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I immediately ordered it for her. I'm sure some of his other patients would benefit from this treatment, but they will never hear about it from him. Triamterene/HCTZ 75mg/HCTZ 50mg Generic for Maxide. The first of these analyzed data from the NHIS in 1987 and 1992 (McDavid et al., 2001). My mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. I know all of these wonderful stories are about human successes with Hydrazine Sulfate however I have one about my Golden Retriever. 0000043936 00000 n However, the majority of prevalence studies do not collect data on supplement use before cancer diagnosis but only provide information on supplement use after diagnosis. My next visit to the cancer clinic is next week. HS was, in fact, designed to alleviate wasting away in the first place. Thank you so much for all your help!!! You may add protein milkshakes to his diet to increase calorie intake. I hope you are aware of the impact you have by prolonging and enhancing the lives of so many and their loved ones as well, who could never find enough words to show their gratitude.I hope to be one of those people.My stepmother has cancer around her lungs and likely surrounding areas, one lung has been collapsed for a few months now, she has slowed down a lot and can hardly get out of bed anymore she is swelling quite a bit in her feet and legs.She has been on essiac and a number of vitamins and such, and fear she can't hang on too much longer. You were going to Europe to set up a contract on another cancer healing herb called Ukraine. She wants the information again, and needs the medication. If you have any information which would help me, or have a story to share please send it to me. Within a week, he was up and working on the house he had purchased before his diagnosis and only takes an analgesic if needed. The FDA falsely stated that HS caused bone marrow toxicity. I rushed him to his vet for surgery and his spleen was removed however the news was also that there was a 8mm tumor on the liver and possibly more. Incompatibles: Barbiturates, sleeping pills, tranquillisers and alcohol all neutralise the effects of hydrazine sulphate and produce unwanted side effects so must not be used. There has been no hard evidence to suggest that hydrazine sulfate can be used as an alternative treatment for cancer and its resultant conditions. Are the food recommended to avoid only if you have high blood pressure? Unfortunately he had set his mind to die even after the improvements and against all advice and stopped taking the hydrazine. Four months on Hydrazine sulfate. Hydrazine sulfate, more properly hydrazinium hydrogensulfate, is a salt of the cation hydrazinium and the anion bisulfate (hydrogensulfate), with the formula [N 2 H + 5] [HSO − 4] or N 2 H 6 SO 4. Thank you for that. They include the following: If ingested through the mouth, hydrazine sulfate may cause cancer in its users, Coma, Liver Damage, Kidney damage, Abnormal blood sugar levels especially for those with diabetes, Seizure, Abnormal heart rhythms. 970609- SJ e-mail message. Discontinued pain medication 48 hours after beginning the HS treatment. "—Dean Burk, M.D. %PDF-1.4 %���� The “gold standard” of anorexia and cachexia treatment is still megestrol acetate (a progestogen), and newer pharmaceuticals are measured against it for efficacy. This might require a pharmacist's help. 0000002761 00000 n On Feb 23,97 reports major reduction in blood pressure, lesser need for pain medication, more energy and general well being.. 970304-28350PJ Phoned today.Thirty days on HS and tumor almost disappeared from neck. Sulfanilamide solution in HCl: prepare 3.5 M HCl and dissolve 10 g/l sulfanilamide (it might be necessary to warm this solution slightly to dissolve the sulfanilamide). Given maybe six weeks to live. If it stayed the same, we would continue to watch it. However, the ingredient remains in the market to be sold as a dietary supplement meant to induce appetite and increase weight. (The other form of hydrazine sulphate has a solubility of 202 gm/100 gm of water.). The doctor did a CT scan in October and tumor marker tests that revealed increased tumor markers and the CT scan showed spots on the liver. God Bless You! Although not a primary end point, anamorelin-treated patients, as compared with placebo-exposed patients, did describe statistically significant improvements in appetite. On July 3rd I was told that I had one large tumor on my left lung and one tumor which was pressed against the nerve on the vocal cord. “Hydrazine sulfate, a drug that costs about a dollar a day, reverses the devastating weight loss called cachexia that kills most cancer patients. For example filtering opalescent formulations does not generally change their appearance (Salinas et al., 2010; Woods and Nesta, 2010). In October 1997, Kathy Keeton went into a major and well-respected NY hospital for surgery. In your opinion, will the combination of HS, B-17 and Beta Glugan work the foot swelling down in time? He had been sent HS by a relative and I read over the material and convinced him to take it about 1 month ago. Hydrazine Sulfate is safe. 0000039101 00000 n The use of multiple coprimary end points should also be avoided to minimize the chance of identifying false-positive treatment effects on one of the end points.

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