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KNG’s character is obviously the heartthrob of Shark! If what I commit, whether it’s my time or my effort, gives someone else hope, it’s worth it to me. Despite displaying inaccurate portrayal of the actual historical figures. In 2010, Kim Nam Gil played the lead role in Bad Guy, a dark melodrama about revenge. He just stated them as his ideal women. I saw so much desperation and poverty, and I was overwhelmed with the desire to help. Why? Kim Nam Gil’s Bidam, won the heart of millions and the drama crew had no choice but to respond to the viewers' earnest requests and give the character more screen time emphasizing his romance with the titular Seondeok (despite the incredible historical inaccuracy). You will be entirely captivated by the dark-eyed grace, gentleness, and menace of Nam Gil in this complex role. Hence, resulting in a messy ending because KNG’s scenes were reduced even though he shot as much as he could. :). His experience from “Portrait of a Beauty” would reap benefits later when he would act in the historical MBC drama “The Great Queen Seondeok.” Although Kim Gyu-Ri garnered most of the attention for “Portrait of a Beauty,” Nam-Gil’s strong performance did not go unnoticed. Some of the pictures from Kim Nam Gil's Asian fan page on Facebook. (the most important question, I know!). Their chemistry was very much electrifying as many of the greatest hero/villain rivalries of literature and TV. She is a person who combines both beauty and intense charisma. His portrayal of Bidam won him several awards, gained him more local and international fans, and flooded him with film and TV scripts proposals. When it comes to acting through facial expressions and even without many dialogues it’s always KNG who leaves me breathless. Kim Nam-Gil played the homosexual character Song Jae-min in “No Regret”. Kim Nam Gil as Kang Jae-Hyeok was flawless as always and as I’ve said in my review for the movie he moved the whole theater hall into tears. $1 Million. '', ''If the camera starts rolling he turns into someone else. During the years following 2005, he took more supporting leads (My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, Goodbye Solo, Lovers and so on). He has an excellent sense of concentration and gets the other actors so well. The format and structure of the stalker guide are credited to me @Marooya. KstarWiki is a leading news source for the latest K-pop news, photos, videos. I read that he was supposed to be filming The Shameless after it and the title of the movie intrigued me. I have yet to see another actor capable of such deep expressive features. '', ''Kim Nam Gil does a great deal of research before shooting anything. It is not a romantic drama and certainly not a drama you’d watch for the romance, which is why the revenge element is executed very well with no distractions. His other favorite actor is actress Kim Hye-Su, whom Kim Nam-Gil worked with in “Modern Boy.” Kim Hye-Su often gave advice on how to act and think as an actor, while filming “Modern Boy.” Kim Nam-Gil has also stated that his ideal woman type is someone like Lee Yo-Won and how she she takes care of her baby. This drama aired in 2013, and it was the last drama that Kim Nam Gil starred in (so watch it wisely!). Profile. Last but not least, Wikipedia. It was one of his more light-hearted projects and he definitely proved that he still has a knack for comedy, despite all his dark roles. What am I doing here, am I really trying to sell this drama to you? His immediate family consists of his parents and one brother. The production, the direction, and acting (stellar cast) all in all were well made and presented. '', ''He is just such a great actor to star with so when we went to shoot on location in Japan, I went to watch his scenes even if I had none. Actors Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin's acting attracted a lot of attention in The Pirates movie. In 2008, he started working with his real name and got attention in the following movies Public Enemy Returns, Modern Boy and Portrait of a Beauty. Later in 2008, Nam-Gil received his first leading role in a major commercial film – “Portrait of a Beauty.” This was also the first time Nam-Gil acted in a historical film. Instead, Kim Nam-Gil took more supporting roles in television dramas and commercial films. In Asia, I like Tony Leung as his eyes look very charming. I hope the number of episodes doesn’t put you off. Kim Nam Gil. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. “Kim Nam Gil is best at roles that make him more active! A person in charge of the OST for “King of Ambition” then suggested to add the track on their OST. Making Bidam one of the leading characters and one of the two leading men in QSD along with Kim Yushin (played by Uhm Tae Woong). See more ideas about Kim, Korean actors, Actors. His immediate family consists of his parents and one brother. – Kim Nam Gil. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. This site only exists to entertain Internet users. Kim Nam-Gil started his mandatory 2 year military service on July 15th, 2010. He eventually dropped out of college and did not complete his studies. During this time, Nam-Gil researched his character by observing comic book characters like Han Bi Kwang from “Yeol Hyeol Kang Ho”, Musashi Miyamoto from “Vegabond” and Kang Baek Ho from “Slam Dunk.” His research did prove successful as the drama series “The Great Queen Seondeok” became the most watched drama series of 2009, regularly receiving ratings in excess of 40%. It is so easy to fall completely head over heels for him. He eventually dropped out of college and did not complete his studies. Kim Nam-Gil, who had to perform a Gyeongsang dialect in the film, said, "Seoul is my hometown, so I was worried about the Gyeongsang dialect", "My teacher stayed beside me and helped, I also had to travel to many places like Busan with Kim Joo Hyun to practice my Gyeongsang dialect and it has helped me improve", "I used to always play the cold characters, but in this movie, Jae Hyeok is the closest character I've done to my original self". If someone mentions facial expressions, the first name that pops in my head is his name. But believe it or not, for me, Shark is one of the best revenge melo I have ever seen K-industry produce, 2nd in place after The Devil. KNG also got chosen as the comeback man for his leading lady (Lee Yo Won), based on people's choice. Nam-gil Kim's measurements his size and weight: Size: 6.04 Feets; ... Nam-gil Kim was born on mars 13, 1981 in Seoul (South Korea) is a actor. How brilliant is that? Shark and Chagall’s painting “Orpheus” are both the two center allegories of the story. Only to lose her at the end because he looks back before they’ve both reached the upper world. I wondered what the scenario was about, so when it was offered to me and I read it I found that it is actually my kind of movie. Although the film “No Regret” received high praise from movie critics & film festivals, it failed to boost Kim Nam-Gil’s popularity or lead to immediate stardom. Kim Nam Gil has a unique, special way of acting with his eyes and facial expressions. Zodiac sign: Pisces. Contact Us. Prior to the release of the 2008 film “Public Enemy Returns,” Kim Nam-Gil stopped using his stage name “Lee Han” and reverted back to his birth name. Height: 1.84 m. This is my first stalker guide and the reason I decided to write one is obviously because of how much love I have for this man and I can’t believe that he doesn't have any stalker guide yet. Kim starred in, yet again, a revenge TV series; Shark (aka Don't Look Back). For those of you who don’t know him but will hopefully get to know him after reading this… I apologize in advance because he is, to this moment, absent from dramaland. The power play between two very intelligent women Deokman (, 15 Films I Would Recommend In a Heartbeat (Part I). Okay, moving on. Song is written by singer Park Sun-Joo and first given to Kim Nam-Gil to perform at his December, 2012 fan meeting. It was also praised by foreign buyers as "the most entertaining and publicly appealing piece of Korean movies in Korean market this year (2014).". ''Kim Nam Gil looking through the screen is the best, I think Kim Nam Gil is probably the best actor in Asia. He is best known from leading roles in disaster blockbuster Pandora; crime thriller The Shameless; adventure film The Pirates and period drama Portrait of a Beauty. At that time, it is noteworthy to mention that he worked under a stage name he chose for himself, Lee Han. I’m a revenge theme sucker, I have watched almost everything the K-industry has to offer in terms of “revenge” but Bad Guy still remains memorable to me despite the flaws because of Kim Nam Gil. Five years later, Nam-Gil would win the 31st audition for MBC Television. His immediate family consists of his parents and one brother. The song will be released January 14, 2013 to coincide with the airing of ep.1 of “King of Ambition”. For those of you who know and love this man already, I hope this article mends your heart since he has decided to break it with his dramaland absence. Most of the images used on this blog, were collected online, but copyright is reserved for photographers or models. Have you always wanted to watch a show with both a protagonist and antagonist portrayed as strong female characters? The core theme is women's rights in a male-dominated world, which I think is the most appealing theme of this show. Collections of some of the wonderful praises from people who worked with Kim Nam Gil (makes me really proud of my chocolate man). ''I know that I’m in a very privileged and blessed position, and I think it’s my responsibility to share what I have with people who don’t have much. ( Log Out /  The Shameless is about a homicide detective who falls in love with a mob enforcer's girlfriend while trying to track him down.

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