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50+ videos Play all Mix - Patricia Corsino visita El Remix YouTube El Remix recibe a Julián Gil como invitado especial - Duration: 45:21. They went on to make a few albums and would return to the public spotlight in roughly four-year intervals, coinciding with each general election in Puerto Rico. El elenco completo de la nueva temporada de Sunshine Logroño te espera todos los miércoles de 9:00pm-10:00pm Cuéntanos cuál es tu personaje favorito, Sunshine Logroño Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas, Marian Pabón Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas, Alfonso Alemán Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas, Francis Rosas Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas, Danilo Beauchamp Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas, Alejandro Santiago Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas, Albert Rodríguez Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas, Wanda Sais Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas, Jereck Fernández Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas, Eyra Agüero Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas, Jazmín Caratini Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas. The program was controversial because it confronted many Puerto Rican stereotypes head-on. In a controversial network switch Sunshine switched to WAPA-TV in 1998 and was the host of a show named Club Sunshine, which was aired until May 2009. He was soon recognized as a multifaceted entertainer by his schoolteachers and classmates. During the 1930s, Dr. Cornelius P. Rhoads, in charge of health services for the Institute of Tropical Medicine in San Juan, wrote a few letters to friends in the United States in which he described his hatred for Puerto Ricans. [1] Igor reportedly was created when Rodas submitted an unwilling participant to a 23-hour long orgasm using Frankenstein-like electrodes. He co-hosted a morning radio program, Rompiendo el Día (Daybreak) with Puerto Rican entrepreneur and musician Silverio Pérez, and served as part of the comedic team behind Desafiando a los Genios (Defying the Geniuses), a popular TV mock quiz show starring, among others, actor, writer and film director Jacobo Morales and Puerto Rico's premier comedic actor, José Miguel Agrelot. Todo lo que pasa en nuestra realidad boricua es llevada a la pantalla de TV. Offended by Logroño's portrayal of ministers, Pentecostal leaders in Puerto Rico threatened Logroño's program with boycotts, and Raschke and Milton Picón (the local representative for Morality in Media) actually confronted him on television talk shows. Due to the physical demands on him while playing the character, Logroño has since played Igor only sporadically. Logroño's work is filled with porcine references throughout his career). His nickname "Sunshine" came from a short stint (1973) as a disc jockey for San Juan-based WBMJ-AM, Puerto Rico's first rock and roll station (another WBMJ disc jockey at the time, Raymond Broussard, better known as Moonshadow, later became the co-host of El Vacilón de la Mañana, a very popular Spanish language morning radio talk show in New York City). [3] A children's musical play based on the book was produced in Puerto Rico in April 2008. [5] Logroño decided to cancel the section, much like during the 1980s, when he had a similar situation in which he mocked journalist and emcee Ivan Frontera, who got murdered early in 1985, causing the cancellation of Logroño's character, "Ivan Fontecha", during Logroño's shows. El portal de noticias, el tiempo y entretenimiento en video más grande de Puerto Rico. On February 25, 2007, Logroño appeared as an archbishop in the filming of the video for Calle 13's "Tango del Pecado", the first featured single of their recent album, "¿Residente o Visitante?". The show has one of the biggest audiences and is one of the longest running shows in local radio.[4]. At one of these shows the comedic characters of Eleuterio Quiñones and his son Elpidio were born. El Remix con Fernando Arévalo como invitado especial ... Wapa TV 42,728 views. At their television show, Morales played a descendant of Rhoads, "Dr. Cornelius Rodas"; Logroño played his assistant, Igor, wearing a fake hunch, doing guttural noises, and inevitably messing up whatever plans Rodas had for his avowed plans to exterminate Puerto Ricans. On a rare bow to public pressure, Logroño discontinued the character ("If I keep on doing it their followers will lynch me! Sunshine was also heard in 1974 as a part of the new announcing crew at "The New WRAI" 1520, a station created by Bill Thompson and "Radio Man" after the format change from English to Spanish at WBMJ. On March 21, 2007, Logroño released a children's book, "El coquí que quiso ser sapo" (The coquí who wanted to be a bullfrog), based on a story he once developed and recorded as part of a children stories' album for the Museo del Niño (Children's Museum) in San Juan. Los Rayos Gamma had a television show on channel 7 where they satirized politicians with their songs to high ratings and which would be taken off the air due to their rather direct satirical jabs at then-governor of Puerto Rico Carlos Romero Barceló. By his own account, he caught a flight to New York City, made the audition, and flew back to Puerto Rico, arriving just in time to participate at a play in Mayagüez. Among the cameos and film roles are those played by José Miguel Agrelot, Nena Rivera, Wilson Torres (later known for another comedic character named Maneco), Guillermo José Torres, Enrique Cruz, Antonio Pantojas and others (Ruth Fernández sings the movie's theme, her trademark song "Gracias, Mundo"). At his initial stages in "Los Rayos Gamma", Logroño created a character that seemed to lighten up the absurdity and gravity of another character, played by Morales, that was in turn based on a real-life incident. During that time in WAPA-TV he was also the vice-president for talent affairs of the television station. After his return to Puerto Rico, Logroño was a member of the Puerto Rican folk group, Moliendo Vidrio, which also starred bandleader Gary Nuñez and later comedic actress Carmen Nydia Velázquez. El Remix … 80 episodes, 2019-2020 Vivian Ossa ... Tata Ariza 57 episodes, 2019-2020 Maria Camila Giraldo ... Malena 39 episodes, 2019-2020 Paula Castaño ... Constanza 33 episodes, 2019-2020 Helga Díaz Besides his short stint as a disc jockey, Logroño served as a voice actor for Puerto Rico's then-active dubbing industry. Igor was a big fan of Puerto Rican culture, Van Halen and pornography, and walked around with a small doll, "Calerito", resembling him, a comedic device that preceded Mini Me by many years. ", or "[Damned] be his mother!") Elenco de Sunshine Remix El elenco completo de la nueva temporada de Sunshine Logroño te espera todos los miércoles de 9:00pm-10:00pm Cuéntanos cuál es tu personaje favorito Sunshine Logroño Mira los videos de las pasadas temporadas The phrase "Salamaya" is still used in Puerto Rico to refer in jest to devout Pentecostal followers (Hermano Emmanuel constantly had two naive female parishioners follow him everywhere) or a small Pentecostal congregation (particularly those with rudimentary facilities, such as tents). Logroño attempted to show his serious actor side in the late 1990s, participating in various theater plays. Wapa TV 49,999 views. By the late years of that decade, the group disbanded. Logroño kept himself busy in the late 1970s as a voice talent for radio commercials, as a comedic actor on Puerto Rican television, and as a radio host. Wapa TV 55,984 views Whether the letters were in jest or not, he claimed in them to have implanted cancer cells in local subjects without their consent. Eleuterio Quiñones, a die-hard supporter of Puerto Rican statehood whose grasp of public affairs and general culture level would be best compared to those of Archie Bunker in the U.S., and his son Elpidio -a 38-year-old special education patient with the emotional age of a child but with rather stunning reproductive organs - are still a staple of Puerto Rican radio and television. 367 talking about this. Club Sunshine was followed up by Sunshine Remix (later retitled El Remix) and Risas en Combo, both aired on WAPA-TV in an alternating season-wise fashion until both were replaced together by El Remix alone, which still airs on WAPA as of 2019.[2]. After Los Rayos Gamma's TV show was yanked off the air, Sunshine kept active, doing voice-overs for commercials (at one time half of all radio commercials in Puerto Rico featured Logroño's talents in one way or another) and making appearances at several TV shows and radio programs. According to an interview that Logroño gave Vea one time, one day, he arrived at his office to learn there was an audition for another movie.

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