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Deeply driven by a sense of social responsibility, Harry, 50, works as a “joy strategist,” helping everyday people and artists like Jay-Z and Lauryn Hill connect their emotional dots. The joy strategist has a few general tips for people who have been looking for joy in 2020. “If you’re alone in quarantine and you’re feeling lonely, chances are you’re not going to reach out. But I was complaining one day that I never get to wear baseball caps or those porkpie caps, none of the iconic hats. I look at shirts from two years ago and I’m like, remember when we were just angry about that? So I’ve probably seen “Cape Fear,” like, 700 times. One woman in the midst of an existential crisis sought out Harry’s help. For Questlove, ‘Soul Train’ Is His Happy Place A founding member of the Roots shares the TV shows, artists and “robe type things” that top his list of essentials. It’s my new thing. I had agreed to do a commercial for the Toyota Scion back when they first came out. They were like, “Who would agree to doing a car commercial without a license?” I got defensive. The woman who does the stabbing played Coco on the TV version of “Fame.” So it’s like, George was taking out the trash at his cleaners and this girl gang comes up and robs him of his wedding ring. 2.1m Followers, 7,461 Following, 7,101 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Questlove (@questlove) However, there are rumors of him being in a serious relationship but he chooses to remain silent. So, the only way to know … I’m talking about, like, families that had a jukebox 45 one-stop-shop business. Under this current administration, the one thing I’ve invested in is my expression of the anger over what happens in any given week. That was his happy place. And when he tries to get it back she pulls out a knife and she stabs him! Only until this year have I learned to sleep in total darkness. Pre-pandemic, Harry’s approach to helping clients find joy stemmed from in-person “playdates,” with activities based on their childhood upbringing (where they grew up and their birth year) to help them find joy in their lives. I’m blessed I woke up. I was raised Quaker. No, he is not married and doesn’t have children. “You see this little kid swinging their arms around. At one point, all three televisions in the house would have “Soul Train” on loop, as though it were an aquarium. I’m about to delve into all the “Diff’rent Strokes” two-parters. Usually you get a nephew who’s like, “My uncle once serviced over 300 bars in Georgia but now they’re gone and we’re getting rid of this warehouse with 40,000 45s. I have a broker who just scours the country for people that are about to trash their collections. They’re jumping up and down. I was like, “Well, who would give me all that money up front without verifying if I was a licensed driver? And then I realized that that’s exactly what I’ve become. I was just everything that felt wrong at the time.” It wasn’t until she was a teenager that she met musicians who were very much like her—people who had a strong creative narrative and a passion. I don’t care if it’s 10 minutes.” Harry explains that having a system in place ups the likelihood that a person will reach out when they need support. As a matter of fact, I told him this one time when he and I did a sketch on “The Tonight Show,” and I was so embarrassed. And that’s exactly what he did. A Soul Aquarium. 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He has to do art in his book. “I was a living adult with a kindergarten education emotionally, which is what I realized we all do.” Harry eventually found greater emotional understanding by searching for it in her own life, leaving her role as a creative director in the music industry, and allowing herself the freedom to pursue her passion to connect with people. “Once a week, you and your group have to do something fun together. “And now I’m finding, because my days are cramped because so many people are really in scarred moments in their lives, I started to take everything I love and condense it into a 30-minute routine in the morning.” That includes a “30-minute tramp dance party” every day. All rights reserved. I’m like, this is a really serious “Jeffersons”! His name is Frank William Miller Jr. — his tag is Then you’re going to [say], ‘I’m a burden. It’s inspirational to look at. “I put all her friends together, and they became accountability partners for each other,” says Harry. With a new digital-first world, Harry has had to pivot her services; the majority of her sessions have moved to Zoom. I can’t. So right before I called you, someone just sold me another 30,000 pieces. Harry was motivated to work in creative fields partly because she always felt different growing up: “I wasn’t any one culture, any one race, any one anything. Another client has benefited from an accountability crew. And in 2020, she believes her mission to help others find joy has never been more important. And, again, thought it was silly, like, ha ha, wearing a crown. We actually have two pieces here, and I look at them when I wake up in the morning and just sort of get lost in them. “We all come into this world in joy,” Harry says over the phone from her New York apartment. Once I heard that, then I understood what the 600-plus episodes of “Soul Train” that I own are for me. Given that Questlove needs nine of those storage spaces just to hold his 170,000-piece record collection, it was a daunting task to narrow his cultural enthusiasms down to just 10 essentials. It’s a cloth crown. I’m owning my kingdom. For Questlove, ‘Soul Train’ Is His Happy Place. I thought that was just for snobby, well-to-do older people or college professors. No cowboy hats, nothing. Is he dating? Like, full blast. I just recently started an obsession with collecting kitsch albums. They were like, “You’re not getting this car until you get a license. “I have a lot of friends that are healers, therapists, and life coaches, and I realized, that’s not what I want to do—I want to create a strategy around people finding joy and having joy be their North Star,” says Harry. The scrapbook can be curated to the individual’s wants, hopes and dreams. Frank is almost like — in the way that he produces these shirts — he’s almost like the news. Nothing is funnier to me than when comedies have to get super serious and the “To Be Continued …” is about to pop up. I’m grateful,’” Harry says. Isolation at home means that many people “are really trapped in their decisions and feeling miserable; they’re now seeing what they’ve been trying to avoid, the truth of what they thought they were living all this time,” says Harry. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Apparently, Questlove looks like a weird man but he is not a bad guy at all. But he took a break from recording his podcast, Questlove Supreme, and working on his forthcoming directorial debut, a documentary tentatively titled “Black Woodstock,” to give it a try. For me at least, his pieces feel very royal. And then they’re like, wait, is he playing the longest version of the Jackson 5’s “ABC”? We heard you like records, Questlove, so you want ‘em or not?” I can’t see it go to the trash. So these guys were like, we’ve got the perfect idea for you, and this could fit your Afro. There’s a story I often tell about this time when Prince fired me at a D.J. I joked that I liked the car because it was Afro-friendly. I’m trying to dress my age, but it’s hard to give up T-shirts. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. “I even put letters in the book that are inspiring because it’s hard for me to receive praise,” she says. My girlfriend kind of assisted me in this, because she’s way more knowledgeable. They’re probably having a much happier life than me.’ So, you’ve got to make appointments in advance, when everyone’s feeling good.”, Finally, Harry recommends taking two to five minutes to find gratitude daily. Again, I felt silly at first, but then I got used to it. His assistant explained to me, “‘Finding Nemo’ is Prince’s aquarium.” Wherever he was, there was required to be a television monitor, and “Finding Nemo” was supposed to be on in the background. But after navigating a handful of job changes and relationship ups and downs, she found her calling. I wasn’t white. They were mediocre at best. “I don’t care if you lay in the bed, your alarm goes off, and you spend five minutes just rolling in the sheets [saying], ‘I feel so good. Now, they’re getting up and doing a three-minute dance party in the mirror to a song from their high school days. It’s sort of like that, but a texturized black version of it. Right now, with this additional 30,000, I’m up to about 170[,000 records] now. In 2020, Harry has worked with a gamut of clients who have lost their sense of self. If it’s ten seconds before the “To Be Continued …” pops up on a sitcom from the ’70s and ’80s? They feel entitled to it.” Harry believes we all deserve that same joy. Under her watch, adults of all ages have played with Hula-Hoops and bumper balls, participated in egg and spoon races, and sung at the top of their lungs. “Even before quarantine, I woke up, I did yoga in the morning, and I would meditate,” says Harry. I know that “New York, New York” was such a nightmare for him that he won’t even allow it on iTunes. He makes a lot of controversial political T-shirts, and if I’m not wearing my suits and stuff that I have to wear for “The Tonight Show,” I’ll say that 70 percent of the time his shirts adorn me. No one told them to do that. “It feels like a safe space, and everyone needs to make one of these.” The book features pictures of her favorite people and places, and includes space for her to doodle whenever she wants. That’s my obsession. And it’s the best thing ever because I get to laugh—I get physical and I start the day feeling really good about myself.” That self-care allows her to properly help her clients find joy. So they made me a crown. At one point I was going to buy another house just to put them all in, but now I need a warehouse. So there’s that problem. He is a man that has massive responsibilities on his shoulders. I thought it was a joke. Where I shoot “The Tonight Show,” I can tell who’s in the highest tax bracket of anyone working at 30 Rockefeller Plaza based on how they wear their jacket. So we’re going to film you getting your license.” And that’s how I got my first car. Finding joy isn’t necessarily easy, but Grace Harry has made it her mission to help people make it their priority. I told you that entire story to tell you that there’s this designer XELKOM. “I’m a world-famous celebrity hoarder,” says Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson, a founding member of the Roots and current bandleader and drummer on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” “I have about 15 storage spaces, so basically I’m a firm believer in throwing nothing away.”. The latest fashion news, beauty coverage, celebrity style, fashion week updates, culture reviews, and videos on “You create your group, and then you create things together,” she says. But I’m probably the only human being who didn’t mind “New York, New York.” Yes, I respect “Raging Bull" and “Casino” and “Goodfellas” and whatnot, but I love “The King of Comedy,” and I love “After Hours,” I love his particular portion of “New York Stories," and definitely “Cape Fear.” In the heyday of the Roots making our first record, Tariq [Trotter] and I watched “Cape Fear" every night after coming home after recording.

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