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I would argue that Big Hit is also preparing for BTS’ hiatus with TXT’s debut earlier this year. On January 11, Cube Entertainment announced Minhyuk’s military enlistment date. Given this, promoting with missing members might work best to secure the group’s position. Nevertheless, while fans won't be able to see their idols perform on stage for a long time, two years can pass by quickly. ), TXT’s “Blue Hour” Is A Joyful Albeit Forgettable Escapade, TXT Deftly Explore the Highs and Lows of Being Young, NCT 2020’s “Resonance Pt. If you'd like to talk to me, my twitter is posted in the end of every article I make as well as above this post. In May 2019, Jisung released two albums before his enlistment to serve as a parting gift to fans and as a sign that they have to hold back to his music while they wait for his return. Another group that would benefit from entering the same year is BTS. This site uses cookies to guarantee its high functionality. Kpop Ships Even with Youngbin and Inseong gone, they still have main rapper Zuho and another main vocalist Rowoon, who don’t have to enlist until 2024, when Youngbin and Inseong are back. Chanhyuk enlisted on September 18 2017 in the Marine Corps and was discharged on May 29, 2019. The solo artist will also be back! Just wanted to let you know that 2PM’s Taecyeon and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun were both discharged meanwhile. Actor Jang Geun Suk quietly enlists into the military on July 16, 2018. Pat: We can first look to the past. Kim Min-Seok (Xiumin) is the eldest member of EXO and is the first to enlist in the military. Raehwan entered the 22nd Division in Geseong County, Gangwon Province on February 5, 2018. So… Leo PROBABLY won’t use that out, if it means his career stays safe. On December 21, Lee Gikwang’s name was listed on the Gyeonggi Southern District Police Agency list of successful candidates for their 363rd recruitment of conscripted policemen. Lee Jung suk will become an social worker, You guys got the wrong pic of Buffy. Minhyuk enlisted on February 7, 2019 and will serve as a conscripted policeman. Under the new rules, he has to enlist right after completing the project in 2021. His discharge date is November 11, 2019. If all four Korean members were to enter in 2022, there’d only be 18 months without a complete Got7 promotion. : K-pop and the Aesthetics of the American West Collide, Reflections of a K-pop Fan in Early 2010s London, For Your Viewing Pleasure: Winter Glamour, The SB Mixtape, 10/29/2020: Something Witchy This Way Comes, For Your Viewing Pleasure: Geometric Balance, I-Land Ep. But between these years, changes have happened. Kpop Group of the Week (1st Week of November 2020). In 2018 the South Korea Prime Minister Lee Nak-yeon praised Taecyeon’s efforts to enlist during his congratulatory speech at the 15th Exemplary Military Servicemen Awards. Damn! Kpop Facts The actor entered the training center in Gangwon Province to receive basic training before being assigned to his unit. JYP debuted 2PM in 2008 and Got7 in 2013. For the second approach, where all members enter in the same year, there’s Got7. Amongst other factors, strategies capitalizing on the power of social media aided the process. The 2PM members sent Chansung off to his military enlistment. I’ve noticed that international fans transfer their affections to new groups more commonly. I’ve heard that Jin from BTS will enlist this year for his mandatory military service…. Before leaving he had a farewell diner with his ’91-line friends. But he’s a healthy young male idol. Wooyoung was seen off by his family and members at the training center of the 21st Infantry Division on July 9, 2018. Here is a list of Actors and K-pop Idols enlisted into the military with their release dates and future enlistments. On March 4, 2019, Key enlisted into the military. Shinhwa followed the usual route. His discharge date is May 7, 2019. Poll: Who owned TREASURE’s I LOVE YOU era. Soo Hyun started his service as a social worker on August 10, 2017. as quietly as possible. To continue establishing Monsta X’s presence, they could promote as a group without Shownu — he’s a great dancer, but the rest are competent too. By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies. Taecyeon  was discharged on May 16, 2019. The international reach of K-pop really kicked off in 2009, catalyzed by hits like SNSD’s “Gee”, Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”, 2PM’s “Again and Again”, and monster rookie debuts like 2NE1. It is rumored that they will have a major comeback in December or early 2021 before Taemin's enlistment. This includes members in early third-generation groups (2009 debuts) like Highlight and Infinite, whose impending enlistments were expected, but also younger third-gen groups (2012 debuts) like VIXX, BtoB, and Exo. We could apply the first approach with Exo. The law changed at the end of last year they only have to enlist for 18 months now, exo’s d.o. As many of you may know, South Korea requires all of their males to enlist into mandatory military duty between the ages of 18 through 35. The eldest member of EXO will be discharged this year as well! His co-members Taemin and Minho accompanied him, and bid his goodbye to fans through his Instagram account. He got discharged from the military on November 10th, 2019. Poll: Who are the funniest members of BTOB? This isn’t necessarily the case for the current crop of male groups. On January 28, representatives of Highlight announced his official enlistment date to be April 18, 2019. The Hallyu industry has an inherent brake in its system: mandatory military enlistment for all able-bodied men aged 18–35. Kyuhyun began his mandatory military service on May 25, 2017 as a social service worker. Aside from Xiumin and D.O, the elder members — Suho, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol — could enter this year, and the younger two — Kai and Sehun — next year. 1-8: Broadening the Spectrum between Good and Evil, Record of Youth: An Exploration of Individual Growth, K-dramas at the End of the World (Part 2), Yeehaw! In response to the changing composition of their fandoms, younger third-gen groups began marketing more aggressively outside of the traditional Korean and Japanese markets. Brave Entertainment announced on February 24, that Baram would enlist on February 27, 2017 to receive basic military training for four weeks. The second option is to bite the bullet and allow all the members to enlist together, shortening the hiatus to two years. Jun.K enlisted on May 8, 2018. When members start enlisting, it will be a sudden brake in group activities. Kpop Quizzes He was discharged on July 18, 2019. But their advantages include more members, and many competent vocalists and rappers spread over different ages. Minho will be the third member to be discharged. I think it’s only natural we also wonder how a company should handle the groups during the enlistment and after. He entered the training center of the 27th Infantry Division in Hwacheon Country of Gangwon Province on August 21, 2018. Announcements about Jaehyo enlisting came as early as the 4th of December. As a parting gift he leaves fans with a new single. BTS are different from previously mentioned groups — they have been promoted as a group, not as a group with the potential for sub-units. Rather than waiting for his draft notice, actor Lee Hyun Woo voluntarily enlisted into the military on February 19, 2018. His discharge date is set to July 15, 2020. Salute! For most, the first member entering would signal a hiatus of group activities. This can spell doom even for popular idol groups. All groups are competing to become popular, as popularity will lead to more CF deals, album and digital sales, and other TV appearances. Of course, whether these alternatives work really boils down to the specifics of each group: where they are at in their career, the members’ age gaps, and their competencies and niches. Choi Minho is the 3rd member of SHINee to enlist into the military. They also have a huge age gap: leader Youngbin and main vocalist Inseong have to enlist by 2021, but maknae Chani isn’t due to be drafted until 2028. Qing: That’s a good observation about the differences in Korean and international fan culture. © Copyright 2017 Hyun Woo stated on his enlistment day that he was not worried and was really excited for some reason. Why will some idols finish their military service in a shorter period? The singer enlisted on January 24, 2019 as a conscripted policeman after undergoing basic training. After five days of basic public service training,  Geun Suk moved on to work as a public service worker. Buffy announced that he would be enlisting into the military on November 20, 2017 through Madtown‘s fan cafe as well as announcing his departure from the group. Without further ado, here are the K-pop idols who will finally be discharged from the military this year. Pat: Let’s play devil’s advocate and apply these to some upcoming groups that will start enlistments. Poll: Who is the most handsome DRUMMER in Korea (TOP10)? Poll: Which Songs in October 2020 were your Favorites? Grades 1 through 4 can serve. On May 14th, after releasing 2 albums as a soloist, Yoon Jisung enlisted into the military as an active duty soldier. The decision is likely made with his acting career in mind. It’s also unfortunate that all of their main vocalists, especially Kihyun who is crucial to their sound, have to enlist by the same year (2021). The negative connotations of being multi-fandom have since dissipated, but given how much time, money, and effort is invested in domestic fan activity, Korean fans usually keep to one group. The group will finally be complete in November. Shinee’s leader, Onew was seen off by his band members on December 10, 2018. Doojoon enlisted on August 24, 2018 and was assigned to the 12th Infantry Division’s military police department at Inje county in Gangwon province. Not much has been stated about Kim Soo Hyun’s activities in the military. It may have to do with different ways of engaging in fan activity. Eunwang is the first member of BTOB to enlist in the military. Doesn’t T.O.P. There are two alternatives to this drawn-out enlistment plan. That would give them three years between full group activities. Back in December of 2010, JYP announced that Taecyeon was giving up his American permanent residence visa that he acquired at the age of 10 when his family immigrated to the states. Last week, Exo’s D.O. The male idol entered the military as an active-duty soldier in January 2019. Usually, the eldest member enters the required year and the rest follow as required, presumingly to extend promoting. He originally applied as a police officer but did not pass and was enlisted as an active duty solider. I’M enlisted in the military on March 12, 2018. Actor Dong Ha enlisted into the military on May 1, 2018. He received Grade 1 from his physical examination and enlisted as an active duty soldier. TVXQ and Super Junior are the same age range, Exo debuted in 2012, and NCT in 2016. However, K-pop idols are excluded from this exemption. And yet, like you’ve pointed out, this is a double-edged sword when we factor in enlistments. He serve as a public service worker. “Hwarang” actor Jo Soon Woo broke the news to fans about enlisting on June 19, 2018. The final member of CNBLUE enlisted on August 7, 2018, due to personal wishes, FNC Entertainment did not disclose information and the whereabouts from entering. In 2018, the maximum age that military service can be deferred for non-medical reasons was reduced from 30 to 28 (international age). Taeyang joined the military on March 12, 2018, undergoing his five-week training then got assigned to a unit in the army. Taecyeon enlisted in the military on September 4, 2017 as an active soldier. Back in October Around Us Entertainment announced Yoseob enlistment plans. Monsta X have found a unique sound and image, but they are still on the rise as leader Shownu’s 2020 enlistment closes in. His military service is scheduled to start July 1, 2019 and should last until January 25, 2021. Kpop Boy Group Profiles The first is to divide the enlistments into batches, allowing younger members to promote as sub-units while the older members serve, and have the older members form sub-units when discharged, while younger members enlist. It says that G.Soul “later changed his [mine] to enlist as an active-duty solder.” ‘Mine’ should be changed to ‘mind.’.

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