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We could go on about the silent T or the phantom D, but, instead, we’re just going straight to the big reveal. Gun sales have soared in the past year. I think Tennessee would be number one in crazy names, if only some of these places were just a little bit bigger. Well, it’s actually after passenger pigeons. We used editorial discretion to decide which ones are among the most difficult to pronounce. It is also the actual location for the opening shot of the film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. There are a hell of a lot worse places in Montana, but none that are this easy to mispronounce. 7. Traveling to Idaho? In fact, Louis Winston is pronounced “Lewis” Winston. 2. The Minnesota city of New Prague has a new-world way of doing things, including pronouncing it PRAYG. Sorry, we don't have any Things To Do located in Glimp but please check out nearby cities for Things To Do. And there's nothing like smelling bacon cooking. The correct pronunciation is WASH-ee-tah, which will come in handy if you’re planning a trip to the hot springs in Ouachita County, Arkansas. But definitely not a town in Tennessee. Opera and Virgil. Well, I actually was able to find something, on a genealogy site. I'd be flattered if you asked me. All together now: Win-eh-MUCK-uh, Neh-VAD-uh. You probably can even translate it (“good view”). These are the most common town names in America. We recommend our users to update the browser. The reason for the “e” at the end is the town was named for the Virgin Mary by a French missionary, and the feminine of “St.” in French is “Ste.” So, say it with us: SOO Saint Mah-REE, and leave the “salt” out of it. The closest we can get you is ji-NAY-dun-huh-tehn. G-L is in the south central part of the state, and has about 1,800 people. Why, a city of 11,000 people, a bedroom community for Chattanooga, the site of a nuclear power plant, and the subject of this, B-o-r-i-n-g – Lane, Vale, Pond, Lake Site, Hilltop, Big Rock, College, Tennessee Ridge, Tennessee City *, West Junction, South Tunnel, Crossroads, Midway, Centerville, Center Point, Central, Center, Spot, McBurg, Short & sweet – Moss, Mink, Mint, Vine, Hoop, Boma*, Jena, Eva, Hale, Lee, Dill, Duff, Arp, Just a little out of place – Cleveland, S. Pittsburg, Valley Forge *, Trenton (, Just a little off color – Flippin, Krapp Springs, Orthographically challenged – Tri-Angle, Chuckey, Quebeck, Smartt, Numerically oriented – Five Points, Ten Mile, Native American mouthfuls – Sequatchie, Chattanooga* (, Atypical adjectives – Major, Overall, Oral, Royal Blue, Big Sandy, Unconventional verbs – Trade*, Plant, Curve, Campaign, Veto, Tumbling, Yell, Harms, Moons, Skinem, Abnormal nouns – Sunshine, Falcon, Fishery, Rugby, Ozone*, Opossum, Mascot, Viola, Clouds, Tradewinds, Dukedom, Bride, Gift, Wheel, Winner*, Finger, Grinders, Disco, Fun to say – Lusk, Lutts, Trimble, Vasper, Turtletown, Hoodoo, Nankipoo, Just plain weird – Ducktown*, Needmore, Miser Station, Irving College, Puncheon Camp, Summer City, New Deal, Bean Station, Bible Hill, Burnt Church, Barren Plain, Black Center, Ball Camp, Bumpus Mills, Sunbright, Silver Point, Cash Point, Greenback, Golddust, Gilt Edge, Lightfoot, Hornbeak, Goose Horn, Love Joy, Love Lady, Sugar Tree, Chestnut Mound, Walnut Log, Nutbush (birthplace of Tina Turner), Crab Orchard *, Frankewing, Littlelot, Carlock, Wartrace (all depends on how you pronounce it), Wartburg (only one way to pronounce it), Just plain weird, -ville division – Friendsville (Friends Station too), Flourville, Monoville, Cornersville, Stainville, Striggersville, I’d like to introduce you to – Edith, Sadie, Louise, Heloise, Henrietta, Stella, Martha*, Warren, Vernon, Erwin, Seymour, Montezuma, Pocahontas*, Topsy, Dante, Nixon, Martha Washington, Madison Hall, Austin Springs, Walter Hill *, Season’s greetings – Christmasville, Bethlehem, St. Bethlehem, Happy Halloween – Limbs, Hanging Limb, Bone Cave, Skullbone, Screamer, Ghost towns – Wheat, Chuckalisa, Mousetail Landing. If you’re looking for a “way” to pronounce this, you’re going to have to ask “why”—as in, why you gotta be so confusing, Why-ZET-uh? Dismal – we can’t help but think the people of this town may have to try a bit harder to be light and … It’s been said that Kemmerer (KEM-er-er), Wyoming, is hard to pronounce even if you’re a local. I'm a girl. I wasn’t expecting it to be easy to find out anything about this place …  And I was right. Except in those places it's MY-lun. With a population of under 500 at last count, it’s unlikely that many people know that this town’s name is pronounced Oh-CHEE-den. Where did it get its name? According to non-native English-speakers, these are the hardest words to pronounce in the English language. Still not sure what the surname actually means. I see a prominent road (perhaps the one from the story) and about a dozen buildings. Things we say on COVID Halloween halloween. New Jersey has THREE towns that are known as “GREEN-which.” One is in Cumberland County, one in Gloucester (pronounced “GLAW-ster”) County, and one in Warren County. And according to the Shickshinny Historical Society, Shickshinny means “five mountains.” While Shickshinny may not be the hardest Pennsylvania place-name to pronounce (for that, think: Lititz, Ephrata, Quakake, and Versailles, among others), Shickshinny sure does make for a fun tongue twister. If you’re into pop culture references, check out which iconic movies were shot in which states. Coeur d’Alene is the name of an American Indian tribe who lived in the area and called themselves the Schitsu’umsh. 7. In Georgia, it’s BEW-na VISS-tuh. New Jersey, being the Garden State, insists on pronouncing it as “GREEN-which.” And it’s not like there’s just one there in either. Please, for the good of the nation, get your shit together. Gal 1:  Just go in and fake check something ... then ask her. Here are some other fascinating facts about America you never learned in school. New MAD-rid though? Speaking of tongue twisters, try saying “Quonochontaug” five times fast. Second, that same word nerd’s dad went to high school in Schenectady County, New York, and the name of that high school is quite a whopper, itself: Niskayuna (pronounced Niss-kee-YOU-nuh). These include Nenzel, Ong, Ord, Ayr, and Burr. It’s pronounced ZY (rhymes with EYE) – Zicks. Louisiana has some cities and towns that are fairly hard to pronounce, like Natchitoches or Opelousas. In fact, it’s the latter. Put your state knowledge to the test and see if you can identify these states on a completely blank map. Here’s what one of my search results tantalized me with: “Headed to Glimp Tennessee? Then there’s the fact that so few of your letters give any sort of clue to how you’re actually pronounced. I think Tennessee would be number one in crazy names, if only some of these places were just a little bit bigger. Pigeon Forge is right down the road from Gatlinburg. This town of 500 is almost in the dead center of Tennessee. The folks there seem to want tourists pretty bad, and claim the following attractions: A musical "venue," the Bell Buckle Café and Music Parlor, Several festivals, including one celebrating RC Cola and Moon Pies, That’s a Goo Goo Cluster in the back, by the way, (have no idea what the babe in pink is supposed to be). In Louisiana, Natchitoches, the oldest settlement of the Louisiana Purchase, is pronounced NAH-code-ish. “I think people could be intimidated by looking at it, seeing it all spelled out with a bunch of O’s,” said Oconomowoc’s economic development manager, Bob Duffy, to the Wausau Daily Herald. 24/7 Tempo set out to identify the most difficult-to-pronounce town name in each state. An alternative along those lines is that the town was so small and remote and boring that the only excitement to be had was watching some ants or beetles go at it. And, really, that’s too bad – especially for the Volunteer State. Next, read up on the wackiest laws in every single state! Probably not big enough to make the atlas as I was using as my reference. Palermo, N.D.Sticking with Italy for a little longer, there's Palermo (Pa-LER-mo), or, as they say in North Dakota, PAL-er-mo. First, one of us word nerds, and we’re not saying who, is a big fan of the film, Synechdoche, New York, whose title is a play on “Schenectady, New York,” where most of the film is set (along with the concept of “synechdoche,” wherein a part of something represents the whole or vice versa). Here are some of the Tennessee beauties that didn’t meet my admittedly very stringent requirements: “Man, there sure are a lot of owls around here.” “All that blasted hootin’.” “It’s enough to drive a feller crazy, ain’t it?” “Yup, it’s a regular owl city out here.”. Because Iaeger, West Virginia has plenty. Most Mispronounced Tennessee Towns. This IS New England, however, so you'll probably hear it called WUSS-tah. Would it help any if I told you this started out as two towns? googletag.pubads().definePassback('/344101295/AL/www.southernthing.com', [[970, 250], [728, 90]]).set("page_url", "http://www.southernthing.com").display(); But not in Delaware. Osawatomie, Kansas, had its 15 minutes of fame after President Obama visited in 2011, and a couple of public radio hosts butchered the name. We took "O Sole Mio" and made "It's Now or Never." This town in Illinois is pronounced Ben-ELd, and it’s not that hard to remember if you consider that the town is named after its founder, “Benjamin L. Dorsey.” Dorsey was responsible for acquiring the land on which the town was built. But if you don’t, you can read about it here, along with other geography mistakes most people make. The spelling of the city in western Pennsylvania has long been a point of contention. But for towns in Illinois and South Dakota, it's vai-EH-nuh. It’s named after the Shickshinny Creek, which runs through it. Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, is described by some as an idyllic and charming city with a quaint downtown and an abundance of lakes on all sides of it. 11. This tiny unincorporated municipality extends for three miles along the southeast coast of Nunivak Island, Alaska, which is part of the Bethel census area of the State of Alaska. Palermo, North Dakota, is not pronounced like its Italian counterpart (Pah-LAIR-Mo), but rather, as PAL-er-mo. 12, 2019 The English language is tricky enough without all those U.S. town … The question is: Do you know how to say it even once? No, no, that was Bug Tussle. That they're all cool with. Nacogdoches, which is pronounced NAH-coh-DOE-chess. Some say it’s from the Indian. ... or Wah-KE$HA for that matter, even though when you ask people why they pronounce the name of the town like that, they're all, "We R Who We R.". By the way, Schenectady is pronounced Skin-ECK-tah-DEE. Coeur d’Alene (kore-duh-LANE ), another city, and county seat, this time Kootenai County. We’re in the west center part of the state (in fact, Only’s closest neighbor is Centerville). They got the name Coeur d’Alene, which means “heart of an awl,” from French-Canadian fur traders.Coeur d’Alene (kore-duh-LANE ), another city, and county seat, this time Kootenai County. Russia, OhioThe country of Russia is represented by a town in Ohio. As a result, there are many towns across the country with names that are difficult to pronounce — and that may even be pronounced differently by the locals. Located at the geographic center of the state, the land was originally known as Pagonchawnischage (a Mattabassat Indian name), so really, things could be a lot worse. Lebanon, N.H.Lebanon? This episode is sponsored by Renasant Bank. Looking on the bright side, at least Charleston and Washington County aren’t hard to pronounce. So, then what’s it doing on this list? So, it’s “Glen-EL”. New Prague, Minn.The Czech city of Prague is full of old-world charm. Or is that just the way you’re pronounced?

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