evapolar vs arctic air

Once I opened it out it was great even on the lowest setting. I was happy.with the results. Truth is these jerks are lying, there are no easy shortcuts, for it shall take some big watts before you’re home becomes a comfort zone. People need to post their location and humidity because this will only work where the humidity is low. I realize I have only used it for a week but I haven’t experienced any of the issues that everyone else seems to be having. Mine works good to use to sleep! I then went back to the website and clicked on the link to track my order, and was stunned to see ANOTHER invoice for $90.95…2 units for $59.96 + a “bonus fee” of $19.99, whatever that is, + misc. 1/1/11 I use it as I would an electric fan, but a lot better. Oh gee, we have an Einstein over here berating everyone. Was totally useless when I tried using it as a footstool to reach my cabinet. I am not interested in how much it cools or heats…Blablu just want the deep inside of it. I literally have mine blowing in my face as I type this, but the smell is weird and I’m about to turn it off. It is not worth $40. The reason is the tray is shallow and water will come over it. The artic air is no good my came with the screw missing the buttons inside i have to open it and tray to fix it my self they steelling peoples money and the artic air name is a trap, I ordered the cooler 2 days ago for 2 days delivery and still haven’t received it?????? I am always hot. I just want to say . Arctic Air doesn’t blow hard, but the air is cold, and colder if you use really cold water. Tonight mine is full and blinking. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. WTF? When I called to see if they had shipped the replacement, they said for some reason it wasn’t sent and the agent apologized for my troubles. To give you some comfort without AC, an inexpensive fan will do essentially what this unit does. She states in her review that this is her only real disappointment that it should blow harder. I bought mine from a store that resells returns from the big box stores for $10. Just received this useless machine. VERY DISREPUTABLE! I have it on the box blowing at me about 2-3 feet away. If anyone knows if I could use this like a regular fan when the water runs out, will you let me know. As others have said, it is a low-powered fan. The answer depends on the application. My husband bought the Arctic Air for me d/t my office not having AC and being extremely hot. The infomercial clearly is a scam and shows double the offer for 2 payments of $19.95. If you’re thinking about buying one check comments before purchasing. No way swamp coolers are ever going to replace air conditioning in my realm as far as alleviating the misery of heat and humidity is concerned. I reviewed the product and even researched other items and I still decided to try the Artic Air. – The Arctic Air “Personal Space” cooler is an evaporative cooler, which has a small fan that draws hot dry air into the unit and through a moistened “evaporative water filter”. The lights on top just blink when I try to turn it on but it won’t stay on. As the temp went down on these swamp coolers, the colder the would blow moist are. It worked at first, and I accidentally nocked it over and water got into its inner parts. Have to wait more than a month for a refund. Don’t expect it to cool down a whole room, but it’s good for just cooling yourself down. This has been a life saver. It was empty and was off. (Thought I was the only one who noticed this silly new trend of starting with “so”.). Mine came broken and it is so cheap!How do we get our money back? The Arctic Air isn’t so terrible. it did’t do a good job before it quit! Mine came broken!!! So glad over the years that the majority of condos there are now equipped with a/c!!! I decided to pass. So I purchased the Artic Air, I bought 2, thinking since it’s a As seen on tv product, I would need 2 to really help get the room cool. Every time I try to move it from room to room water just runs out of it no matter how level I try to keep it. Arctic Air vs Evapolar Arctic Air and Evapolar are both personal air cooler and humidifier. I took mine back to the store as it made no noticeable difference even placing it inches away from me. I am very disappointed as the Arctic Air is nowhere near how it’s described on TVShopping (where I bought the item) and surely would return it. My nose doesn’t bleed in a/c & there is NO comparison for me to a/c when it’s hot AF. Copyright 2020 | MH Newsdesk lite by MH Themes, on "Arctic Air vs Evapolar | Compare As Seen On TV Evaporative Coolers", Hydro-Chill evaporative cooling technology, Freon Free, Energy Efficient & Eco-friendly. You do have to keep it close to feel the air but I don’t mind. BUT, they billed me and shipped them anyway. I bought this 2 days ago at bed, bath and beyond. Furthermore, the units are not worth the money she paid for them. It has run constantly for the past 15 days. I live in a dry state. My Artic air cooler is about to drive me nuts. But not as expensive as central air units. It works as said and cools up close. So sad!! I just received my unit 2 weeks ago. I just bought the arctic air cooler. I have RA, Fibromyslgia and Lupus. No problems. Well we got only three. I love the Arctic Air but after just two weeks it is emitting a foul smell! It would not cool a room but I want it mostly to blow cool air on me when I sleep.My boyfriend is cold natured and I like the cold. A central air or window AC runs warm humid room air through the coils of the AC and when the air passes these very cold coils, moisture condenses at the coils and drips water outside the living space. I work nights, so I just wanted a little cooler air next to me on my nightstand. Week two: light flashes three times ever min indicating the water is low. Same problem for me. However, from one day to the next, I don’t understand why, though the air being emitted is cool, the air smells weird. The fan isn’t silent, but I enjoy the white noise. I ordered these on the 9th of May and they arrived on the 17th of May. Does not really work as expected. I ordered 2 more units on-line and had to read the fine print on the pricing really well. Your email address will not be published. STEP 2: Enter Your Payment Information /* 336x280, created 12/18/09 */ For awhile I taped it but it now wont work at all. For me it helps, but I’m not using it for larger room or as my sole source of cool air. /* 336x280, created 12/18/09 */ I think it works just as it says. I have one on my nightstand and if you fill it as directed and leave it on low it will last at least 6 hrs. We changed the filters and in the moving around of these things the wiring that sits near the water reservoirs broke from the constant damp area inside the artic air.

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