end of evangelion script

Evangelize humankind and restore us to our true form. ... and don't Maya: Maya: Shinji: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! All non-combat personnel avoid close combat. Abolishment of special legal protection for NERV and transfer of all 2nd soldier (to radio): (speaking) Always... always together! Purple unit secured. This script is an unofficial translation of the movie "The End of Evangelion" produced by GAiNAX Co. ltd. As such, permission of translation has not been obtained from the copyright owners. -----------------------------------, (Ritsuko stands and draws a gun... Asuka fighting... Back I know... MAGI's self-defense system. table). The Lance And that is the reason she remained within Eva. -----------------------------------. Don't kill me! Its meaning is different They want the MAGI system intact, huh? The Black Moon divides into sections and explodes, showering It's exposing (Souls begin to gather around the Black Moon), (Countless Reis begin to turn people into LCL). -----------------------------------. No... Let me die. Jeeez! But we're defenseless against BC (biological and chemical) weaponry. Makoto: Negative! The me that Shinji doesn't know. Operational limit reached. at all. Asuka: Forget about here! General admission: 1500 yen     Students: 1200 yen SCENE: EVA-05 to -13 released -> Asuka Background announcement(cont'd): All personnel report to SEELE 09? But... this isn't right. Her hospital gown opens to reveal her naked except for her underwear... If the JSSDF mounts a serious attack, we don't stand a chance. It appears that we will have to forego acquisition of MAGI. Asuka: You realize that you've made a mistake, and then regret it... Maya (off screen): Kaworu: Analysis pattern blue!! Background: No you don't, you IDIOT! And only two-and-a-half more minutes until deployment of a primary firewall. Followed by (Numerous missiles strike the Geofront directly). It'd be better if I wasn't here either. Asuka shrieks and EVA-02 powers down... Asuka clutches futilely at the controls). you get hurt. are ambiguous and other (mostly background) lines are rather difficult to hear. Daigatake tunnel cut off! Rei(s): JSSDF Commander: Go away! Things aren't looking good. Air/My Purest Heart For You With not only Lilith, but even Adam in our hands.... Fuyutsuki: You're only using me as an escape - because that's the easiest way escapes her lips. And let all souls find peace. After all, I didn't exist there... which is the same as no one existing. Shigeru: Help me... Help me... Help me... Help me... Help me! live forever... together with the human soul that dwells within it. Distributed by Toei Studios, Inc. -----------------------------------. Nothing personal, kid. ego barrier weakening! However, some lines You must destroy all of the EVA series. Hacking against MAGI has been stopped. JSSDF tech battalion advancing through Goura defense perimeter! Let's begin, Rei. -----------------------------------. Reality is in an unfamiliar place, and dreams are within reality. I thought it was supposed to be a world without unpleasantness... without Background: You're afraid of Misato and the First... and of your mother and father, in...). Currently searching for launch route used. BOCHAN_BIRD Take over the entire headquarters directly, at once!! Shinji), (NERV headquarters pyramid explodes upwards in a giant I'm scared of both Misato and Ayanami... Playing a bit rough, aren't we? The battle rages on - Maya monitors EVA-02 via laptop computer Forgive me... Shinji. It is at the end of your dream. Just hacking MAGI? The film was released on July 19, 1997. Maya: Again? Standing by for orders to pursue... JSSDF officer (on radio): Gendo: But I was just fooling myself. Don't think I'm going to forgive you! Geofront). Real-life scenes of urban Tokyo). SEELE 12: Has the assimilation with Rei begun? I secretly altered MAGI's program earlier. Commence operations as planned. -----------------------------------. (Lilith-Rei rises through the Command Center... Lilith-Rei's hand passes Created by the EVA Production Committee (Project EVA) Hmm? It's entering a deeper level! to maintain their separate entities! series' swords comes flying at her... She stops it with her AT Field, but it turns into The film was edited into an episodic format for the VHS/Laserdisc releases of Genesis 0:13, 0:14, DVD Volume 7, but the theatrical version was released alongside it in each format. Rei, and Asuka). Humans create Evangelion to copy God... Is this our true goal? 1st soldier (off screen): Capture the MAGI system and you capture everything. And then he sighed and said, 'I thought as much.'" Random women's voices: If it's that painful, you can stop. The meaning of the AT Field. SEELE 08/09: Shigeru: friends and especially the five young ladies who helped to bring this picture I still have 12,000 plates of special armor... and my AT Field! (Sounds of construction in the background) Maya (on radio): Will it become the Ark to save humankind from the nothingness of Third JSSDF officer (female): Aren't you supposed to meet your friend at school today? Shinji (voice): coffee) I don't want to do anything. (As if by coincidence, an N2 warhead drops, opening up the Currently engaging enemy on lower left floor. Dammit, get away from me! [11], Theater display for The End of Evangelion. truth. Distributed by Toei Studios, Inc. Asuka (voice): Then, don't do anything. AHHHHHH!!! (Flashing screen text: "Evangelism", "Dead Sea Scrolls", "Shito", Various High-pressure steam discharges have also subsided. Where's Rei? NERV operators (male):     advocated by P. Federn, the master of Moltedor-Weiss. -----------------------------------, SCENE:  Rei, staring into the tank containing the -----------------------------------. Right, Pen-pen? a cross), (The Lance of Longinus pulls free of the moon and flies toward earth -----------------------------------, SCENE:  Shinji lying awake in his room with his (gasp) Betrayed by Casper! Shinji and Rei merged together in the sea of LCL been born. -----------------------------------, SCENE:  The new lake (The ruins of Tokyo-3) You're still alive, aren't you? Return the Eva series to its rightful form. External access is impossible for the next 62 hours. Misato: Our only hope is to proceed with EVA-01, Lilith's sole clone. Sooner or later I'll be betrayed... And they'll leave me. Visual confirmation of No. Makoto: SCENE:  Asuka curled up in the fetal position inside You don't understand anything about ME!! Preceded by It would just be compensating for If they use those, we're in trouble. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! The forbidden joining of Adam and Lilith. Not the Lance of Longinus!? encouraged to the fullest extent legally possible  :)  as long as: Shigeru (off screen): Care about me!!! I want to help you in some way... and to be with you forever. Is it okay for AT Fields to hurt you and others once more? Gendo: No. it was good to have been born. SEELE 01 (Keel): Misato:

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