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“Mmmbop,” sing the Hanson brothers, decked out in their late-nineties baggy jeans. In 2014, the band Vulfpeck had the bright idea of releasing a ten-track album of pure silence on Spotify in order to fund an upcoming tour. Thanks again Bill for bringing yet another smile and laugh into my life. If I had been asked (NOT A CHANCE) I would have declined for reason stated. Well done Oh Canada and Mr Shatner for bringing a bit of humor in to what is actually a very important award. For help, see the examples of how to link to this page. Maybe Billie Joe Armstrong was genuinely asking his listeners for help. Over a dozen celebratory songs to play tonight after Trump’s loss is official. Most new songs tell you exactly what they’re about, like having hips that don’t lie. Veggie Tales has a lot of funny songs that even adults enjoy, but this song is performed by an ensemble of animated, yodeling vegetables. Bravo. Mr. Shatner gives us a long-term, cool galactic perspective on zenophobic nationalism and diminishing fundamentalism by presenting his version of our Canadian anthem...Congratulations on your Lifetime Achievement Award ...Mazel Tov!! Learn more about our use of cookies: cookie policy. Barnett hits home again with this song title, which doesn’t even pretend to be an uplifting tune. New Study Finds That Supporters of Reaganomics Hate Science. Check out the funniest lawyer jokes of all time! Our frozen native land! The Beach Boys’ sense of whimsy is stronger than ever in this song that imagines a carnival on an airplane, with lyrics like “Peepin’ and a-hidin’ in and out of the cloud/ the leader lost a hanky wavin’ down at the crowd.”. Funny bastard.....I love this dude. They used the money to fund a free nationwide tour for their fans., — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) October 27, 2020. O Canada… O Bondhu Lal Golapi || Bangla Song |Bangla Funny VIdeos 2019 | Roshovonggo. BIll, I love Star Trek because of you and Spock and Bones, I love Canada cause I was born here and it's fabulous and I love listening to you talk even while reciting the national hymm Oh Canada, you are Amazing, Congratz on your GG Award. Our site uses cookies. Mr Shatner, you came to the US to share Canada's best, and I came to your (our) beloved Montreal. Oh Canada does need a tune-up. Hopefully you guys will love this official music video. Enough said. "Beam me up". “Plant a flower, plant a rose… In an mmmbop they’re gone/ in an mmmbop they’re not there.” According to the Hansons, an “mmmbop” is a unit of time. Watch more NFB comedy here. Congrat's on your Lifetime Achievement Award sir! I watched it, and was amused for about thirty seconds. They take themselves too seriously. Either that or this song title is just trying to warn us about the undead. How could anyone think this would be ok. She is an 11 year old, dedicated Trekkie and going to the Governor General's Awards Gala was her birthday present. ...very funny ...Shatner has a good sense of self effacing humour. SHATNER, YOU ROCK!!! Remember what happened to Rosanne Barr? Crass, but effective. Love this parody! Check out the most popular misunderstood song lyrics. Good Job. Stevens enjoys writing beautiful, lilting songs with flowery lyrics, and naming them with ridiculous titles such as this one. If you want a president who can string a decipherable sentence together and follow a line of thought to its logical conclusion rather than present the results of a series of randomly firing neurons, get out and vote for Joe Biden. Lyrics don’t get much sillier than “Ob la di, ob la da, life goes on, bra.” The funniest part about this nonsensical song is that it spent time on the Billboard Top 100. He doesn’t usually write funny songs, but with his titles, he likes to pretend that he does. Fall Out Boy is famous for their overwrought titles and funny songs, and this one off the album Infinity on High is no exception. Cheers! Being full of food and totally incompetent at dancing hits a little too close to home for most of us. Please take some time to Language Learning Made Fun! Mama Lisa's Blog. Very Nice. Ouch! Absolutely hilarious! Check out more fascinating facts about the “happy birthday” song. So what? Don’t miss these side-splitting history jokes! Barnett sings “I wanna go out, but I wanna stay home,” the anthem of combination introvert/extroverts (otherwise known as ambiverts) across the globe. We’re unsure if there’s any theological backing to this song title, but it’s an apt name for a tune that encourages its listeners to keep on drinking. This is one of those long song titles that is the enemy of the Google Search tool. If title wordplay were an Olympic sport, Fall Out Boy would be the reigning champion of titling funny songs.

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