ferret mucus poop

If the cystic kidney symptoms don’t match, then please see if she has any of the symptoms for proliferative colitis. Hi my fuzz ball has liquidy poops I’m pretty sure. Well, you are there cleaning the litter anyway, and it’s always nicer to perform a medical chore than just a janitorial one. I will make sure to update you with the progress Samy has made in the future. Just don’t overdo it — a little ferret poop gazing goes a long way. I’m wondering if anyone has experienced this before and what could it potentially be. It might be worth printing this out for your vet to see if that is what’s wrong with Simon. I’m sorry to hear about your boy’s poop and think it would be a good idea to take him to a ferret vet to be checked out. Any disease that results in loss of villi decreases the intestine’s ability to absorb food (and to digest it a bit too.) Here's one for example. Could be because of a blockage or hairballs. Cuba! Has your boy’s poop just become runny and yellowish or has it been like that for some time? Featured Image: Via bozhdb/iStock/Thinkstock, Copyright © 2020 Chewy, Inc. She hasn’t really had an issue like this before which is why it was alarming. Have you looked at my ferret vet pages to see if there might be one near you? If there is a lot of blood, it could come from the entire length of the G.I. When I bought him his stomach was bloated , the vet of the store told me he had gas, his poops where like the kibble type like the first picture, when I switched him to raw it started to look mocousy, is it because if the food, must I change something or wait for him to get used to it. https://www.all-about-ferrets.com/ferret-vets.html, I hope that has been of some help to you and I am sorry that I couldn’t give you any definite answers. Further digestion converts it to stercobilin, which is brown and imparts the characteristic brown color to feces. But the loss of absorptive surface is really what results in changes in the ferret’s poop. But they dont have much ferrets at all just mostly dogs and cats at the vet. Thus, the appearance of “birdseed” stools is indicative of maldigestion/malabsorption, and points to a problem with the small intestine. The ferret has a simple stomach, which secretes acid and pepsin in response to the entrance of food. Samy’s spleen has swelled up a lot. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. So if it goes through at an accelerated rate, it never breaks down all the way and has a green color to it. If we know that worn-out red blood cells are a large source of the brown color of feces, a severely anemic animal would have pale feces. Hi I was born and brought up in Hong Kong but when my father retired, they came down to Australia and I joined them a year later as life was getting too expensive in HK. I think it would be safest to take her to your vet to be checked over. Good luck! ❤ Diminished stools generally mean diminished food intake, as long as they are a good color and tubular shape. A lot of the swelling was reduced and she’s been pretty perky since being on the tincture! With the exception of vitamin B-12, nothing is really absorbed from the stomach. Ferrets affected with proliferative colitis, a condition caused by infection by a bacterium known as Lawsonia intracellulare, often pass frequent small stools largely composed of mucus and fresh blood.

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