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Their antiquity is beyond question. March 2014 Fornander, in his history of the Polynesian race, gives the Hawaiian story of Hina's ascent to the moon, but applies it to a Hina the wife of a chief called Aikanaka rather than to the Hina of Hilo, the wife of Akalana, the father of Maui. June 2014 I find this tale particularly interesting because at this point, you may be recognising some similar themes between the goddesses – they are all powerful, and all have tempers. February 2018 The next night there was a full moon, so Hina decided to climb to the moon in hopes of finding it a more hospitable place to live. Wwii Memorials, February 2020 August 2013 In her terrible fight she caught a small tree with one hand and her calabash with the other. But she grew tired of him and decided to seek love elsewhere. July 2019 Mine are patience and compassion at times. At first, Tuna didn’t care, but the people annoyed him about it so much that he eventually vowed to win back his wife from Maui. Private Tours Hawaii : Personalized - Customized - Private Tours on Oahu. The sisters perform indecent dances to make him laugh so they can see his crooked teeth. Hina went from place to place, seeking a lover. Hawaiian Goddesses by Serge Kahili King. September 2016 When he came back out, Māui was intact. Now, if you love your job but the 3 hour commute has you pulling your hair out – this is an opportunity to solve a problem – perhaps you can work from home, or relocate to a different office nearer to home. Certainly none are to be messed with. Surfing January 2018 In spite of strict instructions to the contrary, Kae forces the whale, Tutunui, into shallow water, where it becomes stranded and is killed, roasted and eaten by Kae and his people. Tami cut off Tuna-roa's head, which washed out to sea, and cut the eel-god's tail into many pieces. We encourage you to make your own health care decisions based on your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional. Allow yourself to drift into evening and to bed whenever you feel tired, regardless of the time. See you soon goddesses. To this day, Hawaiians believe that Hina continues to make Kapa cloth for the gods out of the bark from a Banyan tree that grows on the moon.[9]. Māui cut off Tuna’s head and, at his mother’s suggestion, buried it in a corner of his house. January 2015 They have more likenesses that bind them together than differences just like us as women. Tate, Karen. She is sometimes called Madame Pele, Tutu (Grandmother) Pele, or Ka wahine ʻai honua, the earth-eating woman.According to Hawaiian legend, Pele is the creator of the Hawaiian Islands. (Hina). The powers of the night aided her. She shook off her husband, but as he fell he broke her leg so that the lower part came off in his hands. Tinirau taunts him for his treachery, and kills him (Grey 1970:69, Tregear 1891:110).[4]. September 2018 February 2016 June 2013 During a fishing trip Irawaru antagonized Māui who had failed to catch any large fish. The Myth of the Nice Girl: Achieving a Career You Love Without Becoming a Person You Hate, by Fran Hauser, Warrior Goddess Training: Become the Woman You Are Meant to Be, by HeatherAsh Amara, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue. March 2018 Hina, as goddess of the moon, is closely linked with feminine energy. Culture A prime example here is a job that you find very stressful – it may be that it is both very stressful and very rewarding, and you find yourself so regularly stressed because you care very much about the work. She is even sometimes referred to as another manifestation of Pele, further stressing the fact that it is the personification of this feminine deity that is important for the Hawaiians, not the specifics. Here above the reach of the surf still lies the long, black stone into which the legends say Hina's kapa board was changed. December 2012. When Hina heard what Māui had done she threw herself into the sea, but did not die and was instead carried across the waves to Motutapu (Sacred Isle). the strong moon pulled her up with the tree and the calabash and there in the full m,oon they can all be traced when the nights are clear. [1] Hina is often associated with the moon.[2]. This is perfectly normal – when we are stressed or troubled – our fight or flight response leaps into action, and depending on a variety of factors we can find ourselves snapping at colleagues (adrenaline and aggression boosted for ‘fight’ response) or dreaming of escape, of just leaving it all and running away (flight response) of course, we cannot always escape our problems – so I suggest first, a stress relieving activity that works for you: yoga, running, gardening. It is considered a variant of a more general Polynesian narrative, developing its own unique character for several centuries before about 1800.It is associated with the Hawaiian religion.The religion was officially suppressed in the 19th century, but kept alive by some practitioners to the modern day. This occurred over a number of visits until Te Tunaroa grew bold enough to rub against Hina's genitals, molesting her. Hina is the female generating force in Hawaiian cosmology and one of the oldest goddesses in Hawaii. June 2016 They are called Halai, Opeapea and Puuhonu. All April 2015 Hina, as goddess of the moon, is closely linked with feminine energy. A number of stories are told about Hina as the elder sister of Māui. [1] Hina of Hilo is best known as the mother of Hawaiian hero, Māui. When Kae wakes from his sleep he is in Tinirau's house. But all the men she met were afraid to take Tuna’s wife, fearing the eel-god’s vengeance. After they had been together for a while, one day Tuna told Hina that there would be a great downpour the next day. That was how humankind acquired coconuts. And from there a peace? Richard Adams wrote a poem retelling the Tahitian story of Hina and Māui, published as a book, The Legend of Te Tuna. May 2015 Above was Hanaiakamalama." Hina. Note: Another variation of this myth involves a flood where all but the chief and Hina’s family are killed. However, there are three specific Hawaiian deities named Hina who are widely known and can be distinguished from each other. In many stories, closely associated with the moon, the ocean, and female activities like cooking and crafts as well as healing. Can you leave the situation? Take a walk in the country in the early morning before the world has woken up, read, paint and practice yoga. Tami dug a deep ditch linking the swamp to the sea and stretched a net across the ditch. When the people round about learned that Maui had taken Hina as his wife, they went to tell Tuna. They say that her home is "Motu a Hina," "the island of Hina," the home of the dead in the skies. Shopping First, she traveled on a rainbow towards the sun but did not enjoy the heat. In Rapa Nui mythology, Hina takes the form of Hina-Oio, a goddess of sea animals who was married to Atua-Metua. Some iwi say that it was Hina who taught Māui to plait the ropes needed to capture the sun, using a strand of her own sacred hair to give the ropes supernatural strength. Some variations of the name Hina include Sina, Hanaiakamalama, and Ina. Each would take a turn leaping into the others’ body and trying to kill him. Pele Goddess (Goddess of Fire & Volcano Goddess) Perhaps the most famous goddess in Hawaiian mythology, Pele is the goddess of fire and the volcano goddess. February 2017 In most cultures, the moon has feminine implications. The Sun was very bright and Hina said, "I will go to the Sun." She takes on many identities such as the mother of Maui the trickster, the goddess of corals, and mother of the pig god Kamapua’a, but her most worshipped form is that of Hina-i-ka-malama, or Hina-in-the-moon. Then they cursed the sea, but Hina preserved the tides. ... Hina seems to be the oldest goddess, for she is known all over the Pacific as Hina, Sina, or 'Ina. ... Hina seems to be the oldest goddess, for she is known all over the Pacific as Hina, Sina, or 'Ina. September 2019 Thus, Tuna-roa gave rise to all eels.[3]. From this watch tower in the heavens she pointed out to Kahai, one of her descendents, the way to rise up into the skies. wahine). In time, a shoot sprouted from Tuna's buried head and grew into a coconut tree. But when Hina began to go upward her husband saw her and called to her: "Do not go into the heavens." They cursed the stars. In Mangaian tradition, the coconut's white flesh is called "Tuna’s brains", and it is said that one can see a face when one looks at the shell of a coconut.[5]. Hina was associated with phases of the moon under the names Hinatea (Fair Hina) and Hinauri (Dark Hina). Differentiating between these deities can be ambiguous and is highly debated. April 2019 February 2014 The moon goddess of Ponape was Ina-inaram. (the answer, despite challenged that might occur, is always yes) perhaps you start by exploring other jobs, or possible positions within the same company that would suit you better. The existing wives were jealous and tried to assault Hinauri, but using her supernatural power Hinauri killed the other wives of Tinirau and so become the senior wife. The Polynesian name of the moon, Mahina or Masina, is derived from Hina, the goddess mother of Matii. I’m not Hawaiian, but have always had an affinity to the island. In Hawaiian mythology, the name is usually paired with words which explain or identify the goddess and her power such as Hina-puku-iʻa (Hina-gathering-seafood) the goddess of fishermen, and Hina-ʻopu-hala-koʻa who gave birth to all reef life. August 2015 As creatrix, she is paired with the god Ku, the male generating force. To me, they represent our reaction to stress ‘fight or flight’ as human we react to stressful situation in one of two ways – we get riled up, snapping at loved ones or shouting to that car that just cut us up…or we flee, we fantasise about running away, or even take a day or two off work (not always a bad thing) but what is important here is you recognise your response to stress; and explore what is causing it. These different Hina myths represent different manifestations of Hina, the former referring to the moon goddess and the latter to the goddess of the sea. Plan a day to retreat from the business of everyday life; unplug the phone, computer and ipad. A useful reminder when we find ourselves battling with other women, for whatever reason; this woman, whoever she is in your life, has more in common with you than differences. And she climbed up higher and higher. This did not deter Hina from her purpose. September 2015 I suffered and healed myself. Māui killed three of Tuna’s companions, while one escaped with a broken leg. However, she became tired of land and decided to leave Hawaii. February 2015 When rain came, the swamp overflowed into the ditch, washing Tuna-roa into the meshes of the net. In Tahiti it is said there was war among the gods. Start with my FREE PERIOD GUIDE. The heat from the sun was so great that she began to feel the fire shriveling and torturing her. As creatrix, she is paired with the god Ku, the male generating force. In many stories, closely associated with the moon, the ocean, and female activities like cooking and crafts as well as healing. Ha'iaka: Sister of the goddess Pele. Can stress relieving activities help? Eventually Hinauri would be welcomed by the people of Motutapu and was taken to the house of Chief Tinirau god of fishes, becoming his new wife. Up a little higher and the clouds no longer gave her even the least shadow. What would they be? One day, as Suki was filling her calabash, the eel-god leaped from the water and rapedher. [1] Another claim suggests Hina's legends were brought to the Hilo coast with ancient immigrants but the stories are so old that the Hawaiians have forgotten her original lands and see Hilo as her only home. She opened the eyes of the Mother of the Moon as Hina, in some of the Polynesian legends, is represented to have opened the eyes of one of the great goddesses, and in reward is married to Maraman, the Moon, with whom she lives ever after, and in whose embrace she can always be seen when the moon is full.

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