juveniles should not be tried as adults essay

They have suffered a great lost. You can get your custom paper from ", Free essay sample on the given topic "Fahrenheit 451. Juvenile crime has been a problem throughout history. Scared of getting caught…” (41-43). In the U. Whether to try juveniles as adults or as minors has elicited heightened controversy. In adult penitentiaries, on projection, a minor is five times more likely to suffer sexual assault and rape than in juvenile holding. Arguably, the rate of crime activities carried out by teens is tremendously increasing. In conclusion, juvenile criminals such as murderers, rapists, and violent individuals, should be tried as adults and receive serious punishments. Argumentative Essay, Topic: Let 's say a child around the age of twelve is playing with two other friends at his … Moreover, most of them commit criminal acts because of mischievousness as opposed to intent. Argumentative Essay In particular, the kind of surroundings a child grows in determines their understanding of right from wrong and guides them in either deviating or engaging in moral or immoral actions. The creation of the juvenile system aimed at providing rehabilitation services for minor offenders who commit crimes such as vandalism, stealing and shoplifting among others and according to Forensic Psychologist Andrew Day, it works. He decided to take the risk and go to trial (Steinberg). One of the main questions that it always boils down to is “should juveniles be tried as adults?” in my opinion juveniles should not be tried as adults because of their age. They, Question: Should juvenile offenders be tried and punished as adults? Laurence Steinberg works as an adolescent psychologist and he told Inside Edition in 2018 that it is rare to have juveniles tried as adults. In the last decade, virtually every state has made it much easier to try juveniles as adults. Print. Juvenile offenders are not as cognitively developed or mature as adults and, therefore, should not be held accountable for their crimes in the same way adults are. All this for little or no payoff: Increased transfer has never been shown to reduce juvenile crime. Nearly everyone from politicians, lawyers to judges express their opinions on the issue, and because everyone is controversially concerned there is no realistic conclusion that has been reached. Juveniles and adults have their own and separate systems now. When we consign our youth to the adult system, we are throwing away even that glimmer. your own paper. Risks to Children’s Health Second, sociological studies allude that an individual’s environment plays a vital role in shaping their mental, physical and physiological well-being. Teens tried as adults commit more crimes when released; their educational and employment prospects are markedly worse, creating opportunity and incentive for more crime; they bear a lifelong, potentially debilitating stigma. WowEssays. This implies that it will be extremely unfair to try juvenile as adults because adults commit crime knowing the consequences. As people, they are still active works in progress. The trial phase of a juvenile case is an adjudication hearing. III. (Essay Sample), Role Of Technology In Economic Development (Essay Sample), American Psycho (An Analysis Essay Sample), Teamwork And Collaboration In Nursing (Essay Sample), Magical Realism In Literature (Essay Sample). We also need to keep in mind that kids will be more willing to that they know they won’t have consequences for. Free essay sample on the given topic "Franco Russian Alliance. Under age crime has got out of control!Juveniles are becoming more violent as the days go on. Type of paper: Personal Statement On Pharmaceutical Studies, College Application Essay Writing Services. But when we punish them as adults, we change those odds. Use our samples but remember about PLAGIARISM! Families of the rape, murder and violence victims watch as the law shield perpetrators of their loss and horror with leniency eliciting a feeling of lack of justice. According to the report, in fifteen states, eighty-two percent of juveniles released from prisons were re-arrested (Scialabba, 2016). Statistics has shown that during the 1990s more than 107,000 children were put into prison and only a quarter was a violent offence(Green Par 2). Thus, the cycle of violence continues. The correctional system that juvenile offenders are subjected should lead to a fair administration of justice.

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