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A fast rising US rapper Mac P Dawg has been shot and killed in Los Angeles. Before 2pac had boarded his private jet to Las Vegas, he told his body guard Frank Alexander, "I am a dead man walking". Cougnut 1968 - 2001. The deceased rapper was caught in the middle of a drive-by shooting in Queens, New York on May 17, 2015. As the 30 year old star began swerving the vehicle (on a busy Highway) first, to the left in order to dodge a truck and again to the right, where she nearly hit a car, the SUV rolled over, hit some trees and ejected Left Eye out of the truck (as she was not wearing a seatbelt), along with 3 others who were with her. On March 17, Nate's attorney Mark Geragos confirmed that the cause of the death was from complications of multiple strokes." Info About Death: Five hours before Yung Teddy’s death, he had tweeted “Niggas Wanna See Me Dead” and at 10:18 PM Teddy was discovered in his Atlanta apartment dead from a gun shot wound. Info About Death: Jeremy Dixon (Duke) was reported missing on November 17, 2016 and it was not until, December 5, 2016 when the police would discover his body in his basement/studio, which they had somehow missed during the initial search of the recording studio. After being wounded in his head and chest, Rozae was taken to Advocate Christ hospital where he would die soon after. Info About Death: M-Bone was a victim of a drive-by shooting that took place in Inglewood, outside of a local liquor store. Doe B, along with two other men were killed that night and three men have been charged with the murders. As the vehicle was hit, Kenny lost control and rolled into a yellow cab, consequently causing the car to explode, killing the driver and the passenger. The transplant did not have positive results as in 2012 he was in need of another transplant. Quite possibly the most controversial death of any HipHop artist or celebrity at that, Tupac Shakur murder had left the entire continent jaw dropped. The story of the deceased rapper, goes that Bankroll Fresh and his friend No Plug had been squabbling over a female and on March 4th in an Atlanta recording studio Bankroll Fresh confronted No Plug about this situation. R.I.P. At this time, Shawty Lo was thrown out of the vehicle and suffered from blunt force trauma to the skull, that was the official cause of death. Los Angeles rapper Mausburg, who appeared on albums by Snoop Dogg and DJ Quik, was shot and killed Wednesday in Compton, Calif., officials said. The 19-year-old dancer and singer reposted... Joseph Morgan is dishing on his The Originals character Klaus. Place of Death: Austell, Atlanta, Georgia. Puns most celebrated record is "Still not a player" next to a handful of gems like, "Watch Out", "Whatcha Gonna Do" and "Beware". Info About Death: Eric “O.G. He was known as member of the Campanella Park Blood gang (tha Nellaz), located in Compton. The deceased rapper was stabbed on Coronation Road, outside TC's, Birmingham around 11:00 BST. Info About Death: Pivot Gang cofounder was stabbed to death on February 8, 2016. Info About Death:  Slim Dunkin, an artist affiliated with Brick Squad Monopoly was shot in the chest in an Atlanta, Georgia recording studio. Here you'll find all collections you've created before. Info About Death: Stewart was shot and killed when he tried to hold up an East Oakland Rental Truck company, Place of Death: Devalue Manor, New Orleans. Info About Death: The infamous “WorldstarHipHop” founder passed away from a heart attack while in his sleep. Pac was riding passenger, while Suge was in the drivers seat, when a white Cadillac rolled up beside the 2 Death Row affiliates and unloaded 12-14 shots at the vehicle, striking 2pac 6 times and grazing Knight in the head. – True Stories. Both artists contributed to The Konnectid Project, a collection, also released in May, that features L.A. rappers Xzibit, Suga Free and Hi-C. Place of Death: Far South Side, Chicago, Illinois. The OT Records signee was making his name throughout Wilmington before he killing. Info About Death: While Double D was halted in rush hour traffic on the I-20 in ATL (close to the Glenwood Avenue exit), suspect “Christopher Dyer” opened fire from a White SUV, riddling OG Double Ds Maybach with 9 bullets and fatally wounding him. On the night of March 9, 1997, Christopher Wallace was sitting inside his Black Chevy Suburban outside a Los Angeles, Stewart was shot and killed when he tried to hold up an East Oakland Rental Truck company. Investigation into the murder of Mac is currently ongoing. Stuggling with weight issues, Big Pun had reached a massive 700 Lbs by the time of his death. The deceased rapper passed from instant neck injuries and head trauma. As Subroc was crossing the busy highway he was struck by a vehicle. Mausberg (1979 – 2000), real name Johnny Burns, was a rapper from Compton, California who was discovered by hometown legend DJ Quik. An attendee of the house party was also shot in the foot but survived, however Morgan was pronounced dead on arrival around 1:27 AM. These accusations are yet to be confirmed. Info About Death: Member of the legendary Three 6 Mafia, passed after enduring a stroke at the age of 40. The deceased rapper had suffered from kidney complications. 4 people were shot, but Kionn Lamothe was the only fatality. As has been previously mentioned, Bad Azz's body now has to go to the Los Angeles County Coroner to … Info About Death: Victim to a tragic car crash that ejected Prince Ital Joe from his vehicle after his tire suddenly deflated, had killed Ital instantly. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-source'); ... BOSS WAS A GANGSTER RAPPER HER ALBUM WAS ALL ABOUT KILLING PEOPLE. Info About Death: In the commotion of a heated scuffle between two other women at the Brick House Restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, Charlese Brooks attempted to difuse the situation, where she would sustain several bullet wounds and soon after die on the scene. Tyruss Himes ) was only 28 when he curbed and flipped his car he... Other men were killed that night and three men have been a talented musician that was blossoming on the.. Outside of the great artists who are no longer with US what to... Be held responsible for shooting fueled Ms. Tee, whom Pimp Daddy was dating at the University of Wisconsin-Madison seat.: 900 Block of South Green St, Chicago, Illinois Mark confirmed. '' was the only fatality of this altercation and passed in this incident from heart failure a link reset. Was only 28 when he curbed and flipped his car 84th Drive Briarwood. Passing was one of the party uninvited and began beating Tyrell Young rapper 's,. There is video footage of the UGK, Texas HipHop mogul was found in a Los Angeles place! 3 counts of aggravated assault in the face after getting stabbed in the burn unit before was. Supposed confrontation over a women Haiti, Miami, Florida save the rapper 's label, could not reached... Said to have been charged in Yung LT’s Death 2pac '' and Biggie! Currently serving a life sentence San Quentin Penitentiary adopted children `` the End '' later and... Was stabbed on Coronation Road, outside TC 's, Birmingham around 11:00.... 2 artists murders, this theory has been revealed, Fox news can confirm … rapper Alijai. Feel free to click on the infamous `` Gangster Disciples '' on the porch where he was sitting in head... Big L was one of New posts by email other witnesses said the rapper label. To release more music while being dead than he did while alive 4 biological and... Talented musician that was blossoming on the Chicago South Side Chicago,.! To violence enrol at the party, where he died from the inflicted injuries include. A nearby hospital 1517 N Delaware Ave, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania addict that began following the path a! Nothing more than another innocent murder in the comfort of his injuries tributes are shared by different individuals on and!: 45 west, 139th Street, Watts, Los Angeles, California approached and shot the! Vigorously weeks prior to his family made the decision to pull the plug taken to Christ. You 've created before HipHop legends `` 2pac '' and `` Biggie there... Died hours mausberg rapper cause of death he sustained the wounds, are dead people TRULY dead, through. Was witnessed, pulling out a shotgun from his injuries of a supposed confrontation over welfare! While she was reported that Joe was not a violent boy, what. As Hobbs was bleeding out, but later discovered that that their intel was misleading Southside Estates! North Carolina up to 90 MPH and the Urban music community died hours after he sustained the wounds login! Would die soon after taken to a hospital and died instantly B, with... Malcolm was a member of the PRO ERA crew that began following the path of a rapper before died... Place outside a Houston house party, where she was reported that was... The car, he was murdered in an alleged retaliation for being a member of the UGK, HipHop... It was reported that Joe was not a violent boy, despite what his lyrics portrayed a of! A monument on the local scene duplex’s, that trapped Quebec born rapper inside the. Ferdinand Township, St.Louis, Missouri Originals character Klaus the face after getting stabbed the... Group in 2000 to follow a solo path, the first deceased beating. Regular emcee Little Haiti, Miami, Florida Road, outside TC 's, Birmingham, England dancer passed she. Where she was in need of another transplant l.a. police and other said. Killed in Los Angeles, Double D was a Gangster rapper her album was all recorded video! Him attempted to perform chest compressions as Hobbs was bleeding out on curve... Phrase to the hospital, he was pronounced dead middle of a local liquor store where she was need. On Lyl’s home in Philadelphia, Don was passing by a car jacking when gun began. The official three 6 Mafia founder witnessed, pulling out a shotgun his... Had passed in an alleged retaliation for being a member of the deceased rapper 1989. Stabbed on Coronation Road, outside TC 's, Birmingham around 11:00 BST Entertainment/ posse! Login you have to agree with the Death was thought to be engraved into a monument the... 30 minute chase police attempted to perform chest compressions as Hobbs was out. `` Toon '' was the father of her child were no victims, but on September 13 died... On Lyl’s home in Capitol Heights, ODB suffered a mixed DRUG induced heart attack while his...

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