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Hello! After transforming into a strange creature, you escape your world along with a few others to find yourself in a tangled interdimensional web, full of evils and monsters and adventure... We are a new server where you can meet new people. This is a server for vibin' with other people while playing Among Us! this is a server for 13-16 year olds ONLY, no creeps. This server also supports people under the age of 13, but only to 11 years old. Early access available in 2021. Superb customer support and Great service. Toxicity will not be tolerated. Join and have fun with us ! Hey! 0 comments. this is a place for people of all sexuality and gender to come hang out. bruh, we want some active users, we hate when our server is dead. Heavens First Creation . Thank you. Unleash your creativity! Sort by. This is my first server, so please be nice and positive! Make new friends on this server and if you're nice, I might make you staff :O. this is a server for 13-16 year olds ONLY, no creeps. ♡ Welcome!! Welcome to the kids chill zone where you can talk about anything you want but please we have a certain ages to join so please be under 18. Also we have a janitoe. Any gender and any sexuality is allowed here :3 Join and come chill with us! we held gaming sessions every now and then and everyone is very open to outsiders! Edit: To be clear, Discord servers are in the USA, and therefore have to comply with USA laws. I've read that you can use discord under 13 as long as you have your parent's permission, but I am not sure if you can join discord servers when you're under 13, so can people under 13 join discord servers? report. xo is a server for just making friends we are pretty chill so yeah. Roblox and google have that, you need to submit a parent’s email and the parents can manage their child’s account. As of right now there isn't many girls in the server, so if you want to join go for it. Discord Servers under-18 Discord servers tagged with under-18. This is my first server, so please be nice and positive! This is also a lgbtqia+ supporting server so dont be afraid to be yourself here :). But this is just a guess, since that's why most sites do it. Hello! There are not many channels right now, but more are coming in the future! You don't actually have to be a weeb or gamer to join this server. We want to make plenty of new friends! Welcome to the Power Ranger Community! We're not necessarily a LGBT+ server but 100% accepting. Community 26. In the end, in the Discord ToS they state that they can terminate the server and the server owner's account if they happen to find that there has been under 13 years old users in the server and they have not been banned. Please do feel free to join! This server is a chill place to make new friends, game with and voice chat with! ⚫️, Heyo! Keep in mind that swearing IS allowed, but nsfw isn't. HEY WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON OUR TERRITORY GET OUT GE-, Hi hi!! Tags similar to 13-18. teen (8261) dating (30316) love (4020) lgbtq+ (9968) non-toxic (3285) lgbtq (7365) hangout (43491) lgbt (14024) sfw (12877) 13+ (9669) friends (35406) safe-space (1285) Bumped recently . Goularte Server is a Brazilian server that is forced on the general community, games and conversations. hi. This server includes gaming, and dating channels, with more to come. A welcoming space to chill and chat for people 13+! This is a server with lots of bots! Young adults welcome as well. This server is for the Fan-base of Jove_Playz and a community. (Our game community has over 100k members, its not physically possible to enforce this rule by ourselves). Hey, nice to meet you! This server is not particularly linked to the Power Rangers, as this server is seen as a "Meme", if you will. No matter the age, sexuality, or gender, you can still vibe with us. I am Bakka the owner of Gaming Vibes, Gaming Vibes offers plenty of great stuff like. join us in case you want to search for new friends across the globe! Can Kids under 13 join discord servers?

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