how to factory reset philips hue go

I was on the phone with Amazon helpline for > 1 hr and they could not assist. Hi, my hue strips was connected to my hue huv, removed then connected to a USB zigbee device. Many times, only a few of the lights actually turn off and I have to repeat the command. hello try resting your cellular network data setting …I had this same issue and that fixed my problem, Does anyone got Hue lights connected to both a “Hue dimmer” switch and Amazon Alexa? I have a lantern in the kitchen with light strips around, they are powered by the mains, are picked up by the bridge and the app, however will not change colour like the other strips lights other on my center isle and upper level units. Help & Questions. Without a Hue Bridge: If you have Philips Hue lights that aren't connected to a Bridge, hold the Dimmer switch up to the light you want to control (try to stay within about six inches of the bulb or fixture).Press and hold the "ON" button for 3 seconds until the green light starts to blink. I just connected everything but my app says that i have to be connected to my home network to update the bridge… But i am connected to my home network. You need a dimmer designed for the very low current draw of LEDs. OK everyone – I figured this out finally after some digging and risk taking. Factory reset philips hue led strips. What else could be the problem? Connected Bulbs always seem to have some sort of crazy on/off sequence with specific timing that needs to be done to reset them and its stupid. I do not have the Philips remote. Obviously Hue has very poor intergration with both Alexa and Google. I’ve added the hue skill and redone the advice here a few times but nothing seems to allow me to switch the thing on or off vocally. Hello , just purchased several new bulbs for my hue and homes. Repeat this method to reset your bulbs. First of all Hue “help” is an abysmal failure. The Hue app doesn’t support factory resetting bulbs at all, so if you want to restore them to factory settings, you’re going to need a Philips Hue Switch. Have 6 lights, (3 plays and 3 hue color lights). To note that I have exempted the app from the save battery list. Network Light – This should be a constant blue, this shows you are connected to the home network allowing you and it to talk to the bulbs. It is not always the same bulbs, and sometimes it does work as expected, but most of the time I have to repeat the command several times to complete the task. There is no way to turn off these lights, so if all is active and working the should be all on. Seems that network changes or other network issues cause Alexa to forget the connection to the Hue bridge, even if the devices are still listed in the app as unresponsive. Only a month old purchase from the store. Alexa voice command doesn’t work with the lantern strip and I can only turn them off by the switch. If when powered on at the switch it doesn’t light then contact Philips reading a replacement under warranty. Your email address will not be published. However, no serial # can be found on this bulb. HORRIBLE PRODUCT as far as I am concerned right now! when I first bought the lights a few months ago from JB Hifi they worked fine but for a while now they can’t produce green or light blue.. they just go white. Get something that can fit on that mark and gently press it for about five seconds. Such a waste of time, not happy!!! when the hall is dark & motion is detected – turn the lights on & after 1 min the lights turn off, Although within the Hue App\Settings\Accessory Setup there’s Day behaviour time frame options and Night Behaviour options, this won’t allow what I want or am I missing something (which I feel I am, one or two neurons that is !! Philips Hue is not just a smart bulb, it's a smart lighting system. MG. Did you cut the strip in the ‘cut zone’? Mike is the founder of Hue Home Lighting, a huge Hue fan with far too many lights, covering home and garden. Philips Hue bulbs have been voted among the best lights that provide your home with natural and beautiful blending lighting altogether. It works on my tablet though. Therefore I do not want to use any scene/routine that is timer related. -attempted switching bulbs out. Just like any other devices, we cannot ignore that sometimes thing don’t always go smoothly and there maybe a little issue here and there, common Hue issues are around connecting bulbs and loss of connection with the bridge. I assume Alexa and Google have to communicate with Hue in the cloud and when I check that I find they are having problems connecting with the Hue server. Have you logged into your Hue account on your new phone via the Hue app? I have been a fan of Philips Hue for a long time as I find the colored options offered by them to be great for accent lighting. Since I set it up as a hallway, I deleted the other light thinking I could use it for a different room. The causes may be due to a damaged bulb, also ensure that the bulb is using a traditional light switch and not a in the wall dimmer switch. Is there an issue with Alexa and the “old version” of the bulb? This allows you to access your bulbs remotely. I’ve spent the last 3 hours trying to get them to connect to the bridge. I have spent a lot of money on a whole house of hue bulbs and would like to use them. Wait for some few seconds and connect them again. I also bought another “starter pack” with another Google mini and a Philips Hue bulb. Went to Hue app, turned light on- it worked. 2. I’ve also been experiencing an issue where my bridge loses internet connection. It is also worth checking the Hue bridge to make sure the lights are on and not flashing. Use the Hue app to change color, etc. What else can I try? Last update on 2020-07-26 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. Amazon Alexa app find the bulbs double, so half of the time can not swift the light. My bridge randomly stopped connecting. Ah so that is where the serial number is. Just installed a lightstrip +1 and the latest bridge so I can swith the under cabinet lights on and off via voice commands. How to Factory Reset Your Philips Hue You will need to re-setup your Philips Hue system after factory resetting it. Some colours are ok and it seems to be intermittent but it is getting worse. Posted by 6 months ago. Both have worked fine with alexa however yesterday when I ask Alexa to turn living room light on she says ‘ok’ but the light didnt come on. Disable the Philips hue skill and later reactivate it with the use of Alexa app. Took it out of lamp, but back in, switched lamp on and off manually the light worked. -Attempted turning off the light switch itself, (no dimmer capability). I initially tried setting up two bulbs to one light fixture that typically has two bulbs. You can use a Hue dimmer without a bridge to reset bulbs. 3. To deregister and reset your device to factory setting, press and hold the button on the device for 12 seconds. Tried it in other devices and it would not light up in any of them. Factory reset philips hue led strips. While holding the button, plug into an outlet. The app on the phone shows complete connectivity and says that I am controlling the lights. The internet connection light on the bridge (Number 3 in the image above) will flash when trying to connect. I deleted light #2 and now I can’t add it back. Is there a way to reset something so it’s not doing this without having to re set up all of my lights? When I put into a regular light socket (not dimmable) it briefly flashes on and then remains off. It cannot be found through the software either. One of the bulbs kept turning off soon after turning on. It is in a desk lamp, not a dimmer switch. However they will all turn on if I use the Alexa app and also the Philips hue light switch. Any suggestions? This worked for many years. After that, click on “add serial number” option on the app. I have about 48 lights. I never had much luck getting these sequences right and decided there had to be a better way. I have set up to switch on the lights when I get home. If you want to do it differently though, read on. The one in the desk lamp, right next to where I work, is buzzing and flickering. It is in a lamp with no dimmer. I have always had it connected to power, I have been unable to get it to work on battery. Did you figure this out? I have my Hue setup with my Google home and set to turn on when I come home when it’s dark out. The only option I have not tried is entering the Serial #. I created a “goodnight” routine in Amazon echo to turn off 11 lights, 2 Wemo switches, and dim 2 more lights. Same light flickering on another outlet. Press and hold the button on the plug. They are connected to a hue bridge (version 2) and and Amazon Alexa. Using the Hue dimmer is fine, however you will face an issue using a traditional wall dimmer and this could be the causes of the buzzing and flickering. Many times, only some will dim to the desired state. If you ever experience any of the above issues with your Philip hue bulbs, follow the listed solutions to solve the problems. Read our full guide here – How to Fix Unreachable Hue Bulbs. Troubleshooting I have attempted: Ensure Wi-Fi is connected to Hue Bridge Ensure Hue Bridge is connected to all lights Ensure Hue Bridge is connected to the internet Ensure IOS up to date. II looked to see if it was something through that app IFTTT but we don’t have anything on there doing anything with the lights? Only one light is controlled by Alexa. It appeared when I purchased the Alexa dot 3 and Echo plus. It is highly frustrating. These smart and energy-efficient LED lights come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and models to suit your space. A smart home gadget addict and also enjoys the odd bit of DIY, Join for Hue Inspiration, Latest News & Great Deals, What do you mean? There are only certain area you can cut the strip. Now I want it back to the hub as the zigbee usb is defective. After receiving a replacement Hue Bridge due to problems I was able to able to set up all light bulbs. Google is almost instant but Alexa is delayed, sometimes the lights switch one one after the other. Restart both the Philips hue bridge and the echo. Reset the dimmer with the setup button in the back (hold 15 seconds), then reset bulbs by holding the dimmer close and holding down the ON and OFF buttons simultaneously until bulb flashes. Any solutions? Hello, I installed 10 hue light strip plus throughout my kitchen, and had to shorten one of the strips. is my strip damaged? 6. Well, this could be due to a problem with the settings. I have had Hue bulbs for 2 years now. Copyright 2020 | Privacy Policy | Terms & ConditionsAll images and logos are the copyright and/or trademark of the respective owners. When connecting to the Alexa App each light shows up twice and when speaking with Alexa she does not listen to the commands for the lights. For the money spent on these light bulbs, I am very frustrated with this lack of trustworthiness. Try out the first process of reviving its function which includes the use of the Hue Bridge as we saw earlier. I don’t know what’s causing it or how to turn it off? I have created a group called “iving room lights”but it will not allow me to control the lights when I attempt to switch them on together either by voice or via the app, it’s as though it’s not recognised. Is there a fix or will these smart bulbs not work where I have installed them? Found any help for this? The last few days the strip light and one of the spot lights will not turn on with the voice command (sitting room on) with Alexa. Then release the button and check your bridge if it functions well by connecting all your lights with the bridge again. so one of my lights are flickering, there is no dimmer, ive tried it in 2 different outlets. Take a second to support Mike Salerno on Patreon! I was able to tell Alexa to turn the individual rooms on with no problem until this last week. using the cord that looks like a phone cord, connect the hub directly to the WiFi router. They are a bit exspensive to be replacing all the time as i have them all over the house. My phone won’t down load the app from Google Play store, it says it’s not compatible with this version.

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