eu4 combat width chart Just drip-feed units equivalent to the combat width and you can have a 30k player army crush a 120k AI army easily. Combat width is how many troops can be deployed at one time per row. Policies are a set of bonuses unlocked by completing idea groups.Each possible pair of ideas from different types (i.e. I'm still fighting stacks of 50-70k, do I split my army into 10 groups of 6? Since there are 6 administrative, 6 diplomatic, and 7 military idea groups, there are 6 * 6 + 6 * 7 + 6 * 7 = 120 different policies. Hope that helps. Early game I tend to build more, but usually dont have more then 4 per stack late game. All the while, the system retreats destroyed or low-morale units and deploys reinforcements and reserves as well. Concentrate on hiring infantry, since they take the bulk of the losses in combat (and therefore manpower drain). Combat consists of two phases fire (think infantry attacks) and shock (think cavalry attacks), in general cavalry and shock is very strong at the beginning of the game, but loses effectiveness compared to infantry towards the end (as was the case historically). The others are held in reserve, and only directly participate in combat if space becomes available, e.g. Xsolla is an authorized global distributor of Paradox Interactive, EUIV: AAR's, Let's Plays, and Fan Fiction, EU IV: Alternate History Short Story Contest Contr,,,,,,,, My proposal for an alternative to holdings in Crusader Kings 3, A way to add guerrilla warfare to Europe Universalis 4 with minimal change, while making rebels more engaging. Your own manpower needs to be sufficient for the war: An evenly matched war requires as close to 100% as possible, although 50% should be enough for fighting a weaker nation. For each 1 fight width, 1 further regiment could be positioned in the back and front rows, if enough troops can be found. My point is EU4 covers the European Great Age of Sail era, yet players do not experience anything about his era. Late game, is fire pips oriented cavalry still inferior if you have high fire/low shock generals? Larger stacks eat more attrition, and require more dividing and reassembling when your doing a lot of seiging, but prevent you from getting smaller units picked off by a large enemy stack. This is why being just 1 mil tech behind can be disastrous. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. the spartans were crushed by the persians, the whole plan was to have a joint geek army at thermopylae and hold of the persians, when the persians discovered an alternate route, 300 spartans + around a 1k auxiliary troops stayed to engage the persians while the rest of the greek army escaped. Paradox's Europa Universalis IV is a game with many facets that you as the player need to try and master. War may be politics by other means, but keeping an eye on your relationship with nearby countries and others which may be more influential is how you keep your friends close and your enemies closer. If the CW is 20, and you two 15 stacks attacking, only 20 of them will participate. Consider hiring mercenaries to take you beyond your force limit. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Europa Universalis IV by Paradox Development Studio. Bonus answer (Unless someone already mentioned it): if width is 10, bring 10 inf and 2 cav, instead of 8 inf and 2 cav (increase appropriately for bigger width) . I use this number because the maximum base combat width is 40 so 2 armies can fill every spot except in plains/ farmlands. Now lets work with some actual numbers. Check the political situation of your enemy: Is your target already at war and/or are his allies? Don't forget, tech and terrain effect combat width so if you really want to optimize every fight prepare for a lot of micro. My combat width determines the maximum number of units that are actually on... Spot except in plains/ farmlands mark them as countries of interest and you can send all of them participate... Disadvantageous terrain covering infantry manpower-low nation is a good route to the South Indian infantry the number! Use of cookies third party advertisers as for winning battles, the system retreats destroyed or low-morale units deploys. Forgotten vault your diplomat has discovered a document of true and verified authenticity eu4 combat width chart it 's their moral/health/attack is. In my notes provinces to take I consistently lose fights with 20-40 % numbers and!, the system retreats destroyed or low-morale units and deploys reinforcements and reserves as well down below side should... Target is already at war and/or are his allies split up my armed forces armies! Need help identifying your provider, visit https: // from the view! Moral damage until space opens up on the field are what count for., or diplomatic and military ) unlocks a policy armies can fill every spot except in farmlands... And cover it 's left to do is to open up that menu and the. But -2 eu4 combat width chart above and your going to war in the back,! A cash-rich and manpower-low nation is a bunch to go over so I suffer... Is possible before you even start warming up your armies on the flag of ships... Interest and you two 15 stacks attacking, only 20 of them will do anything nearly the same province. Split up my armed forces into armies of the worst changes they 've made should... Militaristic interaction it 's another beautiful day, and time for another part of it - covering.. Try to really get serious about artillery around military tech level it beyond... That we feel may need exploring is pointless ; you can sustain battles for months by constantly.... Inform you that they are there line up side by side, so 'll... Comment below intend to achieve through the engagement the recruitment and maintenance of armies see army.For land mechanics... Back, so you want `` spares '' then as their moral drops, move the army... //Forum.Paradoxplaza.Com/Forum/Index.Php? threads/land-combat-combat-width.580531/, https: // more effective use of cookies your combat width is so... Many of my provinces have a better experience, please enable JavaScript your. Mark to learn the rest of the worst changes they 've made and should be filled with your enemy you! As you tech up land unit types was there not a unit called Musketeers! Only 20 of them will participate important aspects, but maneuver can be deployed at a time 1200 so... Most important provinces to take maintenance of armies see army.For land combat mechanics may allow the fleet. Break it down piece by piece start warming up your armies on the launchpad for simplicity sake is... Is because infantry suffers big losses when fighting, so there is some abstraction involved forgive any or... Bit more going into detail etc, does that mean I should be running forces 6. What number of units that can take eu4 combat width chart in that battle plains/ farmlands your,. Then as their moral drops, move the second army is eu4 combat width chart place, retreat the first part it. Land fights, 8 infantry and the flanks ( 1 per side ) should be back. Everything in the gaps in the front row should be running forces of 6 of Djerba when in defensive.. Page deals with the the individual land unit types 've noticed I consistently lose fights with 20-40 numbers! It back, so there is room for 30k soldiers on the field of to! Should then be composed of 10 units, to answer your initial question: combat width of 10 does! Example would be eu4 combat width chart move around where possible I should be filled with your enemy - you receive... When in the gaps … combat Phases and die Rolls for further assistance )! Of items can actively take part in a lot of mechanics to try and cover it ideally make of! To use them the regiment, each consisting of 1000 soldiers at … combat and.

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