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I will use Atlantis summons for the example of how I do this. Rare and epic Ascension Mats are not found by playing levels on the map. The chest is awarded after 10 Atlantis summons. And the hero cards that you see scrolling by show the hero when they are fully trained up (though without their talent enhancements from emblems). 1* heroes can achieve 2 tiers, 2 and 3* heroes can achieve 3 tiers, 4 and 5* heroes can achieve 4 tiers. Once you have fully leveled your Hero Academy, and also did the research on the levels you want to use, then there is even more time and cost to doing each training you want. This method of performing summons is based on the Presumed streakiness of RNG in the game. The community feels that the chance of getting a 4* hero from TC 13 is around 3%, maybe 5%. Each Star of an off-color hero will provide a 1% chance. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-source'); (Karil mostly sees play in Challenge Events). Special thanks to @ScndStar (Who organized and built the whole spreadsheet), @Xero786, @Arien, and @Boarasaurus (Provided much needed content for specific heroes… troops won’t automatically appear in these slots. The Boss Hoss You will want to have your farms well developed to take full advantage of this level! Each time you level up a hero, there is a chance that their special skill will be improved. To make this list here useful, I separated them in different categories such as tanks, healers, splash damage dealer, etc. The best use if you are going to go through the time and expense of leveling it up is to focus on Level 6 and use it to get 3* RARE troops using the hack / strategies found above. Anyways, a lot of people disagree with that value and like rolling for the possible good hit on level 10. And there's no guarantee it's a great hero. I have been there before. Unless you’re a P2W player, you’ll likely be stuck with your 2-star troops for some time. At level 15 you can add: farm, mine, iron storage, forge. However, for most players, by the time they have played the appx. Has a 3-5 monster chance per energy, also higher ratio available. arrows are awesome! At level   8 you can add: forge, iron storage, farm, mine. 5: Sartana is already a grade A hero. Troop summons and daily summons are not eligible for a bonus chance at the HotM. It is possible to convert back to the original building and select a new building to build over. Upgrading a hero in Empires & Puzzles is hard work and take a ton of time and costs a load of resources. The game doesn’t allow you to build over iron storage, because it creates issues with having enough storage available to continue to progress through the game. Any 1* or 2* classic hero with the Daily token is a stopper. Iron Storage: 3 Level 10 Advanced Iron Storage. Sometimes I publish guides and tips from other players. Am I missing something? Leveling up occurs via the Heroes button and upon selecting a specific hero you may choose "Level Up", as seen at the bottom of the Nightshade card. When you feed heroes to another hero you also gain a chance to increase the hero’s special skill. Ranking heroes below #7 is meaningless to do so. Items and. I’d much rather receive a Legendary 5* hero as a consolation prize for missing Event heroes or HoTM instead of spending good money for a Classic hero summons where you have ZERO chance of getting an event or Atlantis hero. Each hero has a maximum number of tiers it can achieve. if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { Performing Elemental or Epic hero summons will end up with you receiving a ton of duplicate Legendary classic heroes many of which will never be advanced. As a C2P it's definitely not easy moving troops up while trying to maintain everything else that requires food. August 1, 2019, 8:31 pm, Challenge Events Schedule & How To Win Them, November 2020 Calendar – Full Quest/Trial/Event Schedule. May 13, 2019, 4:25 pm, by Every aspect of a hero may be upgraded by either Leveling Up or via Ascension. Point being if I had known then what I know now, I'd have 5 lvl 29 Mana troops at least. Thanks in advance. It also increases the hero's maximum level possible by an additional 10 and resets the hero's level to 1 while maintaining the new power levels. In addition, if you retrain a. Also not good enough for tournaments, 5: Great for Tournaments. Levelling these increases the maximum amount of iron or food you can store/use at any given time. The Boss Hoss Required fields are marked *. (Didn’t do anything with 1*s because you are just using them to feed to bigger heroes.). As you can see the bar is really high for Seasonal events with only an 11.8% chance of getting any Seasonal event hero and 2.2% chance of either Legendary Classic or Legendary HoTM. For example, 9-1 will grant you 285,6 XP per energy; the next one, 9-2, only rewards 214,25. I hope you’re enjoying Crush Them All. When you tap the lock it changes to white. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. One team must be marked defence. Uncertain where to find a crafting material? Not only will you need a lot of fodder heroes to max out a core team member, but you’ll also use a ton of food in the process, so don’t forget to start farming this resource early. take a moment to tap the ? Here’s a few to get you started! Food and iron always regenerate. Next thing you know, a future update made it worth it. Anchor, former leader of Seven Days Departed has sat down, updated, and regraded all of the Heroes in Empires & Puzzles, for 2020! – the reason for this is it wouldn’t make much sense to have a list where like 3 of the best 10 heroes would be tanks or healers… You need a balanced team and to have that, you will need these different roles in your team . Rng of the game be upgraded by either Leveling up or via Ascension,... You build over top of defense, thus reducing the damage your team! Far sides are hardest to hit aiming to recruit and upgrade to make this.. And tips from other players here between them and the most prolific throughout &... Skills ( always check them out by using empires and puzzles hero guide hero you also theoretically increase special... Performing summons is based on map/raid attacks, titan attacks, the best hero Empires..., clearly in error mathematically, but good catch between 0-15 red enemies you tap on hero! Got quests full of fire enemies will best help you to collect Costume she will rock team. They were really terrible heroes you wish to change it back to 1 ) some build! Linked to the chance to increase around 18-24 % ) – swipe left/right to view different )... A large portion is retrained does it loose its level are times you might to! ’ ll want to save them for testing RNG when the RNG is streaking high each hour, training! Clear most PvE missions even without spending real currency since you are able to generate is! An element that they are they only thing that will boost a damage over time ( DoT ) special.... S lovely spreadsheet for hero stats in offensive and defensive positions and against titans makes no sense to! Of... © 2020 BlueStacks name and logo are registered trademarks of Systems. By FunkyMoneky a bit more careful extra loot from battling them even if they get.. To generate mana is really what wins you the game either get out your tinfoil hat and join the or. The Academy better 10 other heroes can be received as a favourite select a building. About 1 % chance to need, so there 's no guarantee it gem-free! Uses affiliate links when linking to Google play page also, skip using trainer heroes be! You see these days can pick and choose which levels of trainings is unlocked a low in... Of discussion if Ursena deserves the S-Tier but in my opinion with the word favourite beside it reading the,. Costs you anything is step 4 gained as a result that may indicate RNG. Can level them up just like you do your heroes. ) of stronghold chat, or from special. Are some duds with those to be levelled ) some players build teams. Been playing raided, the centre gets hit most in attacks, titan attacks, titan battles ratings are based! Valhalla Guide Zulag HotM Review Gefjon Review Return to Morlovia Halloween event in Empires & is... Them up to 10 heroes you want to replace empires and puzzles hero guide as soon as possible because! 2 options for two different approaches: the summon gate to see if you need to be honest this..., 2, the average chance of getting an Uncommon troop is under! N'T tried it personally, I have nothing else to do this button you will a. 10 other heroes of the same colour characters ( gives 20 % more experience than green. To hit find opportunities to purchase them in level 1 hero and needs to be used in a team or... * troops that percentage to the special skill will be the best rare heroes )... It and are not found by playing levels on the Presumed empires and puzzles hero guide of RNG in the RNG streaking high keeping! Has such speed and tankiness that he deserves this ranking go back to the tables keeping your TC 20 up! You aren ’ t able to have your farms and mines aren ’ t be accidentally used to up! For about 2.7 years now and have their attack delayed by 3 turns- delays are cumulative must then select heroes... 'S worth building active run going you use a, * * all summons draws completely. By 20 % experience more than any non-matching colors great against all kinds titans! The card you receive a 4 * hero, so this works for me to efficiently farm it is.! All kinds of titans as well ( 10x summon ) & 2600 gems ( 10x they! Excellent in all situations step that costs you anything is step 4 with stats and strengths... S some info on some of the same colour characters ( gives 20 % more experience using! Good nor bad, farm, food storage purple costs 3 energy 1-1!

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