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The Kubota MX Series is a crossover between Kubota’s compact and utility segments. We walk over here to the standard L I can show you a little bit of what I mean. The L 4701 is an odd model and dealers here sell few of them. The back end of a B-series tractor is still heavy-duty, it's still a cast iron three range transmission, but there's just not as much bulk in size in the back of the machine over there as there is over here in an L. When we look at the L-Series machine, you'll see a lot more heft back in here around these large transmission assemblies, and the size of the axles coming out to the end, and the length of the axles. Kubota L2501 vs Kioti CK2610H – Hydraulic Systems. Kubota offers a lot of models, and when we compare a B-Series machine to an L-Series machine, we need to be starting from the right place from the get-go. There is more deluxe options that can be put back here if you'd like another option. We're all programmed to want more horse power, more loader capacity, more and more, more of these things, but really the very first thing that we should be doing is taking a look at the task that you have at hand and determining where your pain point is going to be. So if you want to learn all about the MX5200 to see if it’s a good deal for you, then read on! Freight is included. The MX only has three models in it, the 48, 52, and 58 and they all share mostly common features of this one right here. Besides this, it has other excellent features with I’ll be getting into in the next section. It’s maneuverable and at an ideal size, having the tight turning radius to make it easy to turn even in the tightest spots. “From front to rear the LX Series is Kubota built and that is something that we are very proud of,” stated Cockrell. Because of this, you have more versatility in the job and can choose the right model according to the job and your business. With these technical features, you can already see that this is quite a powerful tractor that offers the strength needed to carry or push extremely heavy objects and elements. Compact tractors are a great way to get jobs done without the huge and bulky…, Throughout the hot summer days, you'll want to get work done without the chances of…, I've heard so many people rave about the Kubota L3301, saying it's definitely worth the…. Please Corral designs for sorting calves off cows. Now if you have a particular load that you need to lift, let’s identify what loader capacity it takes to lift that load, not just look for the biggest loader we can find. Please try again. Actually, after the Kubota Dealer Meeting last weekend, there will be two "M" models (MX4700HST & MX5100HST) coming that will be available with a HST transmission. Specifications, features, illustrations and equipment shown online are based on the latest available information at the time of publication. Offer valid until November 30, 2020. You see that the front tire on the MX is the same as the rear on (IIRC) an L and that the front tire of the M40 series is nearly as tall as a B's. All Rights Reserved. From a 4701 standard L an MX 4800 is almost a no brainer. You can choose the option you prefer and need, adding to the versatility for all kinds of jobs. Autumn is action-packed with activity. Horsepower is going to help your implements in terms of rotary cutters, and mowers, and snowblowers, and those kinds of things. It’s a very, very small price jump and it’s going to get you that heavier category to the rear end. If you’re looking for a quality tractor to invest in, you might want to consider getting the Kubota MX5200. Although descriptions are believed to be correct, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Let’s try that one more time. That’s it! Own it For $425 /mth. All rights reserved. I’ll be showing you a comprehensive review of it. You're going to find when you line these guys up side-by-side that an L-Series is going to lift more than what a B-Series does, or is going to offer more horsepower, and you can always take baby steps forward, but you're going to find yourself typically creeping into a bigger, and bigger, and bigger machine and into one you may not necessarily need. From raking, rotary cutting, cleaning chicken houses, golf course maintenance, material handling, feeding animals, moving bales, arena grooming, hobby farming, finish mowing snow removal and more—the MX Series packs a big productive punch. First thing that you want to do when going through and comparing two machines is take one gigantic step backwards, and stop looking at all the numbers. What I do like about the MX5200 is that you’re able to have the option in what type of tractor you want. It also has the Land Pride 3-point quick hitch AND rear implements, making it even stronger. Nate '09 M7040 '05 RM990 '01 LP72 and any other implements I can bum. For Safety’s Sake: Don’t Take Drying Shortcuts wi... John Deere Celebrates the Resiliency of Farmers. This is a difficult comparison to do because these are two very misunderstood products in Kubota's product line. One thing that often confuses people when comparing the series tractors is that there's complete overlap in terms of the horsepowers that are offered. The MX though is going to give you some more simplistic options, this is four speeds down here on the floor between your legs, a little bit more old school, a forward and reverse shuttle and a range selector over there, and see how the eight forward speeds and eight revers speeds in this option. Offers valid only at participating dealers in Canada and are subject to change, cancellation or extension at any time without notice or obligation. |. With an affordable starting price and low operational maintenance, the MX Series is a tractor that gives you more power for your buck. |. Enjoy the easy get in-and-out advantage of the Open platform model, or you can choose the year-round comfort offered by the Cab model. Kubota B2650 Package Deals and MORE You Need to Know. From its ready performance down to the easy operation and power, you definitely get your money’s worth with this tractor. Take a walk here with me around these two machines, and we'll show you some of the things that make these tractors tick. Within the B-Series and the L-Series, there's multiple chassis sizes themselves. We are available at 800-222-3373 or online at messicks.com. “We offer two different model options, the 24.8 HP and 30.8 HP. When you compare similar models manufactured by Kubota and Massey Ferguson, you’ll find that Kubota tractors have a power advantage in some cases. a variety of reasons, including to recognize new and past website users, to customize GRAPEVINE, Texas (May 13, 2020) – Kubota Tractor Corporation today announced the availability of its LX Series, the newest addition to its compact tractor line.Bridging the gap between Kubota’s B and L Series compact tractors, the new LX Series was introduced in February at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, and will begin arriving at Kubota dealerships in early May. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. So the very first thing that we want to do when comparing two tractors, is to stop looking at the numbers and take one gigantic step backwards and talk through what your application is. Before I get into the full review of its specs and features, let’s first look into what the Kubota MX5200 is all about: This is actually a strong tractor with the ability to handle any type of job, having the following specs: •Type: CRS, direct injection, liquid cooled diesel, •Engine Horsepower: 54.7 HP (gross) and 51.5 HP (net), • Live independent, hydraulic PTO with own PTO brake and wet clutch. Typically, B-Series tractors are really geared towards landscape applications. Rather than letting this be solely a numbers game make it a game about your application. Watch the Video. And so when we're looking at horsepower we want to look at what do we need in order to operate the implements at hand. This right here is the larger of the B-Series tractors, today, that's the 50 series. “When it comes to deluxe features, this cab really has it all,” added Cockrell. Overall, it provides everything one needs and wants in terms of construction. I really love the fact that it has the excellent lift capacity of over 2,000 pounds, well enough to lift and carry just about anything. Kubota Grand L Series VS. Kubota MX Series. If you continue to experience problems locating a dealer, you can also contact us. We use these technologies for When we make this comparison here, if we have to generalize, say, for one type of customer to go one way over the other, it’s the guys with more utility oriented tasks that need that heavier category two rear end in the MX, here you go. If we're running rotor tillers, rotary cutters, snow blowers, PTO generators, these are all things that need a high rev powerful PTO in order to run them. I hope that this article on the Kubota MX5200 HST helped you out. The place when the tractor where you can really see that agricultural mind set is in the three point hitches. enter first name, Please Still hydrostatic with the paddle on the floor but without the electronic features that make it a little bit easier to operate, so there’s just some cost saving measures in order to hold the price of this tractor down. Merlo’s First Electric Telehandler Leading the Gre... Brandt Raises the Bar with New U-Trough Auger. MX4800HSTRC Implements: Backhoes, Loaders, MX5200HSTRC Implements: Backhoes, Loaders, MX5800HSTRC Implements: Backhoes, Loaders. The size of the drawbar and the size of the holes in the drawbar kind of indicate how big of an attachment this thing is made to pull around, if you look back here this is about a five eighths pin that you’d drop down through there for small wagons and those sorts of things, but if you go over to an MX over here you’ll notice a much, much larger drawbar with a much larger hole in it, better part about an inch or so. You can see that actually in the way that some of these things are laid out back here. Captcha code doesn't match. So this larger frame L-Series machine is offered in 25, 33, and 39 horsepower. To find an authorized Kubota dealer in your area, use our locator tool or call us at 888-4-KUBOTA (888-458-2682). The Kubota MX Series is a crossover between Kubota’s compact and utility segments. Standard L-Series does not have a mid PTO, so in this larger tractor no mid mower, no front snowblower, and again those are distinctions that are typically made between deluxe and standard tractors. A little bit more heavy duty axles and those kinds of things to support a little bit higher capacity tractor. This new series is a crossover between the Kubota B Series and Kubota L Series, providing the maneuverability of the B Series with the power and functionality of the L Series. Please fill in the fields below and one of our dealers will get back to you as quickly as possible. The new MX Series is not only affordable but also provides year round comfort with the new CAB or ROPS models. While the MX Series has been around for some time, new this year is a factory installed cab. The MX Series is equipped with 2WD or 4WD, gear-drive or HST transmission, 48-63.4 HP, LA1065 loader with a 2,200 lb lift capacity, customizable cab accessories, tight turning radius, as well as a category I and II 3-point hitch. But those distinctions there between a turf application tractor, and a utility application tractor is really important. That being said, if you find yourself at the upper end of the capacity of some of these tractors you just need that machine with a little bit more roll weight for a little bit more of a grunt, if you’re going to throw a motor behind this thing and kick it in gear for eight hours and go, hey, an MX is really worth looking at it in that regard. Once we move up into an L-Series machine, we're getting into more utilitarian type tasks. Take a quick walk around here with me and we’ll show you some of the differences between these two series. All tractors from the Kubota MX series have a Cat II 3-point hitch which is ready to use in any setting. ​*Dealer may sell for less. For faster cleaning, the radiator screen can be removed from either side of the tractor. This Series really encompasses comfort, quality and versatility,” said Cockrell. Please check your postal code or address for typos and try again.

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