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Under Claudius's rule, the empire's finances are improving. I will always recommend the first few seasons of Death in Paradise (currently only on BritBox). Red Planet Productions - Photographer: Todd Antony. Red Dwarf for sci-fi comedy, the book is excellent. Sarah: For real. In a recent discussion of things we’re loving that are getting us through the Strange Quarantine Times (side question: how many ways in email, marketing pitches, and news articles have you seen the current situation described? My whole family watched it, and everyone liked it. One other program that I fell hard for was The Coroner. Our best wishes for a productive day. Wonderful acting and a marvelous cast of characters. – DEATH IN PARADISE: already rec’d in the comment thread. They were young lovers at the time of the Korean War & lost touch for 38 years before reuniting by coincidence. Aarya: Wait, are their names Rosemary and Thyme? I mean, there’s an episode where a prisoner gets murdered while handcuffed to the detective! I watched the Agatha Raisin series (Acorn, Hoopla) because I had recently read the first book. Livia forces the emperor to face the truth about his wanton daughter. There have been quite a few that have captured international attention over the decades, with Downton Abbey being the standout recent example. Click here to learn more. But there’s one other streaming service worth your attention, especially if you’re a die-hard Anglophile who imports much of your entertainment from across the pond: Acorn TV. Ready Set Go: In Case of Emergency, Read This Book. . On Britbox, Scott and Bailey– police procedural set in Manchester where all 3 main characters are incredibly competent women (So Much Competence P0RN! Following police detectives around the clock, these real stories have all the intrigue and fascination of a well-produced drama, as each investigation plays out against the time pressure of only being able to hold a suspect for 24 hours. Obviously it’s PNR and funny, but it’s also not a typical procedural imo. I can also recommend Upstart Crow – it presents the 16th Century as not too different from the 21st (and commuting is horrible, regardless of the year). Livia, knowing that death is near, confesses her crimes to Claudius and reveals a prophecy claiming that he will be emperor one day. In The Churchills, historian David Starkey not only explores the remarkable similarities between the two men, he argues that Winston Churchill’s years spent writing an exhaustive biography of his ancestor John gave him crucial insights he would need to face down the Nazi threat. What it has is great storytelling and acting. With this exclusive deal you can enjoy a meal from just £1.72! 910, This story has been shared 558 times. Give it a go with a FREE TRIAL and jump through all your favourites, all in one place. Ladies Reviewed in the United States on June 7, 2017, It's a classic for a reason. I’m doomed. You have missed some Aussie greats that are on BritBox & Acorn: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, a HUGE favorite of mine, & Brokenwood, set in New Zealand!! It’s only thinly connected to the original, but I’m really liking it. To get away from cosy mysteries, Acorn has 800 Words, AU/NZ show about a recent widower taking his teenage son and daughter to the small town in NZ where his family used to vacation. We have three PBS outlets via FiOS, two of which have SD channels with lots of BBC programming. And, of course, A Place to Call Home, Aussie soap opera, binge worthy. Really, Britbox? Inspector Morse Shana: OMG, the competitive bell ringers ep is one of my faves. One of my favorite British romantic comedies, about World War II lovers who find each other in the 90s and fall in love – with further complications thrown in by his literary agent and her daughter. Rome, 23-29 CE. You might also want to try a couple of Canadian shows: “Frankie Drake Mysteries” and for some light relief “Schitts Creek” (First couple of series a bit slow going but as they move on very good) and “Corner Gas” (older show set in small town Canada, about the odd personalities and somewhat quirkey but all to familiar life they lead). There is sometimes blood but it’s not gory.

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