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It’s this new and different approach as a player when playing a FIBRACELL reed that will make all the difference in the world. I am not skilled enough to voice it down at will or not. The main deciding factors are; price, strength labeling system (Get it wrong and you're out of gas), and the Fibracell does not pinch my lips like the Legere tends to while providing the quality of play that I like. Saxophone – Reed Strength Comparison Chart. I have to use the side C key consistently to open up C#2 on my Fibracell 3.0 (alto). JavaScript is disabled. Clippers Vs 76ers Predictions, With the Legere it is more than 20 cents sharp but is dead on with the Fibracell or Plastic Cover. Uphill Task Meaning, Using a 2 3/4 Gonzales at the moment as I had a box to hand and I find their strength rating is pretty much the same as Signatures. Selling Clothes In Luxembourg, Fibracell vs. Legere vs. Bari vs. plasticover vs. ? Like all makers of synthetic reeds, the whole idea is to artificially mimic how a natural cane reed works. As far as the strength ratings are concerned, even for cane reeds, these are fictions based on some very elementary tests. Wahoo Fitness Usa, Slapped on the Fibracell and honked away the rest of the night, but still can't get high harmonics off it. Anonymous. Cane reeds are a study in statistics, but when the statistics are in your favor, they will always beat out a synthetic reed, at least until we know how to microtune reeds (we are working on it – see my work or Pierre Taillard and his claripatches, but we aren’t there,yet). Recently I bought a Legere Signature, thought I may as well try it, and also have a spare when the Fibracell eventually dies. Radio Deejay Podcast, A daily practicing guide for getting results.eBook with 60+ pentatonic patterns and 12 backing tracks in all keys. Ganfeng Lithium Stock Forecast, the owner said leger is better but i don't believe him, also i saw fibracell doesn't look synthetic. You’ve GOT to test & compare Legere reeds to the others. I have used the more expensive Legere Signature reeds but when I last bought I saw that their prices had risen so my last buy was a cheaper Original which seems just as good. Uw Physicians Hr, I'm going to take a guess and say it will be north of $30 each. Tim, Hi Johnny I have all 3 and have been playing with them. also i saw fibracell doesn't look synthetic. I gigged Friday night starting out on cane but the reed chipped. The feel and sound sold me though. The thing i find with the sax, to me it always sounds better with other instruments. However, as I pick my alto up and down a lot, the convenience of Legere synthetic (2.25) is huge. Not as much edge but very fat. Information, support, Skip to content. This comparison chart is only a starting point to find the best Fibracell Premier match for you! Can’t wait for you to start stocking the soprano! PB Bare Brass Vintage Tenor - Barone Hollywood 8, 1936 G.H. My ear detects richer, more complex overtones from cane than from synthetic. A couple of weeks ago I started to use a Fibracell, also hard and filed to make it playable. I’ve been using and enjoying them for a few months now on both my tenor and alto. the fibracell sounds a bit stiff (imo) (Novice player of 1 and a half years), My Legere Signature 2.5 arrived yesterday, but I've not tried it yet... will report. Reed makers size their reeds differently but the #3 that I have is sized perfectly to match the Vandoren canes that I am used too. In the month or two that I have been using fibracell I play better, can play for longer periods of time, and have a MUCH nicer sound quality than I have ever had before! I too started using legere recently and the sound is ok but, i am curious as to what synthetic reed is the most durable (the longest playable lifespan)?.......thanks. Unlike the Carbon mentioned earlier, the Onyx is made entirely with the carbon fiber material. I need a reed that I can slap on at the beginning of the night and forget about. Hit the high note for some solo peaks and so on. Come join the discussion about collections, care, displays, models, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more! This is a question I get asked just about everyday…I guess saxophone players are really frustrated with the inconsistencies of cane reeds and they’re looking for an alternative.In my video on this subject below, you’ll see and hear me play both cane reeds and This is going to be a blind test. I’ve been using and enjoying them for a few months now on both my tenor and alto. I proudly endorse Fiberreeds and allow their sales directly from this site’s store here: It looked the weirdest of any synthetic reed I ever saw because it’s totally black in color. Dude. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. “I’ve been playing Fibracell reeds for over 20 years now and they have become a significant part of my signature sound. I came from using plasticovers and wanted something more durable. It probably does take knowing what you're doing, which I don't. They feel "sharper/more precise" than the Studio or Standards, and I can get a really mean sound out of them when I need to, without much extra effort. We are back to, the ear of the beholder? They do get better after you play them a bit, and so far they are holding up very well. From the selection the store had when I bought mine to the information that I saw online, they only make one model or style of reed which is called the As for their sound, the Fibracell is one of the best synthetics that I’ve had the chance to try. Answer Save. Walleye Soft Plastics, Easter Seals Locations Near Me, The one who does this the best will eventually be the winner! Whatfinger App For Iphone, E1 is fine. Ill try that because the tone is really sweet. Clarinet – Reed Strength Comparison Chart . Euronews Online Live, Drone Companies South Africa, We’re using plastic, ebonite, metal, carbon fiber, and even glass. well, they all sounded like Synth, the onyx won but not a great win, , i wish you would have thrown in a cane reed just to offset the synth sound, but thanks johnny. However, after playing on these Legere Signature reeds for a few months, my response has evolved to a I still feel as though the Legere reeds are lacking a certain warmth and graininess that you can get with cane. Johnny, c’mon! Would you start practicing drums at age 30+? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I’m afraid I don’t have any suggestions for this.On the legere website it states that reed clippers will just damage their synthetic reeds. Thought I’d do a fun little test comparing some of my favorite synthetic saxophone reeds; the Fibracell vs Fiberreed. Buying the right strength, I don't need to file Legere reeds. 1 decade ago . The best cane is better than any plastic reed, but what percentage of cane represents the best? I can't be changing out reeds 2 or 3 times during the gig. ? I haven't played th legere long enough to know. The comprehensive strength charts below compare popular cane strengths to the matching Légère reed strength and cut. Any suggestions? I will (hopefully soon) be comparing the Fibracell Premier and the Fiberreed FiberCarbon Onyx for the soprano sax. (The Rigottii reeds seemed to have deteriorated in their quality. It also plays great out of the box. I'd echo the comments that the response on Legere reeds changes over the course of a session. Guitar and bass strings were once made from the gut of cows and sheep. Fibracell Synthetic Saxophone Reeds. I play in my church and I try to practice everyday. A forum community dedicated to saxophone players and enthusiasts bought to you by Harri Rautiainen. I liked legere more (I had a studio cut), although I haven't played on one in a while, I don't remember mine being too stuffy, it wasn't as bright as a fibracell, but a nice medium i thought. I used the whetstone on which I sharpen knives. Patricia Banks Obituary, The next reed from Fiberreed was the “Hemp”. Other reports from personal friends and online reviews have been anywhere from a few to six months. I really like Legere Studio Cut 3's on my Berg and find their altissimo response to be excellent. Just got the Hemp. Huller alto saxophone, Ralph Morgan 6C mouthpiece, #3 1/2 Legere Signature reeds, Theo Wanne ligature. At least for now anyways. How To Watch Fox Sports 1, I just got a legere reed but wanted a fibracell reed. I just got a legere reed but wanted a fibracell reed. As is usually the case, these responses can only be suggestions — you really need to look around for a while and try a few different brands and strengths until you find what really works for.

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