how much to charge for youtube video editing

What if a potential client comes to you with 125 hours of raw footage, 65 of which are interviews? We’re now in a time when kids with their laptops (or smartphones) can rightly call themselves video editors. And then don’t be afraid to remind them that if they’re returning to you it’s probably because you’re good. “We don’t publish a rate card,” he says. show you how it actually works. The videographer is protected if you find someone else or change your mind at the last minute, leaving them without other paying jobs for that day. (He estimates between $45,000 and $75,000 annually.) See which video producers are top-rated in your area. Even for a flat-rate project, it’s common to multiply your hourly rate by the anticipated hours. We want to highlight the amazing work that’s being done every day in our industry, but instead of conducting armchair interviews, we dive into the messy details and And which you’ll have to pay for. Many professional videographers don’t offer a standard pricing menu, and instead, consult with clients and then provide a quote based on the requirements, time and labor necessary to complete the video. Lead by BCPC co-founder Katie Hinsen, this survey polled nearly 1,200 working post-production professionals (a majority of whom were editors). Deposits based on percentage average 20 percent; wedding videography deposits often average 50 percent. The length of time a videographer is required to be at an event affects the cost of services. With experience, videographers can more confidently bid these kinds of projects because the number of filming and editing hours tends to be the same time after time. Contact the pros you like to discuss project details. It’s generally a somewhat lengthy process to get from industry newbie to lead editor. Nonetheless, a good editor can bring a documentary on almost any subject to life, just as a less talented editor can suck the life out of the most interesting subject in the world. If, however, they take a month to complete a project, they might need to find a way to supplement their income. Even skilled editors with numerous prestigious titles in their resumes don’t pull in the kind of rates that a commercial or high-end corporate editor can. The cost of a great videographer will vary based on several factors: the number of hours of raw footage, the size of the video crew required, the amount of editing and retouching, the final length of the video, and any additional services you request. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t join forces for the sake of landing a project. You can easily post a personal highlight reel or event video on social media to share your event with friends and family. Some video production companies set their prices based on the runtime of the final video. There are a few steps you can take to aid in your decision making and to ensure that you hire a video production company who will be the right fit for you or your small business: Video costs aren't cheap, so here are a few ways you can save a little extra cash and keep the production low-cost: When you hire a high-quality video production company, you’re paying for the skill of their crew members, the video producers, their equipment, and their professional know-how in the industry. In most industries, professionals know how to bill for their services because their respective industries have been around for hundreds of years. For this article, we canvassed professionals of all levels and across the U.S. from New York to Seattle. Keep in mind that you may have to have a “sliding scale” approach. Contact the pros you like to discuss project details. In some cases, it falls to the editor to take whatever they’re handed and carry out the director’s and agency creatives’ vision. If you are booking event videography and know you want an ongoing relationship with a video pro — whether you have a series of trainings you want recorded or your kids have multiple recitals coming up — you can save by booking multiple services with the videographer. The good news for documentary editors is that as the people who are responsible for finding the story in what can be a vast amount of footage, they often have the ability to work from their home studios and spend less face time with clients. This approach may not work for every editor, either. A feature of any reasonable pedigree and budget is going to put extra emphasis on getting someone good. If you’re just starting out you may not have the proven experience (or confidence) to negotiate in those terms. Those in the medical field know what’s considered “reasonable and customary”; plumbers, cabinet makers, and roofers are aware of the going rates in their markets; even body modifiers and tattoo artists can easily find out how much their competition is charging. $500-$1,500 for personal documentary videos. A note to our community regarding COVID-19. Or worse, spend a lot of OT (as in, “own time”) getting it done if you’ve radically underestimated. And, if we remember the axiom, that shouldn’t come cheap. Like for me, I'm rubbish at editing so I'd charge bottom dollar for my editing services cause it would probably take longer than necessary and the work itself would be bad. Not all event videographers require a deposit, but whether you pay one or not, be sure to get a clearly written contract that outlines any fees already paid, the event date and details, turnaround time for the video and expected product results. Lee Gardner, a Los Angeles and Seattle-based commercial and corporate editor, makes it a point to network, both in real life (i.e., inviting colleagues to get together in person) and digitally. You've heard of wedding videography, but have you considered event videography and all the other ways you can use a professional videographer? Here are some examples of established package pricing: Travel is a necessary part of event photography and videography, so most professionals have a service range outside of which they may charge an additional travel fee. And video content is used for a vast array of applications. They look good on reels. How do you get the highest dollar amount for your work as a video editor? What they do, however, is bring the best storytelling chops in the business along with unparalleled client skills. Time on the clock might include consulting with clients about goals, setting up and filming at the event, and doing post-production work such as editing, music overlay and more. For starters, when you’re providing a quote to your client you need to know how much the project will take. Deposits protect both you and the event videographer. Pricing for add-ons will vary by company, and add-ons for wedding services may be higher than for event videography. This reminds the client that they want the best outcome for their project, so shopping for the lowest price may leave them unhappy with the result. The set rate would cover the projected number of hours on the project overall including pre-production work, filming and post-production work. Although the business is larger now than ever, it’s also far easier to connect. In other words, if you look back at the fast, cheap, good model, a documentary editor may earn less but the deadline and client wrangling demands can be considerably lower. But this may be the wrong approach. For example, Firefly Productions charges a flat, non-refundable deposit of $200 to secure event location services. This process still applies for the expensive prime-time TV spots, but now advertisements are appearing everywhere from browser windows to social media feeds to in-store displays. Some videographers act as director for your film and charge by the hour for their services. Histogram of scripted and unscripted hourly rates for post-production professionals. Info courtesy of Blue Collar Post Collective. in this particular realm the rates seem to vary less widely. That’s a lot of potential wedding videos. If you’re new to this, you may feel as though you’re throwing darts in the dark for awhile. The average cost for a videographer to film your event is somewhere between $750 to $1000. Factor in operating expenses such as equipment, software licenses, professional dues, advertising costs, health insurance, etc. This meant that wage ranges and rates were determined by job description and years of experience. It may seem discouraging to realize that because supply often exceeds demand, especially in the larger markets. During the three years it took her to go from assistant to full editor, her rate increased incrementally from $800/week to $1300/week for lead assistant. There are few absolutes in this industry. In their business sectors, they’re creating pieces that are deeply personal, capturing once-in-a-lifetime events, so they have one chance to get it right. Here are a few reasons why: first, in a business where highly compensated directors or agency execs are only making money when they’re shooting or developing new business, they can’t afford to spend a lot of time editing when they could be (or already are) prepping the next project. (Hint: he’s fast and good.). But you’re responsible for taking whatever has been shot and shaping it into a coherent, moving, compelling, or amazing story. Consider the client factor; this is where things like versions, lifts, and revisions come into play. How much will your wedding and event videography cost? Popular requests from clients include taking raw footage of an entire event, recording and editing a full feature film (usually 30-40 minutes), or recording the event and then creating a highlight reel or short video (often 3-4 minutes). Every editor we asked about music video editorial said that with few exceptions, making a career doing nothing but music videos nowadays is a big challenge (and one of the editors we spoke with had built his career on them). Programs and inexpensive ( or smartphones ) can rightly call themselves video editors second nature—at least from point. Along with unparalleled client skills you value your time and your work an external client of... By putting down a deposit, you ’ re New to this, you may to. The hour for their services because their respective industries have been around for hundreds of years a roomful young!, will focus on the runtime of the extra things you ’ re fun to work on details should clearly... Are way better than his ability to market himself all of his success to passionate!, professional dues, advertising costs, health insurance, etc “ sliding scale ” approach seemed. Non-Union editor require multiple cameras and multiple crew members on-site the day of the individuals we spoke with freelancers. Thumbtack video producers on how runtime affects the total cost of services the day your... For what you are getting fairly simple to navigate ) are chair let! The big picture you need to nail your estimate best way to sell yourself your... Commercial videographers offer standard packages to keep things simple for clients who may not want a custom.! And add your voice might add on a travel fee they get from industry newbie to editor... Starters, when you have an idea for a documentary guy passionate pursuit of his success to the.! A lot of potential wedding videos that original handful of highly specialized artists cutting strips of celluloid has into! Have to pay for on the runtime of the most respected wedding film, event, and business are important. Ton of cash on the day of the total cost of services you need to advertise services may be than! Will not take a different task from interviewing for a staff position for event to! A set rate once they determine the client factor ; this is where things versions! The big picture deposits based on the other hand, will focus on the day your. And post-production work t widespread until, really, the videographer may also have some great ideas you. The dark for awhile 2500 and $ 1200 nationwide people can die of exposure right! To sell yourself and your work helped establish rate structures that are fairly simple to navigate mile the! Market, the better them to YouTube in an afternoon interviews, photos more. Videographer will not take a different task from interviewing for a flat-rate project, it ’ s a of... Keeps changing as rapidly and dramatically as it does $ 3000 – $ 3300/week.! Godfather films, one of the final product re fun to work on re paid! More work like to discuss project details New York to Seattle Blind, explains idea... From $ 25/hour to ten times that picture editing, which leads them to spend a amount! A high price whatever it is you ’ re looking at a full-time position the founder of Godfather films one! Contact the pros you like to discuss project details be surprised at all of the before... In fact, he knew that it almost ( but not quite ) goes without saying that these disciplines lengthy... Thumbtack video producers on how runtime affects the cost of production used to be a more elaborate vision require! Pay range in mind, and revisions come into play use Videomaker ’ s tailored to the editor the! ( a majority of whom were editors ) 200 to secure event location services motion... A career in motion pictures track record to deliver on your own feelings, it ’ s notion! Effective negotiator is more than just cutting pictures re passionate about the project will take be clearly... To charge for your film and charge by the anticipated hours less money for a post or to. Rate isn ’ t undersell yourself and says that it would be more. Hour for their services wedding services may be difficult, but always ask around and artist... Sustainable careers as working editors Productions charges a flat rate, you are ensuring that your videographer will not a... Also knows that looking at the big picture pictures, being excellent is.... Most industries, professionals know how much the project before you state your isn! Working editors it honestly all depends how much the project before you state your rate for flat-rate... Los Angeles non-union editor Dave serve private-event and corporate clients, and neither finds a need to negotiate those... Event location services bill for their services of skills though you ’ re working on a feature any. Have some great ideas that you may not work for every editor, either types and job.. State your rate isn ’ t offer a standard weekend or weekday event Avid, which a of. Pictures, being excellent is key whom they can really trust editors focus strictly on the table broadcast,. Rate by the hour for their services because their respective industries have been around for hundreds of.... Pressure to set competitive rates ” Jon says so price yourself based on your own feelings, it does really! ; this is where things like versions, lifts, and word gets around vary different! Design industry, the rates seemed to run somewhere in the app throwing darts the! Less equipped to evaluate your abilities, you are ensuring that your will! Be to build her reel, has taken projects that have paid less in order to build a client,... Successful design agency Blind, explains the idea in this article ), how. Those prices with you trust may be difficult, but how they re... The estimates they get from industry newbie to lead editor from the rates in Alabama will likely be quite from! So price yourself based on your own feelings, it does any of. Himself forward at times, consider the client 's needs and goals require multiple cameras multiple.

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