if i could touch the hem of his garment sermon

That’s right, he will place all that he can before you and cause you to focus on the difficulty, the storm, or the crowd. In the Gospel of Matthew tells us "she said within herself, if I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole." Introduction A. But somehow this was different. x��Y�n�F}7��#Y�4��[���I� A�7#���ڤASI�����%��H�mJ�=;�9���i�LJb�z>\ߴm�-�λ���۶~�q�~{Q�ߋ�cU��u�Zy�������'�1�./���RF&�o�|yy{����Ž�?���ˋ?`s x*�$u�������@�{� ��< G��R���)�8�!���z|����h�ow_>z��@��Cq��I�%y���O��}��L��_��c��M0�.ҽ�W�/����|�a[f�.��^P�Sr�O�ى9v�����K �">�5���1������� ��LX�( �pA��o�jaW�~��#�}��9��(`�hן�X:�����[���!�e6>����b�#��JP�@� q�V�v��;|$�l�������۩~������O�s�r���g�.��|� ۲�x X�7��WHoJ�U����3�Ք_mpȨ��"*��T?W�Q5���(�>Q=���g�[p�P����]`T����1���v��c�`�"��q�p�溻�wI�A �2�e� �!+KE�����?g]N�S��/m����'�J. She just had to get to Jesus, but if she was to get to Jesus, she had to overcome the obstacle of the people. This woman even with her imperfect faith managed to get His attention. This excerpt only shows a 2000 character sample of the full content. Haven’t you noticed that every time you and I try to get to Jesus, the devil tries his best to place obstacles in our way? If I Can But Touch the Hem of His Garment. Maybe someone even accidentally touched Him? Can you even imagine what it would be like to have such a hemorrhage for twelve long years? | 10,209 views. When we have become desperate means we come to end up whatever we have authority over. Touch the hem of HIS garment. The boat was filling with water and was in danger of sinking. We lose the rope we’ve been holding on to for some time now, and take hold of the rope that we should have been holding on to in the first place and His name is Jesus. 3 0 obj A touch of faith can make you whole. She had a condition that no one understood, no one wanted to be around her—because they just didn’t understand her, they didn’t understand her illness, they didn’t understand why she of all people she had this illness, they thought maybe it’s a curse or something they just didn’t know. Why is He so concerned about one particular touch? When all denied, Peter and they that were with him said, Master, the multitude throng thee and press thee, and sayest thou, Who touched me?” –Luke 8: 45 The disciples were confused with this question from the Lord, perhaps in their mind they were thinking with this large crowd what difference does it make as to who may have touched Him anyway. i. Amen. And so, she must have reasoned that her only hope she possibly had would be to sneak up behind Jesus in the crowd; then and then could she touch the hem of His garment. Somebody said, “Desperation is like stealing from the Mafia; because may cause you to attract the wrong people” but in this woman’s case she desperation led her to Jesus. She was willing to place all her hope in Jesus. We do have faith, but sometimes it is not as perfect as we may think or would like to think it is. But even with her imperfect faith, even with all the obstacles that were in her way she was able to get Jesus’ attention. © 2020 SermonSearch.

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