evangelion episode 22 script

The day after this, Gehirn is disbanded, and NERV is formed.[6]. Working at the university, Fuyutsuki is told about the work of a promising new bioengineering student, Yui Ikari, and the two have a meeting, revealing that Yui is also considering a domestic life over her research. Also, unlike the original they cannot be used to initiate Instrumentality with Lilith herself. The opening credits are missing in the Director's Cut, being replaced by Asuka's failed seduction scene on the aircraft carrier. ---B PART:END--- Trailer ; Unit-0 is captured and penetrated by Angel. This page was last edited on 3 October 2020, at 06:58. ↑ The script refers to them only as yari (spear/lance). Misato notices this with some concern. All the while, Asuka watches on, loathing the attention the doll receives and desperate for her mother to look at her as she once did. But Asuka instead changes the subject by attacking Rei, mocking her "doll-like" obedience. Misato orders her to retreat, but she refuses, preferring death to another defeat. Back in NERV for another sync test, Asuka's rate has declined even further, and is now barely above the activation minimum. Deputy Commander Kozo Fuyutsuki is kidnapped and interrogated by SEELE, who are outraged that in its last battle Unit-01 absorbed the S² Engine from an Angel into its body, so that it no longer requires an external power source and can now function indefinitely. Second Impact occurs; Fuyutsuki does not go into detail, except to say that the first year was "pure hell". Soon Misato and Kaji get together, and Misato spends a week away from classes with him. Gendo is there in Antarctica, much to Fuyutsuki’s shock, having apparently left a day before Second Impact. As the Commander makes no response to her objection, Misato realizes that what she thinks she knows about “Adam” is just another lie. She meets in secret with Hyuga, who tells her that, according to his sources, the production of Eva Units 05-13 has begun in several locations around the world. Misato is now her bubbly self. She denies it fiercely. In 2005, the first meeting between Misato Katsuragi and Ritsuko Akagi is shown, narrated by Ritsuko. Misato questions this order, stating that contact between an Eva and Adam can cause Third Impact. Ritsuko notices that it could be a major problem, with the Evas still in repair after Zeruel's attack. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? The Episode begins with Asuka and Kaji aboard the Aircraft Carrier on their way to Japan. Kyoko suffers one after her contact experiment with Unit-02 backfires. But then she remembers that Kaji belonged to Misato from the time she smelled the lavender perfume on his sleeve. How the Eva was capable of doing so is unknown. In Japan, it's normally the bride who changes her name, but occasionally the groom will do so if his new wife's family is of higher social status, especially if she has no brothers to carry on the family name. Infuriated, she launches herself and confronts Arael on her own, however Arael uses a telepathic attack which forces Asuka to relive traumatic events from her past, causing such mental distress that Asuka completely loses synchronization and Unit-02 shuts down. In a bathroom, Asuka laments having to go through her period when she "doesn't even want kids." To protect Shinji from that invasion, Rei wishes the death of herself. While the bident is the Spear's default shape, it also has metamorphic capabilities. Next For a detailed comparison of the redrawn scenes, see Guides:Episode_22_OA_vs._DC. That he had Fuyutsuki spared at his behest shows not only Gendo's influence within SEELE but perhaps a grudging trust in Fuyutsuki as well (and perhaps Yui's influence), over other less scrupulous men of similar capacity. Asuka talks to Kaji about Misato and tells him that he is the only person she loves, in what amounts to an excessively strong schoolgirl crush. It remains there until the battle with Arael, upon which Rei once again descends to collect it from Lilith in order to destroy Arael, which was floating in outer space high above Earth's atmosphere.[7].

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