is a 12x24 pool big enough

Contact To keep a little bit of landscaping around your backyard pool, then you will have to minimize the swimming pool size you select accordingly. According to the above example, a heat pump size of at least 108,000 BTUs or more would be a good choice. This is one of the most important questions you can ask. Kids? Terms & Conditions | Website Design by IMPACT. The size of your family and friends circle should absolutely play a part when weighing the size of the pool you get. Most people who hang out at a pool never actually take a full dip. Don’t forget that ever so important patio space as you’ll want decking all the way around the perimeter of your pool.Next, the most vast non-physical restraint- cost. Let’s cover physical restraints first. When Should You Buy a Semi-Inground Pool Instead? Consumers should verify specifications with the installing dealer rather than relying on information on this website, which is not intended to be a final specification. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(4779281, '8af6d94c-3bfc-4f56-8e22-89747933f30b', {}); © 2019 Royal Swimming Pools Inc. All Rights Reserved. How much space is readily available in your backyard? Whether you just want a pool for therapy or working out, or if the pool is mostly for the children, or it will be part of the backyard features and overall landscape or some other factors, they will all impact your preferred swimming pool size. This will include the number of people in your home, who will be using your pool, and whether you want a small pool for relaxation or you’re a serious lap swimmer. Your swimming pool size depends on your own personal circumstances. Did you see your kids learning how to swim & splashing about in a shallow end until they’re old enough for you to school in water volleyball? We’ll be glad to help you choose the right swimming pool size to suit your needs; please contact us to discuss your needs. Before deciding on which swimming pool size you want, it is important to talk to one of our informed and skilled pool designers. Are there landscaping features that you want to keep? Remember, it's rare that more than 50% of any group is in the pool swimming at one time during an event such as a party or family gathering. L-shaped pools are used to separate deep parts of pools with their discrete nook. Who are the pool's main users? Laps and/or gentle exercises are perfect for both athletes and more seasoned swimmers. Yeah that is pretty small, they should opt for at least a longer pool. Like with the patio, you need to figure out your overall size restraints ahead of time.  |, Patio and Coping A pool with multiple depths permits you to balance different priorities. To figure the size of a pool plus its deck, add 8 feet each to a pool's width and its length. would I like to fit on the patio or in the yard. Will our family change size in the coming years? If so, your pool will either have to be sized accordingly or be shaped to go around that feature. Read More: Small Inground Pools: Sizes, Shapes, Cost, Pros, & Cons. The bulk of their time is spent on the patio. Only Adults? I've had dads with 1 or 2 kids tell me, "I want a really big pool.". Great! Other common outdoor entertaining choices, such as water features as well as a grilling area to improve the beauty of your pool might also limit the available swimming area. Tether systems allow any pool to be a lap pool. This will ensure you have many fun-filled summers ahead. "River Pools" is a service mark of River Pools and Spas, Inc. and River Pools Fiberglass, LLC. Some homeowners simply want to get the smallest or the largest pool possible. While your pool can ultimately be as big as your yard and budget allows, there are a few keys points you’ll want to go over to ensure that the space created meets all of your goals. What Swimming Pool Size will be Big Enough for My Family? I speak with pool shoppers in Virginia and Maryland, as well as across the country. I don't believe the pool is leaking, but there is always sediment on the bottom and even when the water looks clear, the second I jump in the pool becomes cloudy. What dream brought you to the decision of owning your own pool? Start with your vision: how do you see backyard when thinking about your new pool? Start with your vision: how do you see backyard when thinking about your new pool? how much decking do I need around my pool? DESIGN YOUR DREAM POOL TODAY. How often will they likely use the pool? How much space is the pool taking up and is there room left over for anything else, say for your patio or other outdoor features you’d like to incorporate down the line? What swimming pool size should you have? How Much Does An Above Ground Pool Cost to Build? If you have a diving board or waterslide, you’re pool will have to reach a certain minimum length, therefore, may have to meet size laws to ensure safety. We have been in the pool construction industry for years, and we have assisted so many clients throughout Houston, TX, to choose the right swimming pools for their homes.  |  The BIG kahuna of pool questions: what size? You need to think about your family’s size, which includes the likelihood of future growth. There is also a sand-like substance on the filters (cartridge filters). Even if your backyard is small, you may want to use most of the outdoor space for the pool. I hesitate to emphasize this question because I've seen customers make some silly decisions based on having one or two large events at their home each year. My partner Jason wrote a great blog article about this. Free Shipping on Qualifying Orders over $99 - Get Details. What are the pool's setbacks off the house and property lines? Fast and easy online application. The fact is that although kids might say they want a big pool, most of them will end up using a 25-ft.-long pool as much as they would use a 35-ft. pool. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(42700, 'a5259708-562e-4a57-a48d-f522e39052a6', {}); What Are the Best Fiberglass Pool Shapes? How often do we plan on entertaining? Keep in mind that these sizes are based on rectangles, and any shapes you consider would be the shape as it would exist within the constraints of that rectangle. Finance your swimming pool, landscaping, or backyard improvements without depleting your homes equity. I understand being 12ft narrow, because they may not have the room but 24 feet isnt worth it. As I mentioned at the start of this article, the whole point of asking yourself such questions is so that you don't have any regrets down the road about the decisions you're making today with your swimming pool choices. At Premier Pools & Spas, we believe you’re the right person to answer the question. The fact is that although kids might say they want a big pool, most of them will end up using a 25-ft.-long pool as much as they would use a 35-ft. pool. What other items (grills, furniture, spa, outdoor kitchen, etc.) I know it's hard to see into the future, but families change, especially when grandkids enter the picture. But if you do not want to host such get-together regularly, a small pool is appropriate. This needs to be more like the old-school game Perfection. The pool's size and shape has no means of being pulled, stretched, or even shrunk after it's in the ground. Pool Design Guides. If you've found this helpful, check out our in-house manufactured pool designs. New PPAS Location in Longwood, Gulfport & Woodlands, Charlie Pastick – Burke Family Pool Of The Month, Premier Pools & Spas Expands to Central Illinois & Maryland, Premier Expands to Billings, MT and North Tampa Bay, FL. For example, if your pool will be 18 feet wide by 40 feet long you'll need a yard at least 26 feet wide by 48 feet long. Out of the “who”, also examine how many. You don’t necessarily need a large pool for that and the extra money saved in going a little (or a lot smaller) can be put towards those extra fancy features! How much patio would you like to have around the pool? Some homeowners simply want to get the smallest or the largest pool possible. You’ll want to incorporate a shallow end. Editor's note: This blog article was originally published in December 2009 and has been updated and revamped for accuracy and appearance. (The ones you have now, will have down the road, or those of your visiting friends and family). But that usually leads to a pool that appears out of place; either too small or too big for the area. Does My Pool Need a Standard or a Custom Safety Cover? Search So now that you know how to size a pool heat pump, the next step is taking action and getting yours installed. Swimming pool footprints are also known as their "base wides." The pool size can be long and slender therefore taking up much less reality in your yard and still serve this purpose.  |  Overall, make sure that you have a largest enough pool to meet your overall purpose, please your regular swimmers, and meet your predetermined budget. Looking for pool financing? I just want people to think about why they choose what they choose when it comes to their pool. Ex.) Will your pool parties will be the stuff that legends are made of? Check out your backyard’s existing elements, consider the other uses you have for the outdoor space and find a swimming pool size to accommodate all of them. How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool Size for You and Your Family, One of the questions I'm most often confronted with. But we understand the difference that the proper guidance and advice will make in assisting you to arrive at a well-informed decision. Do you have that basic idea? Think of the long game when planning your purchase! Understanding Bonding and Grounding for Swimming Pool Equipment, How to (Properly) Measure Your Swimming Pool for a Safety Cover. Wrapping Up Homeowners who like throwing neighborhood gatherings will probably gain from a bigger pool that will accommodate more friends. COVID-19 Impact on the Above Ground Swimming Pool Industry, The Ultimate Guide to Swimming Pool Maintenance. The pool has never been resurfaced and is very rough to the touch. Read More: Large Fiberglass Pools FAQ: Cost, Designs, Pros and Cons. Pool Surface Area x Temperature Increase x 12 = BTUs needed. Don’t think of your yard as Tetris by trying to fit the greatest number of items without any extra wiggle room. Once the pool and patio are placed in the yard, be sure you have enough space for other items you'd like to have in your yard, such as a jungle gym or trampoline. Does anyone plan on doing laps in the pool? You can alternatively get a pool with shallow both ends and deeper middle. But that usually leads to a pool that appears out of place; either too small or too big for the area.

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