introvert vs shy vs social anxiety

These people have social anxiety disorder (also called social phobia), a type of anxiety disorder that causes extreme fear in social situations. Introverts don’t necessarily feel anxious about socializing, unless they have an overlying anxiety disorder, but they may find it unpleasant, especially when there is a lot of small talk involved. How do you know if you have it? Do you struggle with introvert laziness? Being an introvert and having social anxiety are often confused, but they’re not the same. Social anxiety:  Social anxiety disorder has a very significant effect on social, occupational, and other domains of functioning. I can relate to shy people very well however I’m not sure whether I’m shy myself. Other researchers have added and subtracted to Jung’s work over the years and there remains no single definition, but most agree on the basics. Introvert:  Since introversion is a personality trait, it tends to be stable over time and across multiple contexts. You can find a directory of the terms covered in the what is… series here. It began with understanding the differences between shyness, introversion, and social anxiety — which are often mistaken as the same. Here's how one introvert overcame the fall blues, Introvert self-sabotage can be a real struggle. Being around others- especially those that have primarily negative attitudes, is extremely draining for me. “So to finally have a message sent that introverts are valuable and necessary, and most of all that nothing is wrong with being quiet, is really empowering to people who thought something was wrong with them.”. Social anxiety: Overcoming avoidance is often the biggest obstacle, and once actually in a social situation it may turn out better than the catastrophes that were anticipated, and may actually be enjoyable. Loads of food for thought. They worry they’ll say something “stupid” or that people won’t like them. I can imagine how that would be really hard to clear out. I think it is. How Can Dogs Help Curtail Social Anxiety? Both introverts and extroverts can have social anxiety. Being in larger group social settings is particularly draining. You always have a choice when it comes to your thoughts. I was a very shy child which held me back quite a lot. What Treatments And Complementary Activities Help With Social Anxiety? If you’re introverted, you need to remove social stimulants to stay energized and happy, and you often get exhausted from socializing. That’s the basics of those three features, and next we’ll look at how different questions would be answered with respect to introversion, shyness, and social anxiety disorder. Depending how drained I may feel, I can crave for that alone time. Shyness can definitely trigger anxious thoughts and behavior, but it is normal — not a disordered thought process and diagnosis that interferes with the quality of one’s life. Labeling social anxiety as a mental disorder can seem scary, but it is officially classified that way by the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM-5 (the authoritative source for psychiatric diagnoses). Keep reading to learn more about the differences between introversion and social anxiety.

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