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Gender Role Limitations in Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre While on the other hand, injustices, such as its rigid social class structure, mistreatment of the poor, and strict gender roles. Throughout the novel, Jane feels trapped by numerous social institutions, and the expectations she lists embody the ways in which gender roles forge such a cage for her. She has her own ideas of autonomy and gender inequality. A female’s primary goal was to discover a husband and calm down. Go over the significance of gender in Bronte’s representation of the kid characters in Jane Eyre. Charlotte Bronte’s novel Jane Eyre incorporates vibrant descriptions of nature and weather, which intertwine literally and metaphorically throughout the novel to reflect the protagonist’s state of mind. Brocklehurst believes that all girls are intrinsically born indulgent and that they want the luxuries of life that only men can offer them and thus aims to humble the girls of Lowood through food deprivation and the cutting of their hair, i.e., taking away their femininity. He only takes a liking for her due to her social status and later tells Jane that he only spoke of her to be of assurance that she truly liked him. Want us to write one just for you? Women have been depicted as “natural desires”, “the lower sex”, “bossy”, “innocent”, “passive”, “sexual objects”, but never or not too often as “strong”, “powerful”, or “the equal sex”. “I am not deceitful: if I were, I should say I loved you; but I declare I do not love you: I dislike you the worst of anybody in the world except John Reed; and this book about the liar, you may give to your girl, Georgiana, for it is she who tells lies, not I” (Bronte, 1847). The story displays the prominent theme of all Victorian novels, while Bronte adds her own twist, making it interesting and insightful. 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Jane’s behavior is unheard of for women at this time, yet demands some respect. BEYOND ORPHAN-HOOD: the Girl Child’s Journey in Charlotte Bronte’s ‘Jane Eyre’. (Hesse, 2013, 1) Helen Burns is a girl who suffers greatly from the wrath of Mr Brocklehurst and Mrs Scatcherd. Mrs Fairfax is the authority of Lowood when Mr Brocklehurst isn’t around. In the book Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, the characters and their personalities are put in a lot of thought to; every character is meant to either compare or contrast to the protagonist. Jane has an uphill battle to become independent and recognized for her personal qualities. Furthermore, the people of the household work together with each attending to their equal, if differing, tasks. The history of Christianity is full of male martyrs who upon death are given hero status. Gender is a set of practices, behaviors, and expectations we have of men and women which are not ‘natural’ but socially constructed.” From young ages, little boys are told to be a man, be strong and, be confident. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Upon meeting her master, Mr. Rochester, Jane is quick to fall for him. From an incredibly young age, Jane herself, like many others of her time, had a subordinate role imposed upon her on the basis of her girlhood. ‘ said my reason, forced by the agonizing stimulus into precocious though transitory power; and Resolve, equally wrought up, instigated some strange expedient to achieve escape from insupportable oppression- as running away, or, if that could not be effected, never eating or drinking more, and letting myself die” (Bronte 21 ). Charlotte Bronte, who lived during the Victorian Era, wrote about the society’s injustices in her novels Jane Eyre, Shirley, and The Professor. Instead of directly confronting Blanche and Jane about his feelings, he creates a complex scheme in which he presents himself as a fortune teller in order to disguisedly tell Blanche the unlikelihood of their marriage. Gender Roles in Jane Eyre. Her death is beautiful, and shows a deep, sophisticated insight into what it meant to be a good Christian in the early 1800’s. This essay is to explore and appreciate the spirits of feminism reflected in this novel Jane Eyre, whose author took the lead in the campaign of feminism. She has been an orphan from a young age and as a lowly born, orphan female, she has faced oppression all her life. Whether they love or hate Jane, they all represent either aspects of Jane or contrasts to her upbringing, and I’ll explore how do the chosen woman do so in the progression of the book. She treats them badly as a result. Charlotte Brontë used literature as a means of feminist cultural resistance by identifying the underlying factors of how the Victorian ideologies, gender and social construction of that time was limiting, and brings to light barriers that faced women in, Ladan Abdullahi It also is the setting stone for how women are made inferior, and that they do not deserve any more respect than a child does. Jane does possess an admirable education which grants her a governess position at Thornfield. Women, Power, & Time She is a powerful woman, a person Jane can look up to. Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre features the eponymous woman reflecting on her childhood and adolescence through the mature view of a young adult. Pssst… Home — Essay Samples — Literature — Jane Eyre — Gender Question in Bronte’s Novel. In a time when females were still expected to fulfill their “womanly duties,” Charlotte Bronte wrote a novel dealing with a woman’s view on morality & sexuality, passion & sensibility, and conformity & insanity, among other themes. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? She still, nevertheless, retains her independent spirit, and is by no means untroubled by the expectations placed upon her based on her womanhood. They resemble civilization as they remain loyal to Ralph throughout most of the novel. Whether it be […], “All your home comes from me, or will perform in a couple of years”. This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers. guide PDFs and quizzes, 10452 literature essays, If you’d like this or any other sample, we’ll happily email it to you. The aim of this research is to explore gender issues reflected in Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Bronte. She does not allow herself to be forced into a position because of her gender, but she also does not refuse to perform activities simply on account of them fulfilling stereotypes.This attitude, though, serves as a critique of society which was relatively radical for Brontë’s time. one that debases women and their abilities, to, Charlotte Bronte’s novel Jane Eyre incorporates vibrant descriptions of nature and weather, which intertwine literally and metaphorically throughout the novel to reflect the protagonist’s state of mind. ? Charlotte Brontë used literature as a means of feminist cultural resistance by identifying the underlying factors of how the Victorian ideologies, gender and social construction of that time was limiting, and brings to light barriers that faced women in. Go over the significance of gender in Bronte’s representation of the kid characters in Jane Eyre. this essay is not unique. guide PDFs and quizzes, 10532 literature essays, So strong is his sense of self importance that he never feels as though he is on the losing end of an argument. One major injustice, In modern society, men and women share more equality, however sexual discrimination played a larger part in the perceived role of women in the Victorian Era as seen in Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë , and through Jane’s devout passion and defying the normalities and expectations for women of this era, the concept of feminism is portrayed through Jane caused by the manipulation of the patriarchy through the significant men seen in this book. The nineteenth century Victorian era woman needed wealth or position to avoid a life of drudgery. Mr Rochester consistently overlooks Jane’s perspective and desires – for example, when he insists on giving Jane jewels despite her opposition to the concept. In a society so rigidly ranked by sex, Jane’s perspective as an independent-thinking young woman serves as Brontë’s protest of this system. Furthermore, St. John’s resort to an attack on Jane’s femininity shows that a not insignificant part of his momentary resentment of Jane is based in misogyny. This website uses cookies to provide you with the best browsing experience. (Creelman, 2005) Bronte uses her to show the gender conflict at the time of her writing and also as a way in which to progress Jane’s character. A gender role is what society makes believe of what a female or a male should be like. Charlotte Brontë, a 19th century Victorian feminist wrote her novel Jane Eyre as a means of exposing the confining environments, shameful lack of education, and pitiful dependence upon male relatives for survival (Brackett, 2000). What are gender roles? Bronte’s character portrayal, regarding the gender roles fits the expectations of Victorian times, while bending them as the story continues. Are You on a Short Deadline? March 23, 2011 satirical. Little was made of a lady’s profession options or opportunities as it was thought about daft to believe a low born lady could mature to be anything more than a governess. In the beginning, both Jane and Rochester fit the mold of how the typical man and woman lived. 954 Words4 Pages. Furthermore, Bronte’s meticulous description of everyday objects and experiences provide a world that is both real and tangible to the reader. This contradiction refers, in large, to the constraints imposed on the female gender. This opinion ENG 396 Through my research study of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre, I was quick to discover that the novel is a product of its time, however likewise depicts revolutionary ideas about female autonomy … There are three parts in the process of demonstration. They were not permitted to develop nor expected to, and even venturing out on their own was considered inappropriate. During the era in which Jane Eyre was published the home and family were seen as the basic unit of stability in society. As a female, starting from merely nothing and earning an eductional position at Thornfield was unlikely to be achieved, but Jane defies this assumption. Other examples of this include Miss Temple and Helen Burns. […]. (Capes, 2013, 1). The novel Jane Eyre is Charlotte Bronte’s response to the injustices of the Victorian Era. Glassmeyer Whereas Jane Eyre is an exploration of social class and gender relations in the Victorian era, W.H Auden’s war time poetry of the 1930’s shows his political and social moral issues with society and Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers is a portrayal of the 1980’s recession, am ironic pun at the Thatcher government and the hardships at which the lower working classes suffered. He is not of your order: keep to your caste; and be too self respecting to lavish the love of the whole heart, soul, and strength, where such a gift is not wanted and would be despised” (Bronte 218).

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