the Mail's critic, 'a film of heroic preposterousness'. You can't beat a good shark film, and expectations were high for The Meg, an attempt to out-Jaws Jaws with a 75 ft-long prehistoric denizen of the deep that rises to the ocean surface to launch a murderous spree. The believers tend to agree on the location of megalodon's primary lair: the Mariana Trench in the Western Pacific. It was only in 1976 that the incredible megamouth shark was discovered when one became entangled in cables dangling from a U.S. navy research vessel in Hawaii. Published: 19:56 EST, 12 August 2018 | Updated: 21:01 EST, 12 August 2018. So, as shark hunter Quint in Jaws didn't quite say: 'We're not going to need a bigger boat after all.' But in 1938 it was discovered alive off the coast of South Africa. These 'megalodon believers' say titanically huge sharks do exist in the depths of today's oceans (pictured, a scene from The Meg). But at 35,000 ft, the only prey are tiny shrimp-like creatures called amphipods. As for mysterious massive sharks, we know they exist. After all, scientists have been prompted by recent discoveries to create a whole new category for creatures that we thought were extinct, but turn out to be alive still. Couldn't they have evolved to go deep instead of being rendered extinct? Certainly, the Trench is a good place to hide; pilots in submersiblets have only twice ventured nearly seven miles down to its furthest reaches, an area called the Challenger Deep, in 1960 and 2012. Sadly, for Jaws fans, but happily for swimmers, when it come to megalodon, the scientific consensus seems to be a clear 'no'. Indeed, that is the conspiracy theory nurtured by the legion of 'megalodon believers' who have emerged on social media, in chat rooms and on forums, since the film opened. When the climate cooled some three million years ago, they proved incapable of following their prey into cooler waters and thus became extinct. Back in 1918, David Stead, an Australian naturalist, reported how local fishermen were refusing to venture back out to sea after a 100 ft-long pure white shark had demolished their gear and taken their catch. An army of 'megalodon believers' have come out in full force on social media after the release of The Meg (pictured, a scene from the film). The biggest to date was caught in 2007 off Antarctica. So, if these giants can lurk unseen for millennia, surely the same is true of megalodon? But in 1938 it was discovered alive off the coast of South Africa. It is only in the past 40 years that bodies of entire creatures have been found. Only 63 confirmed sightings have been reported worldwide since. 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