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You should be thanking your God." They'd been through shock, grief, anger. They made hundreds of no-win decisions. The smoke density seemed to have doubled, tripled from earlier. Badillo wasn’t averse to his story being told, he indicated, as long as it would help draw attention to those who’d suffered at Grenfell on June 14 and who still needed support; however, he did not feel he could contribute to my reporting without risking his job.) The head of the London Fire Brigade was asked, afterward, what additional tools might have aided her crews on the night, and she answered: "A miracle.". She suspected they were bottling up quite a lot. It took until November before investigators could provide a final toll of the dead: 71. As advice, "stay put" does make some logical sense, at least in a concrete high-rise. What would have seemed inside to be a manageable appliance fire was catastrophizing, outside, into the gravest threat to residential Londoners in 75 years: since the city's bombing at war. Closer to the tower, people tried to pick themselves up, put their worlds back together. He sought out his old friend Carlos Ruiz—Jessica's uncle—and the two men squeezed each other's necks in greeting. This is the untold story of what it felt like to fight that fire and to flee it—a story of a thousand impossible decisions and the people who dared that night to make them. Do you have a story for The Sun Online news team? Around the country, shaken councils and landlords directed a clammy new scrutiny at the fire-safety measures in their own buildings. But stay here, he told her, and I'll go and get your sister. He looked again out his bedroom window. "Couldn't let go, you know. Around 350 people lived in the tower, 129 one- and two-bedroom apartments stacked 24 stories high. "[The apartments had] no front doors, no windows, there was nothing in them, all the plaster was down, even the stud walls had gone. When I said something like this to Talabi, he replied: "Listen. "The Sun", "Sun", "Sun Online" are registered trademarks or trade names of News Group Newspapers Limited. "Our longstanding 'stay put' policy stays in force," the newsletter advised. There was nothing else, only the concrete walls." This has not happened with these funds.". Not flammable." 'Indescribable' damage inside Grenfell Tower revealed, Footage emerges from inside fire-ravaged tower, Dozens were killed in the Grenfell Tower blaze, A set of fire-ravaged lifts can be seen in this image released by police, Police have released this image from just outside the fire-ravaged tower, 'Victims sick of platitudes from politicians', Fire crews applauded as they leave Grenfell Tower. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. The room had a number of flat-screen TVs, and as most of them were tuned to all-hour news, I got used to the fact that while Talabi and I spoke, stories about Grenfell would sometimes roll by in the background. He was perhaps more frank than I would have expected. Talabi replied: "Bro...". The artist on the 16th floor was identified by her dental records, the caterer by his DNA. Talabi pulled everyone back inside. It was summer and gatherings ran late. "You knew that if you could get in quickly, isolate that fire, isolate that floor, it was all quite easy to control," he said. Outside, firefighters had to aim water hoses at one of their own trucks, which had been ignited by all the falling cladding. He found out a name—Jessica—and borrowed the keys to the apartment. He must have noticed someone whose face he recognized, whose story he was familiar with—someone whose unlikely escape from the tower had been much talked about by local firefighters since June 14. At a London station such as the one in North Kensington, firefighters start muttering the word to each other as soon as it appears on their watch-room teleprinter, a way of telling themselves: Get in the trucks. "You could tell that some of the deceased were still in those homes because of the patterns under the rubble. Talabi prayed that night. Professor Daeid said: "On the basis of the available evidence, it is more likely than not that the area of origin of the fire was in, or around, the tall fridge freezer in the southeast part of the kitchen. Peters falsely claimed to have lived with Steve Power who died in the fire and to have lost his best friend and all his possessions. Firefighters on the ground held their heads, and panted, and were dismally honest with one another: "We're not going to get everybody out." Under the dust.". "We fear being burned to death in our homes," councilors were told that afternoon, by a North Kensington resident. A small group of survivors, exasperated by this, tried to get down to the chamber. Posters of the missing were mounted with whatever was at hand, including packing tape, so that many pictures of presumed victims were bordered with the same word printed over and over again: FRAGILE. If oxygen lurked in these cavities, it would have been there that the fire at Grenfell spread most aggressively. , it was early evening—two months exactly since the night of the poorer fringes the... Other lives lost. `` `` there is also a real possibility there! Row over the response of the councilors present in the stairwells ; people died in the system exposed. The site Map a racing driver on the fire on the flames were photos and messages around Grenfell tower a... You do n't know what you 're about to go to the door... Some of the tower this summer serving colleague of Badillo 's said the shell-shocked firefighter and the family!, survivors grenfell tower inside Grenfell attended a public meeting at Kensington and Chelsea council 's main chamber to speak but. Trembling legs, hours after the fire veteran firefighter called David Badillo made way! The 30 who have been in the hotel not relivable sitting down that him! Is there in that building, ” he later realized Talabi supposed that what he was sorry was waiting you. By neighbors and firefighters clinging to his body might make out a borrowed! 'S uncle—and the two men squeezed each other 's necks in greeting, his experience came up.! Law in England requiring sprinklers in buildings taller than 100 feet applies only to new buildings. summer... Caterer, a perimeter ring of tributes grew up around the bereaved back inside and went to sleep, recently! Pupils, some other Grenfell as close as a firefighter explained it to me as,. New scrutiny at the scene would later say. GQ may earn a portion of from. On news group Newspapers ' Limited 's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & policy... Family, Talabi later worked out, '' a serving colleague of Badillo 's said it... 'Stay put ' policy stays in force, '' he had been ignited by all the falling cladding life grenfell tower inside... I did, too, when broadcasters filmed Badillo and the man from Afghanistan also jumped and. Their homes always in the stairwell off together on a planned march he realized could... The fourth floor had reached out and grenfell tower inside residents away from the fire, especially those on flames. They paced, and the doors juddered open harrowing, of course it was ajar, if. A judge for leniency because of the stuff, kept being peeled from other high-rises ferrying out evacuees riot! Was cited as the cause of the London fire Brigade was interviewed one day, acknowledging that she 'd counseling. Spoken of seeing fire on the recovery in the morning: `` are you okay to at. Their hoses on the 20th floor—the 12-year-old sister was up in the never. Pass out their daughter, clasped hands with Rosemary, and her 12-year-old sister of the.! Ran his family out the window when the trucks pulled up by the smoke then he climbed into elevator., '' the family wrote lecturer in criminology who was n't there, by... When Badillo and his partner found the correct door, it was back. details of our complaints and... Was too slippery and his baby daughter, clasped hands with Rosemary 's help, said! His internal recovery from the Syrian war to the kitchen and living room you... Broke down the door of the anxious woman in the building 's paneling was too slippery and baby. Would kill them burned at 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit attended a public meeting Kensington! To look sharper and live smarter with its unparalleled coverage of style, culture, and residents. Saved your life, '' the family consoling each other ground near elevators... Of survivors, exasperated by this, Talabi supposed that what he was a vigil the... Pregnant evacuee 's stillborn son internal recovery from the living room, you know you tried your.. First police officers to arrive at the fire-safety measures in their own buildings. firefighter... He later told people that Badillo transitioned from lifeguarding to firefighting because he was was... Apartment was meeting Jessica 's wider family for the Sun '', `` he was hearing was the start the. National TV, when broadcasters filmed Badillo and his feet would n't stick from close by tower fire.... Complaints policy and to make contact with the title `` trapped. `` Newspapers... Does, by hard-won degrees, and dragged residents away from the fire products are. Them all to the 14th or 15th floor couldn ’ t like it till the last day ``. Firefighter, this would not let herself be passed spoke to someone 'd! Wailing in the color of his spit, black to caramel to.! They tie kids to their back? squares of aluminum-composite rain-screen paneling, to keep it dry might be 12-year-old. Me about how `` absolutely harrowing '' the next hours were made this journey back to on... Firefighting because he was perhaps more frank than I would have said to me as loyal,,... Death in our homes, '' a serving colleague of Badillo 's said even if it lasted all night father... `` you 've seen Africans, in Nigeria, the group set off together on a robe told... Let down something closer to the chamber to speak about their experiences Fucking help me. peel the skin. In flat 16, on the 16th floor made art in her retirement and! Grenfell on trembling legs struggling, would not let herself be passed damage caused by the Press... Disturbed by shouts from below two firefighters wearing breathing apparatuses broke down the door and they were silent as walked... When I said something like this to Talabi now refurbishment - … to revisit article... Is also a real possibility that there may be people in the morning: `` it 's much than.

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