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Yet I do plan to be there nonetheless, as RCI has three resorts in town so I’m thinking making a week of it in a condo. Kansas City, KS 7YW Convention 2021 Rick (L) went to many MANY shows as a vendor. Publisher of: Ace of Aces, Catalyst, Imperialism, GRIMTOOTH'S TRAPS, Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes, TUNNELS & TROLLS, Lost worlds. It is probably going to be rough on the dealers, with so many people staying away…. Go to for more info on the show! right here in Kansas City. Cold Wars® Convention Site Cold Wars 2020 will be held at the newly christened Wyndham Lancaster Resort and Convention Center, formerly the Lancaster Host. Frank Apr 8-11, 2021 - COLD WARS® Theme: War at the Shore: Battles on Beaches Roland E. Powell Convention Center 4001 Coastal Highway Ocean City, MD 21842 | Phone: 410-289-2800 Heather Blush | Webpage: HERE : Jul 7-11, 2021 - HISTORICON® Theme: Aircraft of War: Balloons, Bombers, Helicopters, & more... Lancaster County Convention Center 25 S Queen St wants to thank everyone who attended for giving him such a warm welcome. Nevertheless, when one walked in the door you could not help but notice the big gaping empty space in the center of an awfully big room where lots of vendors used to be. Origins 2021 Columbus, OH Date TBA : Historicon 2021 Lancaster, PA July 7-11 . If you wish to run a game, tournament, be And while I didn’t buy anything, I did stop by the Phalanx Consortium to check out their supporting line of World War I miniatures for the new Blood and Valor rules which I just recently reviewed. By contract this shouldn’t happen without HMGS dispensation, as all vendors are required to stay open until noon on Sunday. Combined with rising costs, it would seem the Wyndham resort priced itself out of the HMGS market, perhaps deliberately so. I had originally planned to go for the weekend, but with the current global concern, I decided to just go on Friday before the masses showed up and leave not to press my luck. Check to cuss and discuss every little ole thing about HAHMGS and the hobby in Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Date TBA, Borderwars 2021 Go to the HAHMGS Yahoo Group Boardgames, Card Games, Family Games, etc. Stay tuned to the Cold Wars website for updates: Posted on March 14, 2020 by Manteuffel. There are currently no news items posted. This year’s theme is vehicles of war: trains, tracks, and trucks. BOLT ACTION WWII TOURNAMENT : 1000 Points, max 2 reinforced platoons. Regular Reg ... **Exhibitor Applications received/paid after 02.19.2021 ... HMGS… You’ll quickly begin to realize why this year may have been a lot of things, but normal wasn’t one of them. So be it, and while I go into Coronavirus defilade as part of a gaming and writing sabbatical, let’s be careful out there. Indeed, other conventions, like Adepticon for example, seemed to be dropping like flies. “Cold Wars” got in just under the wire, although their attendance, and vendor attendance were much lower My first game Friday night was a bust because although all eight game tickets were gone, only two people showed up and I needed a minimum of four to play. presentations at our conventions in Kansas City over the years. Focused miniature gaming and more. This year the number of pre-registrations stood at around 1350, but only 639 were processed into the convention according to one HMGS staffer, with an estimated total attendance of 800 – 850 as of Saturday. Join us at Cold Wars, at a TBA time and place! Guest can look forward newly renovated rooms, a Starbucks in the lobby and many other major renovations. Contact HAHMGS to put on a game, or be a vendor. Somewhat sad for us grognards I guess……. John 'Squadleader' Hill! Topic. More than likely, it will be at the Host. The convention’s new home in 2021 will be the Roland E Powell Convention Center in Ocean City, MD running 8th – 11th April 2021. I will only say that when I trotted over for some last-minute retail therapy 10 am Sunday morning, a good half of the vendors were either packing up or had already packed up to go home. KantCon 2021 Overland Park, KS Date TBA : Twisted Lords Con 2021 Oklahoma City, OK Date TBA : Gen-Con 2021 Indianapolis, IN Aug 5-8 Remember Me. LittleWars 2021 Lombard, IL … Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge – Orlando Florida, Hudson Allen French and Indian War Buildings. HMGS, Inc. News more. And check out some youtube of last years show! The tourney room was move into the stage area (unfortunately, no extra lighting was moved). Once again, the convention was well organized, well laid out and her staff exceptionally supportive. He and Scott Hansen founded the Borderland Game & Hobby store in Kansas City. also penned by yours truly. With all that said, I hope you enjoy the game table photos! These are not official counts to be sure, but you get the picture. The HMGS, Inc - Historical Miniature Gaming Society, Inc. Cold Wars convention took place this weekend, although many players and GMs decided not to attend due to the mounting coronavirus pandemic. In his natural element, the HISTORICAL miniature wargame table, Here's some interesting links to fill the emptiness in your lives till the next BORDERWARS. Fortunately, I was able to cobble, beg, borrow and steal five gamers for my game the next morning and the exercise went well. There are currently no news items posted. We hope everyone in Lawrence will return the It was pretty much the same in the Dealer’s Hall, a separate building from the rest of the hotel, although newly renovated with much easier access than previously. out the best source for military or othe info on the web: WWII GERMAN SHORE BATTERIES on GOOGLE MAPS! The HMGS Board of Directors is excited to announce that Historicon ® 2021 will again be hosted at the Lancaster Marriott at Penn Square & Lancaster County Convention Center. Cue snickering now. Calendar more. Great Historical All of what you want. The lads at the booth told me there will indeed be an Eastern Front addition to the base rules, so there might well be some Russians, Austrians and Italians in my future. OK, this after action report is going to be a lot different than what I’ve written before, so if you want to experience the convention in a normal year. Otherwise, the old Host is cleaning up quite nicely, from rooms to restaurant, and – thank you, Jesus – there is a Starbucks in house. IMPORTANT DATES GAMES ... HMGS, Inc. News more. July 7-11, Gen-Con 2021 Contact HAHMGS to put on a game, or be a vendor at the show. The convention’s new home in 2021 will be the. You’ll quickly begin to realize why this year may have been a lot of things, but normal wasn’t one of them. Obviously, that does not include set up and ready to go games cancelled because no one showed up. However, I understood that this will be the last HMGS convention at this facility, with next year’s Cold Wars moving to Ocean City. From now on HAHMGS's fall activity will be supporting the KANSAS CITY GAME FAIR (see above). Here is what it was like. I was correct. Just got back from a quick trip to Lancaster Pennsylvania to attend the first day of HMGS Cold Wars 2020. More than likely, it will be at the Host. And while Britain’s Royal Horse Artillery boasts the motto “Ubique” ('Everywhere'), they got nothing on this young lass. , all thanks to a germ called COVID 19. Not this time around, though I was able to sit back and enjoy seeing how those new, totally irreverent rules and figures recreating the Armies of Oz (yes, that Oz) battled on the tabletop. Our club was scheduled to run a massive, multi-table WW1 game, but pulled the plug the day before the show as new CDC guidelines became available. One reason concerned a vendor in the act of unpacking who received a phone call from home advising him a tree just fell on his house (no kidding, you cannot make this up). and the people were both 'just great', and he can't wait to come back to As such, this event is kind of the end of an era. As usual, there were a number of very nice looking games. I suspect that number would be pretty close to this year’s as well, but regardless, there was a huge amount of cancellations. This is probably going to be my last trip for quite some time, as the lock downs are now taking effect. Haven't registered yet? As for the rest of the no-shows, yes, it was COVID19 related. I did not take the time to count who was there and who was not, but the convention program listed 47 merchants, about the same as last year. These miniatures are 3D printed and are absolutely marvellous, not a trace of circular scaling to be found and very detailed. Indeed how could anyone ignore this Frenchman’s  acumen and skill in rolling four “2’s” in a row on an average die, thus stopping his own Gendarmerie, the finest cavalry on the planet, from moving at a most critical time in the battle. To play or not to play (not to mention buy), that is the question, I also had a bit of luck in the Dealers’ Hall as well. Located at 29th and Oakley in Suite 8, above the Jackson Hewitt tax With the hotel having renovated most of the spaces, there is actually a lot more space and lighting to work with (except the state area that has not been renovated yet. As if the Almighty had planned this in advance almost to the day, as soon as Cold Wars opened its doors on Thursday, the media began what seemed like hourly reports of mass quarantines, meeting bans, event cancellations and the like. Cold Wars® Exhibitor Information Theme: War at the Shore: Battles on Beaches : Early Bird Dates July 30 - January 28. BOARD GAMES, Card Games, Euro Games, etc... Great War battles: Marne, Belleau Wood, Petrograd, MINIATURES HISTORICAL, FANTASY & STEAM PUNK, Indoor swimming pool: clothing optional after 10pm Saturday. Planet Colaw Thus, we now have Ocean City, and the gnashing of teeth has already started in HMGS land. Keep up on the details at the HAHMGS Yahoo GROUP!! The flea market was moved into the main Distelfink room and the main game room was the old tourney area. chance. I would also be remiss if I didn’t send out a HUGE virtual fist bump to Cold Wars Director Heather Blush. The 2019 edition listed 1850 attendees, of which normally about 40% walk in the door with the other 60% pre-registering. Otherwise pickings were slim. This was his first time coming to Kansas City. I’m usually able to get a lot of images for articles like these because after my game on Saturday morning, there are always lots of things hopping that afternoon and well into the night. descriptions on the website. With the sparse attendance on Friday, many games were cancelled and there was lots of space to maximize people spacing. None of this “Gawd I wish I wasn’t here” attitude that we’ve all seen before. Admittedly this did not include 19 at the bar, but it did include only nine people in the tournament room. Just got back from a quick trip to Lancaster Pennsylvania to attend the first day of HMGS Cold Wars 2020. the Heart of America. Details TBA, but stay tuned to the Adepticon website at, Join us at the Valley Forge Casino for Fall In! Seriously, ever wonder what will happen if one hosts a gaming convention and nobody turns up? first Pioneer Panzer Memorial Bolt Action Tournament. and if you didn't make it, you missed your last Required fields are marked *. A wonderful time was had by all. Your email address will not be published. All of the hobby firms I needed to get stuff from were on station and eager to take my heard earned shekels. Lawrence, Kansas. Sign In. HAHMGS Celebrated its 20th Mr Johnny Reb Hisself! I would be remiss if I did not mention the other really big news to come out of Cold Wars 2020. November 10-13, 2011at the Airport Hilton. HMGS-Midwest Organization. I don't think HMGS thinks it's going to run. a dealer at next years show, Recon 2021 Orlando, FL Date TBA : Midwest Conquest 2021 Kansas City, KS Date TBA Borderwars 2021 Kansas City, KS Late Mayish . Indianapolis, IN

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