dovii cichlid aggression

Know how big your cichlid will get and what tank size it needs. My red striped eartheater trys to bully the community fish and whe the E blue acara sees this happening he puts the eartheater in check. I’m having a slight aggression problem right now in one tank — I’m going to try lowering the temp some to see if it helps. The Dovii is by nature piscivorous (which eats fish) and carnivorous. We have a very aggressive African cichlid that attacks any fish we put in the tank. Please leave me a comment. By clicking 'Submit' or otherwise submitting this form you agree to the, By entering this site you declare If the eggs remain tan, they are fertilized. The male is more colorful, bigger, more massive, longer and his fins are longer. SICK FISH HELP! so we are switching to a larger tank and adding a large pleco I have to bring home for the summer from my classroom. The water parameters are very secondary for this type of species, tolerant enough in this area. @Angellady wow that’s really great! A 350 x 120 cm or 140 x 50 inch tank (front x width) is a minimum for long-term cohabitation. Im upgrading all my tanks and moving some of the smaller ones to the bedrooms to make room for another larger new tank in the livingroom.Then the angels will have there own tanks in case any more pair up.I dont have any fin nippers, no other agressive fish and no snack size tetras in any of my tanks with the angels. The fry will begin to swim in approximately 7 days and should be fed with baby brine shrimp or alike. This can cause stress though, so it should only be done occasionally. Breeding partners of the same size is not necessary, as long as the female as somewhere to hide if the male becomes hostile. Territories are more satisfactory and there’s less need for competition. (Above, my Jewel Cichlid with a juvenile Angelfish). I have one mating pair in a 30 gallen tank with a school of cory cats and 1 betta. Feed the fry baby brine shrimp until the stage where they are large enough to consume blood worm, daphnia and other live foods. When the eggs 'hatch' after approximately 5 –7 days, the offspring (known as wigglers at this stage in development) are defenseless and are unable to swim. Thanks for those observations and suggestions. In some cases though, this doesn’t work and fish can become very stressed. I’ve heard many barb species can live with cichlids as well if they’re kept in a big enough school. I’m not telling you to overstock your tank, but I am telling you to just have more than 2 or 3 fish in your tank. Get a bigger tank than the minimum. The female usually lays on a flat rock and it is very good at handling fry while the male protects the nesting area.

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