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"Please..stop it!" "No..no it's not your fault. ", Ms. Moynihan just sighed and shook her head. "I-It can't be true.." She whispered. He pulled out his cellphone and the piece of paper where he wrote Victor's number. "Then..we'll just have to wake him up." Moynihan took a step back, unable to think of anything to say to the boy. Buzz said, grimacing a little at the sight of the blood coming from the multiple wounds. She began to reconsider her decision leaving. Caruso wasn't upset and he had decided to stay on the team anyway. "Riley, look at me!" Buzz gripped at the ground with his fingernails. "Fiona!" It shouldn't have been hard to just lay low until summer vacation came in a few more months. He gripped his head, gritting his teeth. Fiona got quiet after Moynihan said that. Riley snarled at the boy -Buzz. "I..." Moynihan sighed, feeling horrible. It hurt her emotionally to see Caruso like this, all cut up and bloody and wearing some cruel contraption. "It's all right..." Despite the pain in her arms and mouth, she pulled the young boy into an embrace to comfort him. I don't know how much time we have left to get you out!" "There's nothing we can do..." Moynihan said, her eyes filled with sorrow. He was even willing to expose himself on national television because of this dream. When they proposed the idea of going to Boston, why didn't she just let them go to begin with? He quickly became my...mate with my grandmother's approval. Fiona frowned with concern. Without hesitation, they rushed towards the cage, smiles on their faces, and some had tears come from their eyes, not due to sadness but to happiness. She remained quiet, offering no more than a gesture to confirm what she said. But then she remembered that humans were largely motivated by love and compassion, one of the reasons she had turned against Victor. And they had come too far now to admit defeat. Rodger's face lit up a bit. "This story doesn't sound like something that would hurt us.." Max said. Without that living tissue, the primordial ooze 'dies'. The ridges over her eyes were creased nervously. She couldn't hide her emotions. He turned his chair towards the computer screen. Rodger and Max stood up and turned to face the others. It appeared to be a lock of sorts, and she was picking at it furiously. But Max ignored her completely. But he couldn't stop himself. But a look from Buzz made him think otherwise, and he relaxed in Buzz's arms. When they turned towards her, they noticed she had dared not get so close. "Caruso!" If she didn't do something soon, they may have to break him out themselves, which would have created a lot of noise and would surely attract Victor and the others. Riley understood that Ms. Moynihan and the other teens just wanted to protect her, but she was so used to moving around frequently and being able to go outside whenever she wanted. It wanted to hunt us. He sniffed at the bridle and growled softly, as if he knew it was hurting Caruso. He made no attempt to push him away. She didn't want to tell Fiona this, but she knew she would have no choice. What will happen between them? Riley sighed. ", "W-Well..." Zoom started to explain nervously. He attempted to bite it, but he felt himself being lifted into the air. But they dare not say anything. He's..he's... gone..." Moynihan didn't like the idea of leaving Caruso's body here. "..It's not true..." She whispered. What could have reduced him to this? The kids were surprised that no one has come to investigate this room, or they would be if their minds were not on something else already. What did you just call me...?" She whipped around to face Buzz. I know you're in there," Buzz said soothingly. Max looked like he wanted to grab her and shake her for saying such a horrible thing. She didn't speak a word, but in her eyes, he could tell that she wanted to comfort him. "It's got to be some sick lie..." He inhaled sharply as more tears trinkled down his face. The transformation are actually nice, but the show itself is a big zero, filled with totally awful propaganda. But none of that came. He had felt his lungs feel like they were on fire, but he continued anyway. He would have made a caring fatherly figure if that meteorite hadn't struck the planet only a couple years later. But she didn't care. Please don't cry...", Realizing what he had just done, Max started to shake uncontrollably. Fiona didn't fight back at first, just letting the woman hold onto her. There was several places coated in some blood from his injuries and his hair was messed up, ripped and torn from the bridle that he was still wearing. Did she just say what they thought she said? Rodger slowly shook his head. But his efforts were in vain as another tear escaped and stained his already sore cheek. Riley landed on the ground between the Spinosaurus and Buzz. "Yes..." He hissed under his breath. He didn't want to get his hopes up, but he didn't want to quit, not now. It took until we had run for a very long time before the gravity of the situation started to weigh me down. "Come on...let's take him back." A minute passed by, then another, and another, and he could not hear anything. Standing behind him was Kista, who was gripping the photographer's camera in her hands. "And us. Max looked to the ground, struggling to find the words to say. ", Kista scratched her chin thoughtfully. The very same that attacked my family only weeks prior. They didn't want to see their sorrowful looks. "Come on, Ms. M..." Max said, gesturing towards Caruso. ", Kista cocked an eyebrow. He was so emotionally distressed that he hardly made a strong reaction. Moynihan had a look of shame on her face and she could see a tiny glint under Moynihan's eyes where tears of guilt were starting to form. "I'm sorry..." It was all she could manage to say. "Shh..." Moynihan pressed a finger against his lip, silencing him. "I'm..sorry.. Buzz and Rodger slowly followed, Rump running by their heels. She had heard about O'Ryan and had checked out his program. She gently shoved him out of the way as she walked into his apartment room and looked around. Her paws pounded powerfully against the ground, wind rushed against her face. It can't be too late." Fiona finally managed to say something after being lost in deep thought for a few minutes. Was he so caught up in the idea of revenge that he would ignore the emotional warning signs? "I..." Max said, but couldn't come up with an answer. Another incident that came to Rodger's mind was during the football game. Following close behind him was Rodger. His tongue was hanging out and they could see how badly lacerated it was. Riley sighed. "It's okay..." Max spoke softly, kneeling down next to Moynihan. She wiped away a tear. "I thought Velociraptors couldn't love..." Buzz muttered under his breath, thinking about Victor. Fiona wanted to wake up from this nightmare. Max slowly got up to his feet and walked over towards the african-american, wanting to start a conversation with someone to end the silence. The mention of Victor caught his attention and it made him reconsider what he was about to tell this woman. If anything, it would make things even worse for him. But he was cut off by Kista. The old woman looked up at her, a tear already appearing. She sounded as if she had lost all hope about this situation. "Why thank you, ma'am. Rodger felt his own desire for revenge rise up inside of him. He had considered Caruso to be one of his closest friends. She whispered, slowly rubbing her face against Fiona's in another attempt to comfort her. They wished they could take it all back. Upon hearing this news, an uncomfortable silence settled upon the little group. But she ended up feeling cheated and felt angry after watching it because O'Ryan fakes almost everything, including the dinosaurs, and tells all kinds of lies to distort the truth and try, in vain, to fool people into thinking he was filming actual dinosaurs. "What's wrong, Ms. "How are we going to...". They could see it plain as day, but shared Buzz's fear of hurting Caruso more if they tried to take it off. You tried your best... You didn't mean for this to happen...", "And my best was not good enough..." Moynihan said glumly. It helped him feel better knowing he wasn't the only one who felt this way. Now before you say anything, that was the way things were dealt with back then. Fiona hadn't left Moynihan's side. "Oscura..." She whispered, realizing that Oscura had went and pretty much turned her in, and turned back to Victor. "I just don't want to believe it...I'm sorry..", "It might not even be true..." Fiona answered, trying to cheer Max up. She wanted them to come over and help her calm the old woman down. "And you just..deleted it, just like that! Why did she have to hold them back? Sometimes, she recalls the love she used to share with him when he was her mate. She closed her eyes as her body stretched and changed into her Velociraptor form. They were supposed to do the comforting. She held out one hand. She placed a talon in the keyhole and started to pick at it desperately. Their eyes were wide with fear and shock, and they looked at their mentor, hoping to find some consolance in her eyes, hoping that she was going to say that she was wrong. "She's over by that cage!". Moynihan tried to explain. She never dreamed she would be assaulted like this by one of her own students, let alone a member of the Dino Squad. He shouted, yelled, and roared as loud as he could. She shook off the feeling of guilt and continued to walk towards the center of the room. "You don't even know Peter...", "Says you." It seemed to almost upset him that one of his most trusted henchmen would do something like this. Fiona said, completely denying Moynihan's claim. Even though Roger's cloak hides our dino signatures, there's still the risk that people can see us." Rodger continued to mumble, staring out into space as though he was lost in his own little world. But she knew she was not going to get any from her. "I guess I wasn't thinking straight.". Despite how tired it made her, Riley loved to run. They arrive here, ready to get Caruso out as soon as possible. She choked, breathing in shaky, sharp gasps of air. Moynihan nodded towards Buzz. Fiona tried her best not to shed a tear. Max spoke loudly with confidence. Fiona always seemed to be one of the most level headed of the group. "For the heart beats to be so slow that they could not be heard..." He gulped nervously. Your review has been posted. They were angry that they couldn't get to him faster. "W-What..?" That was probably a good sign. "A poor little benevolent imbecile." He blamed himself for allowing himself to get worked up enough to get tangled in a tree. "It's nothing that you need to be concerned with right now." The bit that was still in his mouth cut in deeper now, producing more blood flow. They could sympathize with Fiona and Moynihan and what they were going through right now. Joanne Moynihan is a 65 million year old mutant dinosaur. "No..." Buzz whispered, taking a step back. She reached out towards him and gently cupped his chin. "We just aren't trying hard enough. And it certainly didn't sound like something Caruso might believe. As she saw another tear form in the woman's eyes, Fiona felt a sharp pain in her stomach. 10 Comments. "I've worked with Peter before.". "We took so long to get here... What if he thinks we abandoned him on purpose? Zoom snapped his head back, stunned. "I'm disappointed in you, Ms. Moynihan was suddenly surprised when she felt Fiona hug her tightly again. But they never would have believed just how much these seemingly meaningless things would effect them after Caruso had died.

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