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I put the pjs on  last night with Mrs. D’s bright red bed socks (heavy underwear under p.j.s. Won’t go thru to catch a gal, 4 Numbers, dots and dashes are ok, too. And when it is over and you return from homing Today we had C rations and I started eating & finished the whole plate – I happened to glance up & a bunch of the kids were looking at me and shaking their heads – – they had left most of theirs. I know that’s a lot but it’s my goal. Griffin Kauffman (grifx)'s profile on Myspace, the place where people come to connect, discover, and share. She came back and [censored, about six to eight words] but will [censored, two or three words] until about [censored, probably one word] and seeing as that is less than [censored, about two or three words], the whole outfit is happy. men mentioned in Griffin’s November 26, 1943 letter. We had tea with tangerine in it instead of lemon. Letters from the Alice Griffin Collection: Part V (November & December 1943) It’s swell to think of me Marg and it’s a big enough thrill. We'll email instructions on how to reset your password. You may already know people on Myspace. She was in the last weeks of pregnancy with her son Griffin when she completed filming on the third season of, She was 9 months pregnant with her son Griffin when she auditioned for the role of Amy Duncan on the new Disney Channel live-action sitcom, Her pregnancy with her son Baker was written into. It’s nice because tents aren’t too nice in the rain although we didn’t gripe – we’re all over that stage. When they left her they were happier. Separate tags with commas, spaces are allowed. Hi Cath and All. What those super-duper troopers Remarkably, she recovered enough that she was, for a period of time, able to return to limited duty. I’ll write again. A hospital ship came in and Marion Williamson and Gerry Di Tomasso from our hospital were on it. Naturally our kids were a bit peeved because most of us had dates – so a bit of friendly rivalry went on and Dot LeC & V Donahue composed a song which I am enclosing – we’ve had a lot of fun with it. I told Ruth, even if we had to take a broomstick & hammer nails in it, we’d make ourselves a tree, although I doubt if we’ll have to do that – all depends on what’s what. My first four days here were very busy ones as some major came down to see me and brought a couple of his buddies with him. The Griffin letters end here, shortly before the 32nd Station Hospital shipped out for Italy. She arrived in Charleston, South Carolina on July 18, 1944 aboard the U.S.A.H.S. I haven’t written for a couple of days as we’ve been busy on our leave. The next passage mentions that Ruth Donovan’s mother told her that there would be something printed in the Quincy Patriot Ledger. We arrived back yesterday and were invited to stay there for dinner – ours wasn’t until six last night. My case is swell and the smell has almost gone – I keep all writing material in it. I believe we were all down to our last clean pair. Ruth said that when they were kids they used to sit on the beach at Chatham & say “If we get going right out & keep on, we’ll get to Europe and Africa” – never thinking some day we’d land in Africa. Principal Chief Nurse Brammer rated her performance in North Africa as “very satisfactory”. The following letter is presented in its entirety. The line “Just think Thanksgiving this month” suggests that it was probably written on November 3 or 10; if it were written on the 17th she probably would have worded it that Thanksgiving was next week. I hate night duty so I don’t think I’ll get very many letters written. Photographs appear in several collections of 32nd Station Hospital members which, although not labeled, almost certainly depict the Armistice Day ceremony mentioned in the following letter. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I really appreciate it but keep the canned goods, huh! At our feet they gladly swoon. Peter’s picture is just about the best Christmas present I could ever have received. Hi Muth, Cath, Marg & all –   the other kids have gone over to the John so I thought I would dash off a few lines before we trech [sic] off to the show. He had joined the unit on October 12, 1943 and assumed the duty of Mess Officer five days later. The men of the 32nd Station Hospital shipped out for Italy on December 15, 1943. Well folks guess I’ll close now – too much talk going around and I can’t concentrate. for a movie If you want to go ahead and mail them anytime, I will collect them from her mailbox and put them all in a big box to give her on her special day. The Army keeps us well fed – but there’s always that hollow spot, that can be filled only by something from home. 72 . Sending these poems that were in the Stars & Stripes – – for the first one – – “ain’t it the truth” – about the rushing around etc. View the profiles of people named Kauffman Griffin. The following letter is presented in its entirety and probably refers to Oran as “a city near here.”  The third paragraph is one of the most evocative in the entire collection. Saw some more hats for Pete but we’ll get them after the first of the month – it’s a draw – whether or not we’ll be in tents for Christmas but doubt very much it will be Italy although I’ve sent to Verna for addresses. I stayed about two hours and then had to leave to come back on duty. Assumes responsibility and very well liked by co-workers and subordinates. Enter your email address to follow this site and receive notifications of new articles by email. Claire, Dot & I got up at 6 30 am today to go to confession & com. In a hotel, in the mts Tangerines are swell here now – oranges are quite sour but we eat them. Use one of your social networks or start fresh with an email address. Rcd another bundle today with presents to girls from Muth & from Peteen to me. And especially your very nice Christmas gifts. Oh yes, tell Muth I can’t check up on Hogan because we are just about isolated here until we go and we can’t use phone. Doctors at the time suspected the cause was a previous infection, most likely rheumatic fever. Hitting > pauses the slideshow and goes forward. Undated Letter (Probably November 10, 1943). It is just a cheap thing but fruit can be kept in it – if you have any. Change ). We had a dance planned the other night for the para-troopers but our drs. Just received letter telling about Johnnie’s accident – I do hope everything is OK by now – and anyhow John you wouldn’t be a good Irishman if you had all your teeth. They have two children. decided it should be a closed dinner & dance & only the outfit should attend. Just dashing off a line – heard from both you & Muth yesterday    Oct 20 or so. Drop music and videos into the areas below. I’ll never live in the mountains in the winter again. I sent some pictures to the base censor today – if they will not go through, I’ll get them back. I really appreciated the thought & we had a very lovely tea party. Very interested in her patient’s welfare. Use tags to describe a product e.g. A number of photos of the conference survive in the collection of Dr. Gayland L. Hagelshaw. And before I forget, would you write and tell me quick who Mary Metivier from 38 Willoughsby Rd in Milton is – I received a very lovely package from her today and I’ve racked my brains – the writing isn’t familiar & neither is the name – so for Heaven’s sake – help – but don’t tell her I forgot because it just isn’t being done. Margie – Can’t get Spahi fez you wanted. ( Log Out /  Has two sons with her husband Keith James Kauffman: Griffin Samuel Kaufman (b. January 28, 2009) and Baker James Kauffman (b. September 18, 2012 via c-section). We arrived back from A—– just in time to eat at an air corp and paratroopers outfit and then as our dinner wasn’t to be until night, we watched a very amature [sic] but enjoyable football game before we started back here. I also bought a book-folder & a very thin writing folder for myself and I still have 30 dollars left from my pay – good – huh. There was also a medal hitched to it. Arriving in Oran the next morning, the Nurses were transported to MBS Staging Area Number 3; the officers and enlisted personnel to MBS Staging Area Number 1. Language: English. But one of these days, the [unclear, looks like “right”] of us will throw “one,” especially for you, and admit you into our clan. to be Godmother without naming it after me. Mrs. O’Dowd is presumably the mother of Griffin’s nurse friend, Mary O’Dowd. Griffin was examined from April 10–16, 1943 at the 12th General Hospital; her condition was considered stable enough that she was allowed to return to duty. This V-mail mentions Griffin’s young nephew, Peter. Griffin had concealed some very important news in her letters, undoubtedly so as not to worry her family. First they came, they saw, they conquered The “wedding pictures” mentioned are presumably from their wedding, since Griffin herself was unmarried at that time. From attic to cellar you will find good roaming We were thinking of putting the tree in an empty tent and then we can all gather in there Christmas Eve if we are still located in the same place. We based it off your Twitter details. Well, here I am finally sitting down and writing a letter – if I can think straight I’ll see if I can write a nice long one. The weather is nice and although it gets quite cool after the sun goes down, it’s nothing like mountain weather. We had about sixty patients, and the temperature was 103º. [In blue ink, probably added later:] Please send me some cold cream, need it badly. Red two letters from Muth today – Oct 16 & 25th and also one from Marg, Oct 15 th – first letters besides V mail for a while. At 7.30 I have to be on duty – wow. Message. Heaven bless us Griffin pointed out later at an Army Retiring Board hearing that when the 32nd Station Hospital began operating in Caserta in January 1944, the buildings didn’t even have windows or doors! Griffin’s Uncle Dave was the grandfather of her young cousin Neil Callahan, who was frequently mentioned in her letters. The “new dietician” was 2nd Lieutenant Julia Brosius, who joined the unit on September 21, 1943. The only reason for doubt is that it was separated from the letter. After all I can’t go on describing Africa all my life. Au niveau mondial le nombre total de cas est de 47 688 747, le nombre de guérisons est de 31 704 944, le nombre de décès est de 1 216 700.

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