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Lock. Sweeney told police he sent the racist messages and accusations of pedophilia because he wanted to get his victims in trouble or hurt their reputations. Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know. Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. Market data provided by Factset. He has convictions for harassment through the U.S. The postcards included harassing language, as well as references to Adolf Hitler, racial slurs, sexually charged language and personal insults, according to McGrady. According to federal court documents, a couple began receiving similar harassment after a confrontation with Sweeney at the drive-through window at a Wells Fargo bank in Garden City. Even after the death of E.R. NEW U.S. Many of the cards are signed "Carson Wells," the name of the bounty hunter character from the movie No Country for Old Men. A 76-year-old Boise man was sentenced to 51 months in federal prison for what Idaho prosecutors are labeling a "crusade of harassment" related to a barrage of postcards sent to a homeowner after a minor confrontation in a post office parking lot, a report said. "I remember it was Nietzsche who wrote, 'The crime is not in the act but in the stupidity of being caught,'" Sweeney is quoted as telling the New York Times reporter. Cold start Wednesday morning then a warming trend. You have only your big mouth to blame for all of this.". "It's December! Sweeney also sent postcards to the employers of several of the family members, as well as sending one to the Idaho Black History Museum, in which he uses repeated racial slurs and signs the card as if it was sent by E.R. In one of the postcards, sent in November of 2018 to the principal of a junior high school in Boise, Sweeney falsely wrote that L.J. "Venomously yours, Frank Abbot Sweeney," the letter concludes. She is DYING to see me.". Naturally, I removed my license plates so that street cameras could not identify my car," Sweeney wrote in July of 2016. Frank Abbott Sweeney, 76, was previously convicted of crimes including fraud, robbery and shooting at a police officer with a machine gun. "And I still patrol the post office daily in an effort to sport (sic) you. "I intend to be with you for life! McGrady argued Sweeney avoided being caught by authorities by wiping his fingerprints from the postcards, buying the postcards with cash and mailing them from different locations around Boise and Garden City. The harassment began after a brief interaction Sweeney had with a woman in the parking lot when the woman confronted him about parking in a handicapped parking space without a tag on his vehicle, Deputy U.S. Attorney Kassandra McGrady said. RELATED: Court weighs whether Boston Marathon bomber got a fair trial. at the bank. Sweeney referenced the incident at the post office, and made clear in the postcards that he had been able to uncover an alarming amount of personal information about the family, including birth dates, social security numbers, license plate numbers and the types of vehicles they drove. The defense countered Sweeney’s mental illness has been a problem since he was as young as 7, but is not compounded by any drug or alcohol addictions, the newspaper reported. "The Defendant said he felt the victims had embarrassed him and it made him feel better to send the postcards knowing the content would upset them," officials wrote in court documents. That couple, along with E.R., also picked Sweeney out of a photo lineup as the perpetrator. POSTAL SERVICE TRUCK CONTRACT WORTH $6.3 BILLION MAY BE AWARDED IN 2020 One of the victims, a woman identified only as E.R., recounted to investigators how she had confronted Sweeney, who she did not know, about parking in a handicapped stall without a handicap placard on his pickup. Review. FOX 61 | Connecticut breaking news, weather, traffic, sports and social media. RELATED: Feds: 25K victims possible in multi-million dollar Idaho phone counterfeiting scheme. Court documents list an "extensive criminal history" that includes convictions of mail fraud, robbery, obscenity, forgery, weapons charges, as well as attempted homicide for shooting at a police officer with a Thompson submachine gun in New Jersey the 1960's. Frank Thomas and Mark Sweeney join Kevin Burkhardt to give their best wishes and support to David Ortiz, who was shot in the Dominican Republic over the weekend.#FOXSports #MLB #DavidOrtizSUBSCRIBE to get the latest FOX Sports content:▶First Things First's YouTube channel:►UNDISPUTED’s YouTube channel: ▶The Herd with Colin Cowherd’s YouTube channel:▶Speak For Yourself's YouTube Channel:►UFC on FOX’s YouTube channel:►FOX Soccer’s YouTube channel: Like Fox Sports on Facebook: Fox Sports on Twitter: Follow Fox Sports on Instagram: FOX Sports:With exclusive highlights, original programming, and behind the scenes footage, FOX Sports' YouTube channel provides the sports content that fans are hungry for. and asking for letters. When Sweeney is released from prison, he will be required to serve three years of supervised release. Following the incident, Sweeney hired a private investigator to find where the woman lived, as well as her personal information and her family member’s names before sending a barrage of harassing postcards to her home, the Statesman reported. This is Me - Control Profile. Postal Inspection Service served a warrant on Sweeney's house - located about a half-mile from the post office and a few miles from the Wells Fargo - on March 4, 2019, seizing the typewriter used to send the postcards. The U.S. All of the cards were prepaid postcards with a flower or tree in the upper-right corner, and appeared to have been written with a manual typewriter. Despite repeated efforts by investigators, the case did not begin coming together until November of 2018, when Sweeney zeroed in on new targets. The family reported the harassment to the Ada County Sheriff's Office and met with detectives. 's husband had been convicted of a sexual offense involving a child, which was not true. View People They Know with Court Records. of being a sex offender. Market data provided by Factset. He also postcards to the victim’s neighbors claiming the woman was a sex offender and pedophile, which were not true, the report said. Sweeney allegedly signed the postcards as “Carson Wells,” the name of the character who is a hitman in the movie “No Country for Old Men.” Sweeney was indicted in March for his use of the U.S. File image of the James A. McClure Federal Building and U.S.

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