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I am still visiting retirement homes to sing for the residents and to thank them for loyally supporting the Welk Show for sixty plus years. And then he showed me where it was now – he pointed to the Geeville Mercantile. I lived there for 25 years and the earthquakes, fires and floods number of Welk Noters who are coming in for the show. back home 24 years ago. Despite much protesting, Mississippi Public Broadcasting stopped carrying the Lawrence Welk Show in the fall of 2015. I had only one concert in May and June and nothing in July. survived with no broken pipes or other problems that come with unusually cold temps. My brother-in-law and I worked in our garden this past weekend and have gotten it all in the I have three concerts scheduled in March in various places around Mississippi. And the signs of the time are appearing complexity of our tax code is also frustrating and should be changed. Spring has sprung, and are we evermore happy to see it!! Fortunately, Sis and I have escaped it so far, but our 16-month-old grandson and his parents have all had it. Modern technology is so wonderful for families and friends living far apart! Isn’t it amazing I think the highest surge was about 8 feet and did not do a lot of damage. We believe that it causes illnesses, and we always have a lot of sick people this time of year. It was 60 degrees one morning last week when I went out to get the paper at 6:00 a.m. and I thought I must be dreaming. Sis and I are about to embark on a trip we have put off for three or four years because of health It is ranked #1 in the nation by many groups who rank that sort of thing. They had not seen the Christmas lights in Branson which go up the first of November. He was well-received by the audience. I encourage you to do some homework I spoke to him about doing a music show at The Claude Gentry Theatre. As it worked out all We have about 15 family and friends who were born in March, The Governor has had an event each month featuring Mississippi artists and this month I am one of the featured artists that will be performing at the Governor’s Mansion on September 30th. That night there was a fabulous jam session at the Bombay Club and some of New Orleans’ best musicians came by and sat in. for everyone to work on their favorite dishes. We were Take care of yourselves and “keep a joyful song in your heart”. Guy Hovis with Let the Eagle Soar - Duration: 2:29. Our Sunday school class is southern California to visit old friends before coming home. Palm Sunday weekend I did a show at the Gertrude Ford Performing Arts Center at Ole Miss with my good friend Mary Please look on my calendar page for the details for each show. The event is in the Mississippi Coliseum in Jackson and the music starts at 10:00 a.m. If you are in or near the Jackson, Mississippi area on that date, I can assure you that New Orleans”. The small town of Baldwyn was a well-kept secret for me. Our lives seem to get busier we get into November, so check your options for “early voting” or voting via absentee ballot. concert ticket, Governor Bryant is a long-time friend of mine and he was re-elected to a second term last November. I think Ralna feels about the same way about traveling and, although we miss seeing so many friends and fans all over the country, we don’t miss the hassle of air travel. we. It has been so long since I have written in this news page that I don’t know where to start with an of the country and here in the Deep South, it has been the coldest and wettest since I moved Born and reared in Tupelo, Mississippi, he was the son of an officer from the Mississippi Highway Patrol. We had a wonderful Christmas season, the highlight being that our two youngest grandchildren (2 yr-old and 6-month-old) spent a couple of weeks at our house. I appreciate those of you who have emailed me and asked for an update. I am so blessed that these people still come out to hear me sing the same old songs year after year. It is cooked in the oven for a while and then spread out on paper to dry. “breathtakingingly” is not a word, but it sounds good, doesn’t it? I am excited to be working with some of my old friends from the Welk Show in January 2016. I have not been singing much since the week before Christmas and I don’t have anything scheduled until the latter part of February, so I have to be diligent about vocalizing enough to keep my voice in top shape. Completely unrelated, the following Sunday morning, I got up and sang “Mary, Did You Know” and “Sweet Little Jesus Boy” at Calvary Baptist Church in Booneville at the invitation of my friend Susie Allen, their music minister. pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I and grandchildren. from lack of water and some have taken out their lawns and replaced with rock and cactus plants. She lives in Baldwyn and her Dad and Guy’s Dad were both Mississippi Highway Patrolmen that protected Elvis at the Tupelo Fair in 1956. The tone he got out of his clarinet, was something very special, and acknowledged by musicians all over the world. educated decision before you vote. Site developed and maintained by Jason Collum and Associates, LLC. It helps me keep my voice in shape and I love seeing the smiling faces of the people the English Channel and rolls along at 175 miles per hour so it is just over two hours from station and to visit friends in California. Interestingly, he lives very close, in Ashland. on our way home, the Jackson airport was closed because of ice on runways. This was in an Art Gallery which also provided tasty goodies for us. He is now six months old and getting cuter every My team had a challenging schedule for the first month of this season, having to play three nationally ranked teams in four weeks. Tony sat in my lap. Wishing you all a spooky Halloween, blessed Thanksgiving, and joyous holiday season. He gave me the number for his booking agent. The electric fence has been on the blink, so the deer I have gotten lazy when it comes to attending to my website, partly because I don’t have anything interesting or exciting to report. Having come from a relatively small family, it has been a It was the first time we have all been in the same place at the same time in a couple of years and we really enjoyed our time together. Although we have had a lot going on in our lives and have been away from home a good bit, I really should have made time to write something. This is an election year for U. S. Congress and a third of the U.S. Senate. His home sits on what was once the “Lomenick Plantation.”  He showed me where the various functions of the antebellum property had existed – the grist mill, servant quarters, main house, etc. I will continue to sing at least once a month at local retirement homes which I thoroughly I remember when I thought it was too early for the stores to put up Christmas before Thanksgiving, but we have move way forward from that. really enjoyed being a part of the show and was really surprised and pleased that Guy & Ralna’s Thanks to those of you who made the trip to see us and we enjoyed seeing a lot of long-time fans in each place. finally decided to give the soil in the garden a year’s rest. HEAL OUR LAND, HEAL OUR LAND AND GUIDE US WITH THY HAND The older I get, it seems easier to put weight on and harder to get it off. I have heard too many people say they are not going to vote because they don’t like the choices. Like so many others, Sis and I are working on trying to shed a few of the pounds we picked up during the holiday season. may have to do both. I’ve been blessed through the years, especially the last few, to have enjoyed many unique and varied experiences.

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