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", "Milla Jovocich talks Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, ending the franchise", "Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City's Multiplayer Woes", "Resident Evil: Genesis Review: Return to the outskirts of Raccoon City on your mobile phone", "Resident Evil Mercenaries VS iPhone Review", "Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Special Edition", "The 58 Playable Characters In Project X Zone 2", "25 clever character cameos you may have missed", "Capcom Characters Come Together in the Ultimate Card Battle 'Teppen, "Conquer the looming fear! Still weak from the fighting, Valentine stayed behind and had the two continue on. Status: RE1 (1996) uniform in the first game, Jill wears a casual outfit consisting of jeans and a black shirt. [42] Patricia Ja Lee provided the voice and motion capture for both The Umbrella Chronicles and Resident Evil 5. [48][49][50][51][52][53][54] Anyway, in all accounts, Valentine eliminated Nemesis soon after discovering that Raccoon City was doomed to destruction. Zombies, Nemesis, and Albert uniform, she is not seen wearing a beret. Jill took her speed boat to the cave leading to the underground facility and went to report to Wesker and Gionne. As with most recent Resident Evil games, the upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake is leveraging the likeness of a real-world model for protagonist Jill Valentine – and star Sasha Zotova has been confirmed as the face of the iconic STARS operative. Umbrella quickly declined and was shut down. While searching for escape routes through the streets of Raccoon City's uptown district, she met Alpha team's pilot Brad Vickers in Bar Black Jack, who had been bitten by a zombie in front of her. Think: where would we be today if not for, Sources for Atsuko Yuya providing the voice of Jill Valentine in Japanese versions of the, Sources for Jill Valentine appearing in numerous, Sources for Valentine appearing in numerous. T-A.L.O.S. Jill took shelter inside the clock tower while running away from the Nemesis and saw Carlos, who had also survived. While the two escaped, the agents saw where they were going on the documents Irving was guarding: an oil field in the marshlands. He reaches for his remote to administer more of the P30 chemical into her body. Her disguise over the battle suit in Kijuju includes a long cloak and a beak-shaped mask. [6] Set in 2006, the Lost in Nightmares DLC showed Valentine and Redfield searching inside a mansion for Umbrella's founder; to save Redfield from Wesker, Valentine tackled the latter through a window. He kept Jill alive solely to produce antibodies for his research. Following the battle, they were given one more mission, to retrieve evidence incriminating the FBC within Queen Dido's wreckage. Jill also appears in the UMVC3 opening sequence, fighting against She-Hulk. [7][55] Working with partner Barry Burton, she discovers the property is a façade for a biological warfare laboratory operated by the Umbrella Corporation and its undead occupants are the scientists who developed the T-virus mutagen. Redfield went ahead and travelled to Europe by himself by the end of August, while Burton went to Canada to relocate his family. She is also a downloadable character for Marvel vs. Capcom 3, along with Shuma-Gorath. Jill believes that Chris is the only one with a chance Chris objects, but then Jill asks him if he trusts his partner. Mass: Shortly after being reactivated, the t-Virus completely disappeared from her body, but left something else in its place. Chris, Barry, and Sheva so many disagrees, when i think of Jill i think of the actress who played her in the cutscenes of the original game. RE5 Starting from the Summer of 2008, the Ndipaya tribe were implanted with Type 3 Plagas as test subjects, and by the start of 2009 people within the city of Kijuju itself were made hosts of the Type 2, having been purchased by rebels who sought to use them as a recruiting tool for an insurrection. I don't get the hate. no complaints tho, cant wait for the game, yeah that kinda ruined the nostalgia for me so i think ill pass on this , Think i got used to Sienna Guillory being her in the movies i guess. Jill and Barry would go on to become involved in various anti-Umbrella groups and activities until Umbrella's closure.

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