fallout 76 boathouse key

Watoga Shopping Plaza Do note that these are only sightings and might not be 100% accurate. The fourth one should be somewhere on the small curved side table on the left of the white leather sofa, in the room with Madigan’s Corpse hanging in the cage. Three possible locations available here: In the entrance foyer by the bicycle and the pair of double doors, near the main reception counter. Two magazines should be located here, one on the side table between the two comfy dark red chairs, in the upstairs spa area across the elevator of Beauty and Spa Salon. The third magazine location should be on the metal desk, in the upper laboratory area. Another one on the small low coffee table, to the right of the stall with the three stools. Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 The final one can be found on the seat next to “Checker Tie Mr. Fuzzy”, on the “Widow Maker” ride, pretty close to the second magazine. Another one should be inside the bank vault, on the table. Under the threat of nuclear annihilation, you’ll experience the largest, most dynamic world ever created in the legendary Fallout universe. Lastly, on the TV cabinet, in the cockpit section of the airplane. A magazine can be found on the low coffee table, near the sofa. Watoga High School You will get different buffs for collecting all of them, so we have decided to craft a guide for their locations. Two blocks north of Trinity Tower, this oyster bar rests in a small alley.There is an outdoor seating section, while the restaurant inside has some tables and a bar. There are quite a lot of possible magazine locations here: The first one should be somewhere on the half-buried curio cabinet, left of the Project Director’s Terminal, in the upper office with the window overlooking the mission control room. A magazine can be found around the trailer to the northwest of this location. Belching Betty A magazine might be located southeast from the “A3” sign, left of the exit to Appalachia, around the dinner table. Transmission Station 1AT-U03 This section is needed but has not been written yet. Finally, a magazine may be in the upper corner of the Master Control Room, in a waste-bucket near the small black computer bank. Another should be in the main glass cabinet on the south side of the road in the middle of the storefront. This should be just on the Brotherhood of Steel flagpole. Three magazines should be located here: The first one should be in the middle locker along the wall of lockers, above the large sewers with the hatch, in the metal maintenance hut corridor. A magazine should be located on the mattress inside the large tent to the right of the gun emplacement. Spruce Knob Lake The single magazine location that can be found here is behind the metalworker cabinet counter, west of the garage and the curve-roofed maintenance warehouse. A magazine can be found in the last locker on the left of the room right next to the far corner of the girls’ restroom. A magazine can be found below the metal shelving right of the red trunk, on the east corner of the locked concrete transmission hut. Another can be found on the north side of the camp in the middle of the “Widow Maker” ride.

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