how to change the station on a bluetooth fm transmitter

0000005945 00000 n Note: You can only redial the last number you dialled. This product is compatible with more than 95% of phones, however, there are still some that are incompatible. 0000177186 00000 n Usually, Bluetooth adapter in your car uses two modes of communication. In a noisy environment (such as one with lots of FM and computer noise) you can expect less range. 0000194901 00000 n 0000001881 00000 n 0000189285 00000 n Rotate left and right to adjust volume, long press to switch mode (Bluetooth, TF), Short press to play the last song, Long press to increase FM frequency, Short press to play next song, Long press to decrease FM frequency, USB 1: Charging port Maximum 5V/1A with charging recognition. For any reasons, if you have any questions, please contact us. Do not use this product in a dusty and humid environment with extremely high or low temperatures. When TF card music is paused, short press the prev. Some phones require that the Bluetooth connection is manually re-established when the power is turned off. - Step two: Once the vacant (or best) channel is located in your area, tune the radio in your car to the channel. 0000002105 00000 n Note: While switching mode and inserting an external device, the corresponding prompt on the display will show the current status of the device. 0000154801 00000 n %%EOF 0000163576 00000 n h�b```b``9�����&� Ā B@16�@#K(����;0)g�aRd�y@dg{)��o�� ,�n��l����`�q@U�o �4�E{9�[9�>�(�2` v��]�*��}=�+L�ӓ��P8b+lc�3eGW�!� X~���]��o. Insert a TF card into the TF card slot. Now, you can start playing your favorite music from your phone via your car radio system. It can play smartphone music by connecting via Bluetooth. - Step one: Finding the vacant station in your local area. 4. This device has dual charging ports, USB1: 5V/1A, USB2: QC3.0. Long press the next button to enter FM quick decrease adjustment, short press for slow adjustment. The following are the procedures to properly configure Bluetooth FM Transmitters to eliminate the statics and get the best quality of sounds. 0000003012 00000 n Double click to redial, long-press the mode button to switch to private answering during call time. ³ Plug the transmitter into the cigarette lighter socket and switch its power to ON. 0000079143 00000 n The product is designed as both a car charger and Bluetooth FM Transmitter. 0000001513 00000 n The product will start up and LED will display the current radio station once it is powered. When the device is connected via Bluetooth and has a TF card inserted at the same time, long-press the knob to switch modes. Insert the device into the cigarette plug in your car and fix the display onto the air conditioner vent. 0000170381 00000 n © Copyright 2019. 6. ]���ܽ�Oy}��K�^m�C�,7}�k}�I�Q�2B�$�Y!�Cl)�#U��qY�����r�m죌�E�� ��ki�ͤ��&��@žd�v��w�\n�I�s�q~�c=��q�'����ܨ The device also provides hands-free calling via Bluetooth and allows the charging of your smartphone and tablet PC. Single-click the knob button to pause/play, and use the FM button to switch to the next/previous song. Every time you power off the product, the system will memorise information like the FM frequency and the song you were playing. xref Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more …, © 2020 iSunnao. 0000002786 00000 n startxref HFPV1.6, HSPV1.2, A2DP1.3, AVCTP1.4, AVDTP 1.3 and AVRCP 1.5, Effective distance of Bluetooth microphone. When you use it next time, the song will continue playing. trailer Once it is paired, you will hear the Voice Prompt of pairing successfully. We recommend extending the FM transmitter-2 input cable away from the computer (or any other RF noisy device) when connected. Use the mode button to pause, play and adjust the volume. 0000192093 00000 n Short press the knob button to answer/hang up a call, long press to reject a call. Premium Wireless Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter - (KAPCARFMTRA) - Manual, Kogan Bluetooth FM Transmitter With Built In Display - (KAFMTRALCDA) - Manual, Kogan Wireless Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter With PD + QC3.0 - (KAFMTRPDQCA) - Manual, Kogan FM Transmitter Dual USB Car Charger with SD Card Reader - KAFMTRBTSDA - Manuals and Support. The product is designed as both a car charger and Bluetooth FM Transmitter. Click to connect, and after the connection is completed, the display screen will show that Bluetooth is connected. Most of these transmitters plug into the device's headphone jack and then broadcast the signal over an FM broadcast band frequency, so that it can be picked up by any nearby radio. 0 I bought a Belkin FM Transmitter and it's rather decent most of the time while I'm on the road. 'e>�)��0��|�Pdr`���i�e�ـj&��Z\�i�ؑP���j�,�b�`�#��|�a�1-)X�ɉG�O���ʕ�����9���R%�d���iii�@��� (���A ;_P�lii� ���6�耨� �LJH|FA! It will automatically recognise the type of the device and use the maximum charging current that is safe for the device. Short press the next button to set sound effects: Nature, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classic and Country. Multifunctional button: Short press for pause/play/answer/hang up a call. It uses a high-performance Bluetooth chip 4.1 + EDR, and a built-in MP3/WMA decoder to play music from a TF card. Step 4: When the display is on (please start the car engine so the transmitter will be powered on), find the FM transmitter on your Bluetooth setting and tap on your phone to start pairing again. If there is no vacant channel available, it will show you the best channels in the local area. The Bluetooth of this device supports background play. 0000001952 00000 n Step 3: Unplug the FM transmitter and plug it again. Select the new Bluetooth Device to pair with your smartphone. 90 0 obj <> endobj 0000001801 00000 n Please ensure this product will be suitable for your phone before purchasing this product. Kogan Mobile Operations Pty Ltd. Tune your auto FM stereo to same channel as indicated by Monster wireless MP3 adapter 5. - Step three: Tune your FM Transmitter to the same frequency. In the Bluetooth adapter, there is also a feature of FM transmitter which can transmit the sound signals to Car’s audio system. A short range FM transmitter is a low-power FM radio transmitter that broadcasts a signal from a portable audio device (such as an MP3 player) to a standard FM radio. 0000006560 00000 n Select an album on the Apple Ipod* MP3 player and push the playback button. Powered by Shopify, It will show you the possible Vacant Channels. - Step four: Pairing your portable device (iPhone or Android Phone) to Bluetooth FM  Transmitter. It can play smartphone music by connecting via Bluetooth. button to set the play mode: All repeat, single repeat, menu repeat, normal, random and browse play. 90 32 In your phone, under Setting select Bluetooth, a new Bluetooth device (Car Kit) will be shown. It uses a high-performance Bluetooth chip 4.1 + EDR, and a built-in MP3/WMA decoder to play music from a TF card. Designed by Out of the Sandbox. 0000153050 00000 n 0000008551 00000 n endstream endobj 91 0 obj <>>>/Lang(en-US)/Metadata 88 0 R/OCProperties<>/OCGs[92 0 R 93 0 R]>>/Outlines 61 0 R/Pages 83 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 92 0 obj <> endobj 93 0 obj <> endobj 94 0 obj [/View/Design] endobj 95 0 obj <>>> endobj 96 0 obj [97 0 R] endobj 97 0 obj [93 0 R 92 0 R] endobj 98 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/Properties<>/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/Tabs/W/Thumb 62 0 R/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 204.094 283.465]/Type/Page>> endobj 99 0 obj [/ICCBased 111 0 R] endobj 100 0 obj <> endobj 101 0 obj <> endobj 102 0 obj <>stream Turn on the power switch after power is connected. {o��)a�ni/�.q�}(�1oE�. If there is a prompt tone when playing music with the TF card function, it will be automatically switched to the Bluetooth mode. Adjust the frequency of the cars radio to the transmitting frequency of the product. Access to Vacant Radio Locator Insert your zip code, then click go It will show you the possible Vacant Channels If The transmitter will automatically switch to TF card mode and play the music on the TF card. Play music on your phone, through Bluetooth. The FM Transmitter-2 will work better in a noise free environment. For best results, preset the Monster MP3 adapter to FM channels that are not occupied by strong local FM broadcast stations. - Step one: Finding the vacant station in your local area. 0000002898 00000 n 0000007042 00000 n The signal will travel up to 70' under good conditions. %PDF-1.7 %���� The transmitter will switch to hands-free mode automatically when music is playing and you receive a call and will switch back to music when the call is over. 0000002750 00000 n 0000002279 00000 n Adjust FM stereo volume control to desired level. ³ Enable the Bluetooth function of your phone while the transmitter is ON and search for “BT FM Transmitter… H��Wˎ��߯�%,n���Җ-Y�֘��{1�a�H���e���|E��Dċ?�m/^݅����˯���MB��ț���Z��o.��_^ܽ�ç-����A?�A?�����-�cܢn il��^�����|w���?��7�k�K���q��F�]b�{�m}�]b���,�����V�T~R�%o/? 0000007423 00000 n Although the Bluetooth transmitter emits a strong signal, it is best not to have it use a frequency close to a local station for better sound quality. After finishing the call, it will return to TF card playback automatically. Double click for redial. 0000000936 00000 n Due to the differences between each phone, there will be some small differences during Bluetooth connection. <]/Prev 451121>> (_0�Fcc�6B�� �F4P�!ۄ�@Z�5�fJ22H7p70`���\��͠� �ݠ�σu���./�`X"`��c����L�F?�����} ���r��ć�0۰�b8���HBvl�/ iQ0�4���v[���(�6/��@�v���R/^��-P�R�m �d`�o �o0 ��ž 121 0 obj <>stream After turning on the product, long-press prev. 0000000016 00000 n Plug a device which supports QC3.0 charging into the USB2 port. 0000150400 00000 n The transmitter will automatically start. The LCD shows FM frequency and battery voltage.

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