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The Princess eventually renounced Townsend, who was sent to take up a post at the British Embassy in Belgium. He also wrote many short articles and contributed to other books. Articles incorporating text from Wikipedia, Companions of the Distinguished Service Order, People educated at Haileybury and Imperial Service College, Royal Air Force personnel of World War II, Recipients of the Distinguished Flying Cross and Bar (United Kingdom), "Princess Margaret Dies at 71; Sister of Queen Elizabeth Had a Troubled Life",,, Peter Townsend at the Internet Movie Database,, order back issues and use the historic Daily Express Documents of Marie Luce Townsend (born Jamagne) Marie Luce Townsend (born Jamagne) in Canberra Times (ACT) - Oct 21 1958 Australian Newspapers "... convinced that the dis … Townsend later married a Belgian woman, Marie-Luce Jamagne, in 1959. The pilots were F/L Townsend, F/O ‘Tiger’ Folkes and Sgt. They had 3 children. 85 Squadron RAF, flying Hawker Hurricanes. Marie passed away. In 1944, he was appointed temporary equerry to King George VI. C/U Marie Luce holding small dog as she stands beside Townsend. Peter was born on November 22 1914, in Yangon, Yangon Region, Myanmar. Regional councillor of Guadeloupe : Since 2010. He joined the Royal Air Force in 1933, and trained at Cranwell. His son Hugo Townsend is married to Yolande, Princess of Ligne. Express. 1942) and Hugo (b. VOGUE, October 2010, page 309. I naturally told him I could not discuss Princess Margaret on any account and the conversation, which was brief, turned to Welsh rugby. [1] Their daughter, Isabelle Townsend, became a Ralph Lauren advertising model in the late 1980s and early 1990s. newspaper archive. Townsend sent a letter to his solicitor, saying resignedly: “It’s that man again.” He considered Thomas at best “a great bore” and at worst, “possibly dangerous”. She is the daughter of Lucette Michaux-Chevry, the historical leader of the right in Guadeloupe and the former President of the Regional Council of Guadeloupe from 1992 until 2004.[1][2]. 611 Squadron RAF, a Spitfire unit. Townsend was later leader of No. As a result, she was not entitled to a seat in the Atlantic subsection, but Maurice Ponga won the seat in the Pacific subsection. (1963). In January 1943, he was appointed Commanding Officer of RAF West Malling. [3] He had met the Princess in his role as an equerry to her father, King George VI. He oversaw the conversion of 85 Squadron to night operations at RAF Hunsdon during early 1941. They divorced in 1952 and Rosemary later married John de László (son of the painter Philip de László) and became the third wife of the 5th Marquess Camden in 1978. But over a year later Thomas sent Towns­end a letter. "Love Story," by Christopher Petkanas. Peter Townsend was one of several military advisors for the film Battle of Britain (1969), and he also appeared in the PBS video, The Windsors: A Royal Family (1994). Marie married Peter Woolridge Townsend. Biography Profile / Wikipedia Information. On 11 July 1940 Townsend, flying Hurricane VY-K (P2716) intercepted a Dornier Do 17 of KG 2 and severely damaged the bomber, forcing it to crash land at Arras. CONNECT WITH US. And Townsend last saw the Princess only six months before Thomas was born. Isabelle and her family live in a house in France named "The Mill," where the Duke and Duchess of Windsor once resided.[2]. His books include Earth My Friend (about driving/boating around the world alone in the mid-1950s), Duel of Eagles (about the Battle of Britain), The Odds Against Us (also known as Duel in the Dark) (about fighting Luftwaffe night bombers in 1940-1941), The Last Emperor (a biography of King George VI), The Girl in the White Ship (about a young refugee from Vietnam in the late 1970s who was the sole survivor of her ship of refugees), The Postman of Nagasaki (about the atomic bombing of Nagasaki), and Time and Chance (an autobiography). He continued to lead the unit on the ground even after this wound resulted in his big toe being amputated, and he returned to operational flying on 21 September. Marie-Luce Penchard (born 14 February 1959, in Gourbeyre) is a French politician from Guadeloupe and member of the UMP.She is the daughter of Lucette Michaux-Chevry, the historical leader of the right in Guadeloupe and the former President of the Regional Council of Guadeloupe from 1992 until 2004.. Return fire from the Dornier hit the Hurricane coolant system and Townsend was forced to ditch 20 miles from the English coast, being rescued by HM Trawler Cape Finisterre. He was awarded the DFC in April 1940. Learn how and when to remove this template message, President of the Regional Council of Guadeloupe, Outremer: Marie-Luce Penchard va être promue ministre, annonce Sarkozy, Marie-Luce Penchard. Two more He 111s were claimed by Townsend, on 22 February and 8 April, and a sixth share on 22 April. Group Captain Townsend is best known for his romance with Princess Margaret. 85 Squadron RAF and a Hawker Fury biplane of No. On 31 August, during combat with Bf 110s over Tunbridge, Townsend was shot down and wounded in the left foot by a cannon shell which went through the glycol tank and exploded in the cockpit. Find us on Facebook; Follow us on Twitter; Subscribe to our rss feed; TODAY'S PAPER. SEARCH. On 17 July 1941 Peter Townsend married (Cecil) Rosemary Pawle (1921–2004) with whom he had two sons, Giles (b. Peter Townsend was born 1914 in Rangoon, Burma, and was educated at Haileybury School. There was even talk of having Townsend’s putative “son” sectioned. G/V large country house in the estate of the Jamagne family, in Brasschaet near Antwerp. Secretary of State for Overseas : June–November 2009. Mig_R has uploaded 110471 photos to Flickr. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. C/U Marie Luce. He was promoted Group Captain in 1948. Townsend married Belgian Marie-Luce Jamagne and they had three children. He was stationed at RAF Tangmere in 1937 and was a member of No. Peter Townsend, Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth sight seeing at Kimberley during the Royal vis. He retired from the Royal Household in the next year, and was air attaché in Brussels 1953 to 1956. Minister in charge of Overseas : 2009–2012. A sculpture of Group Captain Townsend stands in Townsend Square, part of the Kings Hill development on the site formerly occupied by RAF West Malling.[4]. The man, Welsh solicitor Philip Thomas, turned up in January 1992 at Townsend’s French country home, La Mare Aux Oiseaux, just outside Paris. 43 Squadron RAF. Although Princess Margaret later married photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones in 1960, she herself divorced in 1978. The first enemy aircraft to crash on English soil during World War II fell victim to fighters from Acklington on 3 February 1940 when three Hurricanes of ‘B’ flight, 43 Squadron, shot down a Heinkel 111 of 4./KG26 near Whitby. Townsend died of stomach cancer in 1995, at the age of 80, in Rambouillet, France. Peter Townsend spent much of his later years writing non-fiction books. Marie-Luce Jamagne is an actress, known for Merci Natercia! She was named Secretary of State for Overseas Territories in the François Fillon government on 23 June 2009, becoming a minister in November that year. Despite her list being entitled to one seat, she was not elected due to a provision in the electoral law which splits the constituency into three sub-constituencies. She is mayor of Basse-Terre, the prefecture of Guadeloupe, since May 2014.[3]. 1945). See today's front and back pages, download the newspaper, L/S press photographers crowding round Townsend and his young fiancé Marie Luce Jamagne (Marie-Luce Jamagne). Group Captain Townsend is best known for his romance with Princess Margaret. Marie-Luce Jamagne: Merci Natercia!. [1] The nomination of a Guadeloupe native to this position is important since Guadeloupe was the epicentre of the 2009 French Caribbean general strikes. Another man, Jersey accountant Robert Brown, also claims to be Townsend’s son with Margaret and has pursued a legal bid to see the wills of Margaret and the Queen Mother. In the same year the appointment was made permanent, and he served until 1953, when he became Extra Equerry, an honorary office he held until his death. Contents . “Essentially he was asking for Townsend’s help in getting the House of Windsor to answer his claims to royal blood,” writes Tim Heald in his biography of the Princess, Margaret: A Life Unravelled. His son Giles Townsend is President of the Cambridge Bomber and Fighter Society currently restoring a MK I Hawker Hurricane of No. Group Captain Townsend is best known for his romance with Princess Margaret. Marie-Luce Jamagne: Children: Giles Townsend Hugo Townsend Isabelle Townsend (b. Awarded a DSO in April 1941, he later became Commanding Officer RAF Drew in April 1942 and commanded No.

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