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“Regardless of how you look at it.”. He heard the ghosts. ... “I don’t look at the record and think, You’re a loser because you lost,” says Michelle. “So that bothers me. And with that came more stress, more work, longer hours, more blackouts. Trainers sent him to the hospital in an ambulance. Jackson also taught his players that loss was a part of life, allowing them to see him as vulnerable. “Work was her stress release,” he says. It’s July, and he’s surrounded by a pool, a slide, a sprawling lawn and a river sparkling in the distance. A sliver of tequila fills the bottom of his glass; Chipotle leftovers line the kitchen counter. Wait. After the Browns fired him last Oct. 29 he grabbed a few things and left the facility, never to return. Shavers had counseled numerous coaches across the NFL, and every time he entered a facility in crisis he could feel the weight of every decision, even on the faces of the secretaries. The human part.”. ... That is not him. For 3-36-1. “I don’t think that was the case. The difference between the public and private narratives was perspective. There are only so many books to read, so many sprints to run, so many businesses to partner with. In 2011, four games into Jackson’s tenure with the Raiders, Al Davis, the man who hired him, fell ill. August 16, 2020 sportsfluent_c27m3v Sports Fluent 0 Comments. But Clevelanders, for the most part, remained friendly, as he tells it. “I failed tremendously,” he says. He refused to accept all their View the losing as your experience rather than your identity self-help crap. It’s why when he drives his daughter to dance practice, three miles from his old Browns office, he always takes a different route from the one he followed every day to work. In the months since he started to climb out of his funk he’s killed a relative abundance of newfound free time by following the Lakers, familiarizing himself with his finances, changing a few lightbulbs and getting to know the family he ghosted over so many football seasons. View the profiles of people named Tequila Jackson. That is him. He could live in any hotel for months, anywhere in the world. He called his wife of 24 years, Michelle, and filled her in. Jackson’s dark period, his wife says, “is still going on.”. Click here for more. The next oldest, a boy named after his father, fell into the street life, wasting his athletic gifts—“You name it, he was probably involved in it,” Hue says—and landing in prison for life starting in 1982, during Hue’s senior year at Dorsey High. He’s not asking for empathy, although maybe he deserves some, being that he’s a man with an inspiring life story, a minority coach who grinded his way to the top of his profession, a mere mortal forced repeatedly to confront tragedy and death. Master Brewer David Pascual will lead the tasting with guest host Brewery Ambassador Beau McDonald during which they will taste…, December 10, 2019 Lee's Discount Liquor Off Events, We are excited to now offer Limited Edition Vegas Golden Knights (VGK) etched Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select bottles for purchase at our Lee’s Discount Liquor locations. “I needed that jolt,” he says. Through it all, Jackson never took time off, never called in sick. Michelle is less sure about that. Just a year ago he told his players they should forget their 1-31 record of the past two seasons, that the losing would end right then.

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