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It is a lake with crystal clear waters, dramatic vistas and, a legend in it’s history. Two rugged mountains overlook the lake at the southern end. Here is an extract: ‘I am not aware whether it is generally known that a strange animal something of a sea serpent … exists in lake Memphremagog.’” Articles on sightings of this creature stretch throughout the 1800s. The men were crossing the Main Street Bridge when they saw the beast glaring at them from the nearby rooftop of the Boright building. According to an article in the nearby Enosburg Falls County Courier, an anonymous eyewitness claimed to have seen “an unbelievable looking winged monster. Since then it has evolved into more of a quirky historical and unusual chronicle of off beat Vermont folklore, myths and legends. The state is known for the fact that there are more heads of cattle than there are people within its borders. "There be WEIRD stuff here!" It has delightful sandy beaches at both the southern, and northern end. The second story, however, is only slightly less disturbing – the Pigman may have eaten Harris. Hor and Mt. No, wait. Lake Willoughby / Jack Flanagan / Flickr Vermont is also fond of its pigs. What Vermont lacks in human population, it makes up for in trees. Lake Willoughby is growing as a romantic destination, and is becoming a more common place to honeymoon. The only lake that is deeper is Lake Champlain. The monster had a head like a sea horse, which stuck about 15 feet from the water. Although the Pigman was never captured, it’s a popular story to tell in the wilds of Vermont in the dark. It's the second largest natural lake in Vermont and very, very cold. "There be WEIRD stuff here!" Her sighting is as follows:While sitting on the “point” near the Wheeler’s Camps beach more than 15 years ago, Audrey, Ann Hauk (her mother), and a friend saw a long, dark, creature with two or three humps in the middle of the lake, swimming toward the south end. “When I first saw it … I thought it was jet skiers because it was moving fast,” she said. The monster that is supposedly within the waters of Lake Willoughby is known as Willy. There are no recordings on how the Lake Willoughby was named. Much like Loch Ness in Scotland, Lake Willoughby has its own sea monster legend. It’s prized by swimmers, anglers and boaters. 9. Ready to Brew Your Own Beer Vermont Style. It has a surface area of approximately 1,687 acres. During the winter, everything turns to ice, and there is a good chance that the ground will be covered with snow. The wind funnels down the lake with force, entertaining,  when you are swimming with a tail wind, heartbreaking into a head wind. There are two natural areas that are located within Willoughby State Forest. Fish stocks include rainbow trout, salmon (mainly stocked), burbot, yellow perch, lake chub, common shiner, and a so-called round whitefish, which is … In earlier years, the region was a well known and popular destination with several large tourist hotels and much to … He was the first known African-American to graduate college. With depths exceeding 300 feet, mountainous cliffs rising from the water, and abundant wildlife, it is not surprising that Lake Willoughby is reputed to support a likely mythical lake monster called "Willy," much like Champ in Lake Champlain. Whichever the case, the Pigman did not go away. She thinks there might be ancient swimming reptiles in Lake Seymour, Lake Willoughby, and Crystal Lake. Much of the coastline is undeveloped. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. A report on a monster in the lake appeared in an 1868 edition of the nearby Caledonia newspaper: “It is reported that the great water snake at Willoughby Lake was killed Wednesday of last week by Stephen Edmonds of Newport, VT.” The articles says a twelve-year-old boy sliced the beast in half with a sickle. Instead, I always wrote off sightings as the result of overactive imaginations. The lake once again welcomed settlers. No one believed them. Besse, her mother, and a friend were sitting near a beach when they saw a “a long, dark, creature with two or three humps in the middle of the lake, swimming toward the south end.” Besse went to fetch her camera, but the monster was gone before she could take a picture. Flickr/John. People reported finding bones and cloven hoof prints in one cave of the Washbowl, and that brought people to hunt for the Pigman. Mount Pisgah, one one side, and Mount Hor on the other. But hey, I'm having fun! The sighting was filed with the International Dracontology Society of LakeMemphremagog . The stories of Memphre go back a long way. His parents phoned the authorities, and search parties combed the area, but he was never found. Divers and jumpers are advised to jump at their own risk. Comment below, if you dare! Comment below, if you dare! Lake Willoughby was formed by a glacier, and it is part of the Saint-Francois River watershed. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit. You can visit museums in nearby towns. Along the trails, you will most likely see plenty of wildlife. "These all sound a lot like Champ," Malloy says, namechecking Lake Champlain's famous beast, the mascot for -- among other things -- the Short Season Single-A Vermont Lake Monsters. A subsequent photograph, however, revealed something bigger. A 35-pound lake trout pulled out of Lake Willoughby in 2003. On actual measurement the two pieces were found to be 23 feet in length.”. Within Willoughby State Forest you will find Mount Hor, which is 2,648 feet, and Mount Pisgah, which is 2,751 feet. There are miles of trails that you can hike on, and it is recommended that you pick up a guide if you are unfamiliar with them. Copyright © Mysterious Universe. You Really Should Check out the Waterbury Reservoir For Fun, Vermont Photography to Amaze and Delight People of All Ages. If you decide to stay for a while, the area has a lot of history. It was twenty-three feet long. Philo, Fascinating, Historic Shelburne, Vermont and Why You Should Visit, Barre, VT – The Granite Capital of Vermont, Montpelier, VT – The Capital City of Vermont, Stowe, VT – Vermont Skiing and Trapp Family Lodge, Quirky Vermont History, People, Places and Things, Vermont Ghosts and their Frightening Stories, Must See Vermont Videos that You Simply Can’t Miss, Vermont Videos – Mysteries and the Unexplained. Fishing is quite popular in Lake Willoughby. “But when it turned to go south more it was parallel to the road and I could see from the side view that it had a head like a horse, a long neck and a big body. “It is reported that the great water snake at Willoughby Lake was killed Wednesday of last week by Stephen Edmonds of Newport, VT., a lad of twelve years. Lake Champlain, a 490-square-mile, 400-foot-deep freshwater lake, is mostly in New York State, but also goes into Canada, and Vermont. To sample the water, he sets out in a wooden motor boat. Vermont Historic Sites – Battles and History. Swimming is popular from the beaches, but Lake Willoughby is known for its cold waters. Years after Harris’ disappearance, high school students were drinking beer in a sandpit near the school when a monster came out of the woods. Stories of the Willoughby Lake monster Willy stretch back to the 1800s. Not many people live there, either. The reason why it is called such is because there is a picture of a devil painted on a rock. And those are only the American monsters. Get the MegaPack collection now for this great price. It is a glacial lake over 300 feet (95 metres) deep. If you are looking for a state that is filled with nature and beauty, you might want to take a trip to Vermont. “Both my wife and I, at the exact same time, said, ‘My god, what in the world is that? The fish weighed 39 pounds. The article doesn’t speculate what the monster was, although modern-day researchers suspect it was an eel. Remote Viewing: From Russia to the United States and From the U.K. to Who Knows Where?

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